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Archery Whitetail Hunting

August 12, 2019

To say Joey has an obsession with deer
hunting would be a huge understatement this guy lives and breathes white tails
year-round habitat improvements food plots and meticulous scouting consume
nearly every moment of free time he has as the 2016 season near he set the bar
higher for himself in hopes of killing his larger buck today but that was a
challenge that wouldn’t be achieved it’s August 26 and this evening I’ll be
sitting out and we’re looking this real nice green alfalfa field it’s pretty
secluded back there there’s no roads anywhere a lot of these bucks and then
coming out and my property’s actually about the mile straight east of this
field so I’ve been getting pictures the deer over there that I’m seeing over
here I just kind of want to see if there’s some more bucks that I’m not get
pictures of yet that potentially will be getting this fall. all right well it is Wednesday September
28th and I had a big cold front moved through earlier in the week temperatures
drop like 15 to 20 degrees along with a came some pretty high high winds and a lot of
rain so today got a high pressure system moving in and the weather’s starting to
clear so we have a pretty good feeling that we’re gonna see some of your night
so we’re gonna sneak back hang a couple of stands and not get set up. So, lets rock and roll. Got some kid out here going for a joy walk He’s probably just working on a class project. it can be absolutely awesome
or it can test you Alright, well it’s October 2nd today I’m sitting out here with my brother in law Jeff Who is from South Africa We’re hoping to show him what this Wisconsin deer hunting is all about. Looking to take a doe We’re set up over two food plots right now A brassica plot and a cool season grass plot. So. We’re expecting to see some deer tonight. what did you think of a it Jeff? I didn’t realize it’s so intense great experience yeah it was pretty fun. So, we are going to watch the footage back and then get down and a go look. Im literally shaking right now. That buck came in from 100% down wind a one year old buck and a mature deer are two completely different animals. But. It’s still a good feeling. Now we just need a ole buck to come from back behind me anywhere on this side and work through this way That rattled my nerves so bad Any other point and time. I would have shot that buck a hundred times over again This year for some reason I can’t even talk I’m so shook up right now any other time in the last few years I
would have shot that buck in a heartbeat and not even think twice about it but
this year I set out with the goal right off the bat I wanted to top my best bow
buck or shoot a minimum of four and a four and a half year old deer so as hard as it was
to pass that buck especially since it was Wisconsin public land buck those are
tough animals to get an opportunity at taking a big gamble I would just love to
see what that deer look like next year if you somehow made it through the
season heading out the Trempealeau County this weekend I know there are
some monster bucks in those Bluffs so maybe I’ll get an opportunity at a
bigger one that’s just one of those deer that you have to pass along the way if
you have plans of killing something really big There are tons of rubs and scrapes, all through this ridge line here. So. I’m sitting in someone’s bedroom Down to about the last two hours right now It’s a little after 3 o’clock it gets dark at 5 Hopefully the deer will start moving There is a cold front moving in tomorrow It is December 7th it is
the final day of the muzzleloader here in Central Wisconsin this has been 2016 has been absolutely
trying here for me I’m hunting spots where I bow hunt and see a ton of
deer I’ve seen a lot of really good bucks had a great year bowhunting. I just I
hunt a lot of public so once the firearm season is done your chances of actually
seeing deer or big bucks basically goes right down the tubes
so anyways if I don’t get it done tonight I’ve got all the way into the beginning of
January to kill a buck in North Dakota and here in Wisconsin with my bow so
I’ll be hitting it hard no matter what well finally got our tag we’re actually
gonna boogie we’re gonna grab a little bite to eat here quick on two hours of sleep we’re gonna shoot out the blind and check out our
camera and a see what we got coming in and hopefully we got there’s four or five
that we reviewed that we’ve definitely pull trigger on so we gotta really get
after it we’re sitting here and Joey’s like it’s the it’s the
long maim beam buck shorty the long main beam buck and I’m
like I told him I would I would shoot it if it came. The deer comes just trotting in.
Literally like, you could not have asked for a more perfect setup
and I’m not even joking you guys week we’re not sitting in this dude, I we
could not have been sitting in this blind no more then five minutes. Joey had
this all set up it’s it’s done and over I’m tagged out. So now you just run that camera. I’m cameraman Logan today. Supposed to be trying to find deer.
Not trying to dig out of here but I wanna hunt tonight This is the spot that really, really, really, wanted to get into two days ago but I just know for sure if I could hunting it but I finally got permission today. So. I was out here for four days. Now this is the second last day. So I have tonight, this evenings sit, and tomorrow to get it done but I really I feel like I can get one tonight if these bucks come out the way they have been I had this guy come through last night
just before dark it was hard to tell exactly where I hit him sounded it
sounded like a good shot I just wasn’t sure one of those situations where I
didn’t want to risk having him jump and leave the area so I didn’t even look for
the arrow I just let him be backed out and came back this morning and it looks
like a really good shot he went maybe 150 yards I actually had
this buck come through earlier in the evening he came from the cornfield
he was just out of range the first time through and luckily they came into
this woodlot and circled around and dropped down onto the field behind me
yeah this is a my first out-of-state buck it was just a fun night in general
saw a lot of deer froze my butt off but right here this makes it a hundred
percent worth it Hey
my name is Logan Wenninger. I’m filming with my best friend Joey Scott been hunting
with him for a long time

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