Aretha Franklin funeral bishop apologises to Ariana Grande
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Aretha Franklin funeral bishop apologises to Ariana Grande

October 9, 2019

It would never be my intention
to touch any woman’s breast. I don’t know, I guess I put
my arm around her. I hugged all the
female artists and the male artists,
everybody that was up. I shook their hands
and hugged them and that’s what we’re
all about in the church. We’re all about love.
And again, maybe I crossed a border or maybe I was
too friendly and familiar but again, I apologise. When I saw Ariana Grande
on the programme, I thought that was a
new something at Taco Bell. Oh, my god!
[Laughter] I certainly want to apologise
to Ariana and to her fans and to her family and to her
entire community if what I said was taken
the wrong way and, listen, maybe it’s just a joke
that went bad but when you’re doing
a programme for nine hours, you know, you’re trying to keep
it lively, you’re trying to make some funny references
and what have you. I love everybody. And I certainly hope that
she will forgive me and the last thing I want to do
is to be a distraction from Miss Aretha Franklin,
the Queen of Soul. This is all about her,
it’s not about me and I am so sorry.

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  1. A protestant will never admit his/her own fault. Slick as an eel.
    Besides that, why would you dress like that on a funeral. I don't think I will understand the double standard here.

  2. He says he apologize he should be fired from any position he holds. He is a liar. What church is he over “the Dam church”. How many other young girls have he touched inappropriately in his so called church. Mother asked your daughters

  3. Honestly i dont think he intentionally meant to grope ariana. He did what every black minister does when talking to someone at the pulpit, they embrace you. They bring you in and hug you tight as they talk to you. Does anyone honestly think he was trying to get his rocks off on national television at a freakin funeral? Cmon people. It was unintentional and he meant no harm. Would anyone care if that was 220 lb kaneisha from the hood being embraced by the pastor? The answer is no. But because it's ariana grande "white woman" everyone assumes the "BLACK" pastor was being a pervert.


  5. If he hugs everyone the same way he needs to be investigated! Imagine what he does to little children. everyone that agrees here is his Twitter (@bishopche3) NO SEXUAL PREDATOR CLOSE TO OUR KIDS . THIS GUY IS DISGUSTING

  6. If he hugs everyone the same way he needs to be investigated! Imagine what he does to little children. everyone that agrees here is his Twitter (@bishopche3) NO SEXUAL PREDATOR CLOSE TO OUR KIDS . THIS GUY IS DISGUSTING

  7. Mann Ariana Grande. Is GROWN !! First of all so idek y ppl say he touching on kids were tht come from and sec if she felt like he was touchin her in a wrong way she had every right to remove his hand she probably like it third this is just a another reason for ppl to put down the Church and put down the ppl of God and add reasons not to come to church bc it REAL molesters in Walmart or at the mall but yet you still go so and her dress was TOOOO SHORT and she know what she was doing walkin in front of all em man's but God bless u all

  8. Hmm,, not sure what is going on. Started all by itself at weird spot. She still alive? He touching her dead breast? What?

  9. Mindless dude should simply be removed from his position, whatever position that happens to be. He's a ridiculous and disgusting disgrace to ANY organization, to be that careless and over-familiar with a young female celebrity artist ON STAGE is just absurdly pathetic.

    Deep down I think he really is a verifiable wretch and he was knowingly using his position to intentionally grope her against her will, under circumstances where he knew she would be hesitant to immediately reject the location of his hand … how can an intelligent human being see it any other way??

    Either that, or he's really as pathetically absurdly lacking in social graces as he appears to be, which would ALSO preclude him from holding a high-level position in such an organization.

    What an absurd dude. He disgusts me so thoroughly, at the very least he has shown himself to have very little respect for females.

  10. You touch her Cochino." I guess I put my …. on her" blah blah blah… really??? Just watching I felt weird, you just nasty perveted and now we now how you really feel and your opinion about Latinos. Because all you say now after the fact sounds like blah blah blah.

  11. He is a pedo, everyone in Hollywood are pedos and perverts! DO NOT BELIEVE THEM WHEN THEY SAY THEYRE PASTOR OR GODS CHILD! They are sinner and fake paid by Hollywood

  12. Straight up pervert like Bill Clinton and the rest of them horny black men. Cracking a joke about Ariana being a new Taco Bell item.
    ? Hmmm… ?who is going to take a knee for this? I know? Serena Williams ! ?

  13. You better repent! These Christian Catholic, yes Catholic black pimpin Judas' are dragging so many down with them. Wake up Jacob!

  14. I've done this before and I can assure you this is caused by over excitement with being next to the person your hugging lol. This is nothing but love. I've always caught myself too.

  15. God bless America land that I love! Father goe so many negative comments and thoughts but only you see this in a correct way. I'm not talking any side in this just speaking in general. Yes the bishop is holding her wrong which everyone keeps talking about and calling him all types of names. He did say he has kids but still it doesn't matter. But we cant call someone something that they aren't. We dont know him or her at all. Father God ppl always have negative energy towards ppl and labeling ppl. Yes her dress was too short for the funeral and someone should have told her. Yes she is 25 and if she has an issue with the way he was holding her she would have spoken out on it. Yes some men and women can be very intimidating. Bust still yet the world so busy pointing out stuff and never see good in ppl. How do we know as ppl know if he didn't mean to hold her like that so we really can't agree to disagree on it. Yes ppl taken up for him because sometimes ppl fo stuff and not knowing what they did was wrong. Father God I'm pretty sure if he didn't mean to hold her like that and if he saw the video he will apologize for it or maybe not. Father you know ppl always have something to say about with others are doing and not realizing what they do in life is wrong as well. No one in this world is perfect at all we all make mistakes in life. Yes ppl want to take up for her and say bad things about it and yes ppl want to say others looking at it wrong. Yes I know ppl going to say something smart about this comment but idc. As a grown man and woman no matter who it is no deserve to be touched in the wrong just like no one deserves to labelled over a mistake. This world coming to an end because ppl never see good in ppl they always see bad things in ppl. Yes she looks very confused but he spoke that he apologize for what he thought. Some ppl saying stop taking up for men like him. Some of us looking at things wrong in this world but once ppl they know do things like this they never speak on them. But God only you know the real story behind this. Just guide the bishop in the right direction and cover him in your blood. May God be with us all

  16. Had it been a white male who touched her like this I guarantee you it wouldn’t be this big of a damn story. Everyone would’ve just said, oh he was just being friendly. Smh

  17. Yes Ariana at 0:07 wanted to look around for help. She was uncomfortable and she didn't smile when touched her, that's a give away

  18. Women shut the hell up! He apologized even you like it or not,he did what he had to do for his actions. Feel free to say (hey Mr. I don't like to be touched) please keep your hands to yourself. If you don't know what to say you shouldn't be a mother someday.

  19. "MAYBE i crossed the border or MAYBE I was too friendly"? MAYBE???? You DEFINITELY did cross the border. This is disgusting.

  20. How is this tall guy supposed to hug Ariana anyway, he’s taller than her and he was in front of a big crowd, he could’ve not have noticed and Ariana really nothing to stop him.

  21. Aretha Franklin the father representing childmolestor, paedophiles, rapist . What a disgusting person. This is why I doubt religion and especially the fathers , creepy old paedophiles.

  22. i hug/grope everyone i aint a creep said the creepy member of the clergy as he dashed off the find the alter boys before the perentals got into safety range after the show,,,,

  23. “Last thing you wanna be is a distraction for the funeral” the bishop says BUT LIKE YOUR THE DISTRACTION YOU GRABBED HER BREAST ON PURPOSE

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