Archery | Win & Win Arrow Puller Review
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Archery | Win & Win Arrow Puller Review

August 12, 2019

This is the Win & Win arrow puller. It’s shaped like a cat. It’s made out of rubber has grooves on the inside to get a better grip on the shaft and it’s shaped like a cat. It comes with a caribiner clip for easy attachment to your belt. It also has stripes, whiskers, pudgy feet and the Win & Win logo. And, it’s a cat. It’s surprisingly well balanced on its feet and can also lie on its back. It’s actually rather small. I don’t exactly have big hands but I completely cover it This can make pulling arrows more difficult if you have big hands and you need a chunkier grip. Such as the Cartel arrow puller or the AAE Gorilla Grip. However, neither of these alternatives are shaped like a cat. I should note that the Gorilla Grip is not shaped like a gorilla. The best feature of this arrow puller is that it increases your attractiveness on the range. You can buy the Win & Win arrow puller from Lancaster Archery for US$8 In Australia, Archery Supplies sells it for AU$15. The unique shape of the Win & Win arrow puller makes it a great gift Buy one and your shooting partner will adore you. Buy 20, and you’ve taken your first steps to becoming a crazy cat archer. It’s simply…purr-fect. Anyway, this is NUSensei we will see you next time.

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  1. Damn it, I just placed an order on Lancaster Archery, why didn't I buy this with it?! #regret

  2. Miaow! (Sorry, I had to). Particularly as I have a rather boring arrow puller…more in the shape of a granade, if I look at it?

  3. You have been doing videos for a couple of years….

    ,,,How about a coat of paint?  That Pink Trim around your door is driving me crazy!!

  4. Looking good on the range should be your #1 goal! This is the single, most important, archery video I've every watched. Thank you NuSensei!

  5. Other than arrows, THIS arrow puller is one of the few new things I bought for my kit. It's one of the first thing I bought.

  6. Any soft grip arrow puller is a half measure investment if you want to remove arrows out of anything. Human strength alone can't grant you what you need to pull arrows out of trees and other hard, dense objects unless you have a torque puller, like the Arojac. The Arojac might ask more from your wallet but it will help you retrieve any arrow, which should always be manageable.

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