Archery vs Curling | Can They Switch Sports? | Sports Swap Challenge

August 15, 2019

My name is Niklas Edin, I’m
a curling player from Sweden. You need to be calm out there
and really calculate what you should do
and when to do it. (OLYMPIC GAMES SOCHI 2014
I’m from Berlin, and my sport is archery. The most important thing
is to have the mental strength. (OLYMPIC GAMES RIO 2016
nice to meet you. Nice to meet you too. (ARCHERY/CURLING) (CURLING/ARCHERY) What do you know about archery? Ah, not much, I’ve seen
a lot on TV, I guess. I like Western movies. I expect it to be really hard. It looks easy on TV
when you guys do it because you’re good at it. Very similar to curling
in terms of hitting a target. The hand-eye coordination
is really important in both of them. This is my normal environment,
where I practice and compete. – Have you tried it before?
– No, never, never. Perfect. I only know that
the stone has to go in the middle
of the other target. (TARGET=HOUSE) (3 CONCENTRIC CIRCLES
WHERE POINTS ARE SCORED) It’s pretty different
to archery, it’s a bit colder. (THE KIT) The bow has two parts –
this is a riser and these are the limbs. The name of recurve
comes from this curve. This is the sight which
you use to aim to the target. – That’s going to be helpful.
– Yeah, of course! I’ve got some
special curling shoes and these are really old shoes. These are eight years old. (TIME FOR A NEW PAIR?!) You’re going to need a slider
that you can slide on. It’s really slippery. This is a bow string
and these are the stabilisers to balance your bow. (BOW WEIGHT=3KG) And then, we need a brush. That’s the handle you use to stabilise your slide first
to keep the balance easier and then you brush
with this part. The rock itself is
usually made of solid granite and you have
another sliding surface and that’s why all
the rocks are different. (ROCK WEIGHT=19.96KG) This is a carbon arrow. It’s really light,
then, I guess? Yes, and the gold point. (NOT REAL GOLD!) (ARROW TIP MADE
FROM THE METAL “WOLFRAM”) (THE BASICS) Today we are in the indoor hall and we are shooting 18 metres. (INDOOR TARGET=18M) (OLYMPIC OUTDOOR TARGET=70M) And the target
is a bit smaller. (INDOOR BULL’S-EYE=10CM) OK. I can’t even
get it to stay there. Maybe we
try and reload the arrow. – Yeah.
– You can use three points – the nose,
the chin and the jaw. This is going to be slippery. Oh, my God, OK. I’m a bit frustrated now. Try and keep your left foot,
like, underneath your body and then slightly
bent towards the outside. Yep. The balance,
I don’t know what to do. Good. It might feel
wrong at the beginning but once you throw the
rock with the right hand it’ll be easier. Good, really good! I think archery is easier! (THE INITIATION) The first thing is the stand. You’re really straight,
hold your arm really straight and your elbow is
not like this, it’s here. Nice one! You shoot three arrows per end. (END – A ROUND OF ARROWS SHOT
DURING AND ARCHERY EVENT) Ah, shoot! That’s even worse. Aiming was
the hardest part, you have it at arm’s length
and you’re trying to aim just through one
single thing that’s quite a far distance from your eye, so it’s way harder
than it looks. He’s really quick
to learn archery. You say something
and he does it. There are three main positions
or tasks that you need to do. The first one is to
throw the rock down the ice and then you’ve got
two guys at the same time sweeping and that’s to try
and adjust and correct the shot. Then you’ve got a fourth one
and that’s my role in the team and that’s a skip,
kind of like a team captain. He’s on the other side,
usually planning the moves. So the first part
we’re going to try today is the delivery of the rock. It’s a bit like bowling. OK. (ONE ROCK TO HIT THE MIDDLE) So now
we’re going to do one try and you try and get as close
to the middle as you can. Good. That’s excellent! My first choice
was not so successful. You had way more speed there. It’s really difficult
to keep your balance, especially when you want
to push out of the hack fast and you’ve
never tried it before. There are so many things
that can go wrong. (THE DIET) I love vegetables,
mostly broccoli. I do it in a wok
with rice or potatoes. I don’t eat sugar,
for your concentration, I think that’s most important. It’s very important
for us as well to really keep that focus
and maintain it. We’re travelling and competing
a lot of hours and long days and
we eat in restaurants a lot, so then I just try
and pick the best option. (THE TRAINING) OK. Yeah! Whoo. That was difficult. So many things to think about,
too, when you’re aiming. It’s a bit right,
we have to change the sights. Every person is different. Yeah, I think it’s a six! It’s the same as
when I tried curling first, you don’t really know
how to play the game but once you get a hold of it,
it’s more fun. Push it! Good, really good. Ah, that’s good!
That’s in play. Yeah, because of him.
Just because of him! So you’ve done really well
on all the throwing parts making me sweep a lot,
so now it’s payback time. Go on! Hard! Go, go, go, go, go, go, go!
1 IN EACH TARGET) Three arrows in a row, show me
what you’ve been learning. That’s an eight. Nice. This is awesome!
I’m really excited. – Yeah!
– High five. Yeah. Whoo! I’m proud of you. The middle one was an eight and here you
were also an eight but you lost one here so
that’s a pity but really good. Thank you. Hitting the target
that you actually aimed for, it was a special feeling, a similar feeling
that I get in curling when you make a really
difficult shot when you aim for and you actually make it,
like the plan goes well. Yeah, it’s a good feeling
and I can definitely understand the thrill of being out there
at a real competition and aiming for that ten
and you see it go in. So, super fun! (1 ROCK) (HIT THE MIDDLE OF THE HOUSE) So are you feeling excited? Yes, yes, of course. – Good luck.
– Thank you. Ah, that’s good,
really good! Sit down. – Awesome. Good job!
– Whoo! It’s really close to the middle
but I didn’t hit it. (1 ROCK) (TAKE AN OPPONENT’S ROCK
OUT OF THE HOUSE) Now I’m going to show you
the next challenge. This is going
to be all about line. Try and take a rock
out of the house. Whoo. Yeah! Nice one! That’s how you do it. Wow, that’s awesome.
Great job! Yeah, that was excellent. Just in a couple of tries, she’s got the hang of it
already with good speed
out of the hack, perfect line
and making that shot. Impressive! I’m a bit proud now. (THE SHOWBOAT) Now I’ll show you
some shoot up training. Nice, bull’s-eye! Nice. You did it, good job! I’m super impressed. So I’m going to try a 360
turn around or a spin around, as we call it in curling,
so let’s see how that goes. – It looks really good.
– Thank you. So much pressure,
then whoo. – It’s fun!
– Yes, of course. It’s fun to use in situations when the game
is basically over and you try
and have some fun with it.

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