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August 15, 2019

hello today I’m going to teach you how you use a ghost okay so on the bottom limb which would be down here mostly screenplays like this then you’re going to take this is blocking looking thing if it over here then you’re going to step on these step off your arm straight and then pull up with your bow which releases tension on a string which that allows you if you have long enough arms to unstring the bow oh yeah stringer okay how to put your bow in a bag case thingy ok so now that you’re both one strong yeah you’re going to stick the tip in the bag uh-huh whoa I can tell you’re all fast I know now it looks like a sock it’s a sock isn’t that so cool okay then you’re going to fasten it just like Jerry and shoot it and stop so this is how you love your boat stop backing away okay so you see this little thing that that’s called an arrow rest so what you’re going to do is you’re going to take to take the little feather thingy it’s not actually feather just plastic so you’re going to take that and that should be like facing upwards if you’re loading it like this then press the arrow in there and then something out using into the string and push back and you’ll hear a click and then now you can draw your back so we’re going to put one feet one finger above the arrow and two fingers below then you square your stance like me close your one I back all the way the corner bro I’m gonna do another one he got white white and you add a total I got black Dodge I’m gonna do now I long jacket that one that sucker take your time yeah if I shoot an arrow

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