Are 2019 Gaming Laptops Worth It Yet?
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Are 2019 Gaming Laptops Worth It Yet?

August 30, 2019

When Nvidia launches a new GPU for laptops, they normally come up with their best stuff first the most expensive stuff It’s like the latest and greatest and they try to convince people to buy the whatever’s newest right and then a few months later They will come out with that kind of the mid-tier offerings of that generation and right now in spring of 2019 We’ve seen NVIDIA’s hand So we have a lot of options to choose from we have the older generation 10 series stuff We have their 20 series RTX like the prime like best of the best and then we have their newest 1650 and 1660 gaming laptops now if you’re loaded and you have tons of money to burn then you pick up a three or four thousand dollar RTX laptop, and you’re good to go but for most people you got to make a decision as to which one to get so this video is to kind of Help you choose which one of these would probably the best fit and I have a particular kind of combination I think is the best value for your money right now. So I made a video a few months ago about how R-tx laptops were not a wise choice to make and months later. We’re still in the same position I still don’t recommend most people buying an RT X gaming laptop because for one they’re super expensive, too the technology hasn’t matured like it’s been eight months since r-tx has come out like the technology was introduced publicly and There’s like three or four playable games that support our checks There’s battlefield 5 which we’ve seen a lot of and there’s Tomb Raider and I think there’s a racing game Point being it’s not a technology that’s being quickly adopted by Developers and I don’t blame them like if your game developer you have to assign resources to support ray-traced graphics, right? It’s gonna take from other projects and stuff like that It’s gonna cost money and you don’t be a company that’s backing the wrong horse You’d want to be the guy that’s like hey, we have a ray traced game, but the game isn’t very good No one wants to be that developer. So my position still stands when it comes to RTX laptops Most people should not be buying them still when it comes to the 10 series devices. These are still good However, the well is drying up the stock levels for the good GTX 10 series laptops is definitely dropping So if you want to get one, I’ll link some below as to devices that I still think are quite good for the money It’s just that if you’re going to do it, you probably want to do it sooner than later And lastly the new ones the 1650 and 1660 devices from Nvidia These GPS are aimed at the entry to mid to your market So the devices are a little bit cheaper but the one of interest to me is the 1660 ti that performance is quite similar to the 1070 max-q and Because of the newer architecture it’s slightly more energy efficient as just a better chip overall but there is one unique device made by Asus which is running an AMD CPU and that 1660 Ti and it goes for $1,100. It’s the Zephyrus G. I’m gonna be doing a review on that pretty soon But because it’s running an AMD CPU, it’s quite a bit cheaper than devices that are based on Intel stuff. Um, okay Here’s the thing right now. I’m using as my daily driver. I really hate that word But the device I use most frequently is the razor blade from 2017 I’m still running a 1070 max-q even though I have access to a lot of laptops I’m someone that recognizes the value of just using stuff that’s really good from the past And I think this is the message. I want to convey to my audience right now this year Both the companies Nvidia and Intel are trying to push stuff on to consumers. They’re trying to sell us stuff that We don’t need right the stuff from 2018 was awesome. Superfast screens six core CPUs 10 series GPUs This was seriously like the Golden Age of gaming laptops and the new stuff is better but keep in mind what games you’re gonna play what games you’d like to play and then make a decision based on that because you can get some really good stuff still in the 10 series laptops and if you’re gonna buy one of the new ones I’d lean more towards the 1650 and 1660 devices because as cool as RTX technology is the games just aren’t there yet? And I know some people are like, you know I want to get a future-proof laptop by the time RTX is super popular Like get it then get your gaming device then because by that point in time the 20 series laptops are gonna be pretty old Okay. Hope you guys enjoyed this video thumbs. We liked it subs if you loved it. See you guys next time

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  1. Unless you wanna dive into ray traced grames (all 4 of them), I think the 1660Ti devices are sweet spot this year. Whatchu think?

  2. Dave you should make a video comparing 15 inch and 17 inch gaming laptops in 2019.. These new 17 inch laptops with thin bezels changes everything imho !

  3. Am I the only one who thinks that the title does not match the video??
    the title must be something like "Which gaming laptop to choose in 2019"

  4. Yeah my 1070 Max Q Omen laptop died after only a year and a half due to thermal issues from manufacturing defect. Now I’m likely to get the Asus TUF 1660ti or the Zephyr 1660ti.

  5. The best, most honest strait to the point and professional, hype free expert in YouTube tech. Thank you Dave, as usual the best advise

  6. I have a MSI Apache that I bought last year, THICC boi, and ‘he’ runs great. Haven’t regretted that purchase since. Maybe I should have went the Dell/Alienware route and had one built with the hard drive space I wanted but didn’t want to spent the money. I just need to research if it’s worthwhile or be too costly to upgrade/replace the system HD. Surprisingly I haven’t run out of space on the solid state HD that was installed in it as well. Aside from the storage conundrum, I love my thicc boi. He’s a couple of years old but I was more than happy to give him a home. 🙂

  7. Nope not for me. Since I have 4k now, I'm waiting until 8k screens become more common and companies support it.

  8. Which Laptop is the best between msi ge75 with rtx 2060 or 2070 or the msi ge75 with the rtx 2060? Just need for gaming and think it should work for minimum 4 years

  9. I just bought OMEN by HP 15-dc0018nc and I hope it will be good. I wanted a desktop pc but than I changed my mind because i had a (bad) noteboook before in I like that i can take it away. I also wont like dont like play the newest games or spend a lot of money on games and I will play only like fallout 4 and war thuder. I hope that I will be pleased with my decision

  10. What do you think I sould do in my situation? I want the best of the best, and my budget is between 2/3k euro. I also dont care about ray tracing, cuz the games I play dont support them anyway

  11. Hi @Dave Lee, let’s say I would like to take a Rtx 2060 anyway, would you recommand the Asus Rog Scar II RTx2060 ?

  12. What about rendering? Are they just slightly better or quite a bit? I've heard that the number of cores is what's most important for that. It seems they have more. But is it worth the difference in price?

  13. According to you which one is better Hp omen 15 or Acer Predator Triton 500 I am with Acer Predator Triton 500

  14. Hi Dave – great channel. Hoping to bug you with a question.

    If you were getting an Alienware m17 (Rtx2070), which screen would you get?

    QHD, UHD or FHD?

    I would be using it for gaming and watching movies, and surfing.

  15. I really want a pc so I can travel with it also I can hook it up to a monitor with a HDMI cable and use a wireless mouse and keyboard

  16. I got an asus gl702 vs with a i7 7700 and gtx 1070, i have it linked to a 24 inch 144hz Samsung screen and its a killer laptop for the price i got it 1300$

  17. I came back to this video just to check if he actually stands in all his videos. And hell yeah he does!! 😲 (Proof: MacBook Pro 2019 video).

  18. Is the AMD Ryzen 7 3750h is Asus bottlenecks the gtx 1660ti or it is powerful enough to the GPU?? Should I buy a laptop with AMD processor or wait for an Intel solution?

  19. This guy is riding the same talking point.need to update your talking point.because your wrong.there way more than just 3 games lol.i am so sorry you feel bad for developer.its called an update🤣.msi laptop rtx 2000 series are between 1500 and good prizing.or best buy always doing deal.asus rtx 2060 and new gen 9 i7 just went sale 1500 dollar.your misleading big time.i feel so sorry for developer.thats a weak talking point.update your talking speech please.its getting super old

  20. Actually i am confused between 2 laptops
    1.i7-9750H; nVidia 1660 Ti Max Q; 8 GB RAM(2×4 2666 mhz); 1TB(HDD)+128GB(SSD) Dell G3 3590
    2.i7-8750H; nVidia 1060 6 GB; 16 GB RAM (2×8 2666 mhz); 1TB(HDD)+256GB(SSD) Xiaomj Gaming Laptop
    So can anyone tell me which one is better?
    And in 1st one there is 1660 Ti Max Q, so can anyone tell me what's difference between 1660 Ti and 1660 Ti Max Q? And which is better? And is both better then 1060 6GB?

  21. What would be your final pick at the moment? I want to buy something that is bang for the buck. I don't want to over spend.

  22. I got an open box alienware 17r5 with a gtx 1070 and an i7 8750h from best buy for 750 bucks. You may want to look into the used market too. You may be able to pick one off a someone with more money than brains, but I would at least TRY to get one with an 8th Gen Intel chip. Remember, most of the improvements in performance in the 20 series gpu's in desktops are come at the cost of more wattage. That can't be duplicated on a more constrain laptop chassis. I think more people should be comparing 10 and 20 series LAPTOP Gpu's specifically.


  24. Anyone can guide me i am going to buy dell 7556 it has nvidia gtx 960 4gb VRAM DDR5, core i5 6300HQ Quad-core, 3.2Ghz boost
    Is it good for gaming ?

  25. Can you please do a review on the latest Alienware m15’s. Specifically about the fact on RAM upgrade, is if possible/not?
    I’m planning to get the : i7-2070-144htz-16gb-512SSD. What are your thoughts about this config?
    1.would the RAM be enough for daily use and gaming?
    2. Can we upgrade RAM if needed on this ?
    3. I want a system that can be used for next 2-3 years. Please suggest
    Thank you!!
    Have a good day ahead

  26. I hope you make english subtitle and indonesian because i want to learn your language in all of your video. It will be wonderfull

  27. I am still considering GX531 for the thermal design. Do you still recommend it Dave? I am only played, though extensively, path of exile.

  28. Ok i have more time to save up money then… i just want to play Halo Infinite and Cyberpunk 2070.

  29. Hey dave love the channel hey could you start also saying whats good for 3d modelling that's one of the reasons i buy gaming laptops or would it be better a good mac as maya software was build for their system i dunno but anyway keep it up

  30. I've watched loads of his videos and i'm still torn…

    I want to get a reasonably thin and light laptop that is relatively "future proofed" that I can also use for general productivity. At least 1 USB A and an ethernet port are must haves, not too fussed about a thunderbolt port although if it has one that's great of course. About 6 hours of battery life would be sufficient. Mainly, a durable laptop is what I need. I will look after it but I don't want a flimsy keyboard or something, willing to pay extra for better build quality. A 1080p screen will be adequate at 60hz, I don't need a super good screen. 32GB RAM would definitely be ideal, but 16GB would be adequate so long as I could upgrade it later. Storage is a very key point. 2TB+ would be ideal, no less than 1TB. Would prefer more storage with a HDD as oppose to the speed of an SSD, however if I can have both then that's really great. Standard membrane keyboard will do and a half decent large-ish trackpad. Speaker quality and camera quality aren't priorities at all. RGB would be nice but not essential.

    If anyone could give me any advice on what to purchase that would be great 🙂

  31. I love the fact the guy really genuinely cares about his views money. Straight to the point no beating around the bush I’ve learned a lot from him the past couple of weeks and so glad I came across this channel thank you.

  32. I'd like to buy a new laptop for cybersecurity labs and education. should i buy gaming laptop or workstation laptop? or just any laptop?

    the idea is i'll run many virtual machines .. but for cybersecurity is 16gb ram enough ? and what about dual core, quad core ,6,8 ?
    also is it necessary to care about graphic cards for cybersecurity and computer engineering classes?

  33. Hey Dave i bought a Strix Scar iii with a i7 9zh Gen, rtx2070 and 32Gb 2666 ram for 1850€.P.S. I bought ram, HDD and installed Windows by myself. It is a 120 Hz ips Display. The i7 6 core can go up to 4,5, my Average was 3,9.

  34. I’m thinking of getting an msi gs65 with 1070 max q. I’m getting a laptop not a desktop because I move between houses multiple times in a week and I think it would be better to get one nice laptop rather than two lower end desktops. Anybody have any thoughts?

  35. Just purchased the Acer Predator 500 AMD model for US$1299 on Amazon USA – that's a US$600 cash saving – added more RAM and a Hybrid HDD all for significantly less than available in Hong Kong – just hope have no issues as will be a pest to send back to Amazon.

  36. Dave: value of using stuff that’s very good from the past
    Me: “uses 9 yo dell avarage pc”
    Me: so that’s what I’m doing

  37. the RTX laptops really are not worth it indeed, the only one maybe is RTX 2080, even that runs RTX stuff ok but not great. so all the other ones 2070 and 2060 is even worse, and as more time passes games get more needy specially with RTX. so technically its better to wait for 3000 series gpu laptops. atm better get 1070 or 1660 ti that are really good price to performance machines

  38. Me : Bro 2019 are the perfect year to invest, there so much new technology ! Timming never lie, i'm about to get those laptops with RTX 2080
    I can travel, produce music and playing games on the same computer !

    Dave Lee : Please take a sit, we have to talk about this

  39. I just picked up a refurbished Acer Predator Triton 700 for $1799 here in Canada. It's rocking a 1080 MQ with 32 gigs or Ram. Great value I think. Couldn't pass it up.

  40. Just picked up a practically brand new Lenovo Legion Y740 – (RTX 2070 Max-Q – i7-8750H – 16GB RAM – SSD/HDD) on Craigslist for $900. Those of you looking for a good buy, check your local Craigslist daily and you’ll be surprised on what you can find.

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