Archery Vlog 1 – Introduction to Antelope Bows
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Archery Vlog 1 – Introduction to Antelope Bows

August 19, 2019

Hello my friends Now I’m in Antelope Bow’s workshop. As a Turkish I have to admit that I have never touched a bow until today, never touched a bow and an arrow First time here in Indonesia and with guidance of Antelope Bow’s owner, my friend I touched a bow and had a chance to shoot. But I should also say that, genetically I could find the target in my first shot. Turkish people have such a talent. Today as an introduction for you, we’d like to introduce the new Turkish bow of Antelope Bows, which we call Antelope Drift, the Drift Series, Turkish-type bow… as much as we can. So this bow is different from the others as you may understand from its shape. Generally he produces Chinese-type bows as they are easier to shape and there is no other Turkish bow available in the workshop and he says “I don’t even know that I can produce the same alone or not”, to be honest… And another feature of this bow is its strength. What I mean by strength is that when you place a 28″ arrow to the bow and fully draw it, which is drawing until the end point … just like this … You will have a 40 pounds of strength after you release the arrow, of course. ok… Now we will show you only a few shots and we will further this video series later we will be glad if you keep on watching! Yes… This is the result of our shots. Not perfect. But we got tired and this video was taken at the end of the training. But still all inside the cirle! What did you feel when you shot with this bow? Here the best of this atmosphere is that there are three languages spoken, actually more than three but I can communicate in three…

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