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Archery | Vanes – XS Wings

August 13, 2019

By now you’ve probably heard of Spin-Wings.
These performance vanes are the choice of professionals, along with similar
vanes, such as Kurlys and EliVanes. Easy to put on, they can improve accuracy
thanks to the extra spin generated. Most competitive archers will be familiar
with these vanes. However, they are not without their shortcomings. Unlike normal plastic vanes, spinnies are
quite fragile and often get damaged. This is particularly the case if your
bow isn’t well tuned and you have clearance issues, but they also get a bit of wear and
tear from over penetration of soft targets and glancing shots. Replacing these
becomes a regular ritual. Here we have XS Wings, produced by Sitar & Sitar, a small
company in Slovenia. These curled vanes are promoted as having “unrivaled accuracy and durability”
and “were made by a Champion for Champions.” The second part is at least true. Dejan Sitar is a very successful
world-class archer. As for durability, the XS Wings are made from a thicker
plastic, like something you’d see from a plastic folder. The vanes are stiffer and
come in a variety of sizes for different draw weights and purposes. In comparison Spin-Wings are much lighter and flimsier. The XS Wings in my opinion are a practical
cross between a regular plastic vane and the spin wing. The XS Wings come in this small pack containing
typical spin wing materials. The vanes, strips of double-sided tape and black
tape used to secure the vanes. Putting the vanes on is identical to Spin-Wings. Normally you would use a fletching jig to
draw three equally spaced lines on the end of the shaft, but I’ve already got pre-marked lines
on my arrow wraps. First you put the strips of tape on the marked lines, then you
peel it off to expose the adhesive layer and carefully stick your vane onto it. Be careful when pressing the vane. They’re
tougher than normal Spinneys, and you can end up with some superficial cuts on your
skin. Once you attach all three vanes, you then apply the black tape over both
ends. The packet comes with plenty of tape. I found the strips to be too long, so
I preferred cutting one in half, which is enough to go around the shaft at least twice. And there you have it.
XS Wings on your shaft. Now the question probably would be “would I recommend XS Wings?”
The answer will come from two different angles. If you’re going from normal plastic
vanes to performance vanes, then…well I’ll say this: Performance vanes like spinnies or
XS Wings can make good groupings better, but they won’t fix bad groupings.
So if you’re not consistent enough to shoot well, then getting performance
vanes like XS Wings wont make a huge difference. Now if you already shoot
performance vanes like Spinneys or Kurlys or EliVanes, would I recommend the
XS Wings over them? There’s not that much difference between different
high performance vanes. I mean, if you’re already shooting this level the differences are
negligible. It comes down to a matter of preference, which one you can get easier?
If there is anything about the XS Wings which I really like it’s that extra durability.
It is quite a tough vane. I mean it’s not indestructible, you can rip it, but it’s
much stronger than what you can get on the spinnies. I guess the other make-or-break
factor is the color scheme. I know a lot of you guys out there pick your bows and your
arrows to be a aesthetically pleasing, and the XS Wings come in a wider variety of
colors, including neon colors. So if that’s your sort of thing then XS Wings
do have an edge over the spinnies, which only come in five or six colors. So if you were a bit curious about what XS Wings are, then hopefully this will have answered some questions. As usual, thanks for watching, and I’ll see you next time.

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  1. I personally use XS wings after using AAE Max vanes for awhile. I prefer XS wins over kurly wings and spin wings because they're much more durable (Can be shot through the clicker by accident) and I rarely have to replace any XS wings.

  2. How can you not talk about the sizes and the difference between the sizes that are either soft or hard. 

  3. I have used most fletchings and for the last few years the spin vanes. I can honestly say i found these vanes quite useless. I had to refletch 6 arrows within a week becuause they are so stiff they fracture when hit or come off the adhesive strip. So although I thought they would be more durable they certainly are not. I have metalic blue and i wounder whether the material is different?

  4. I just recently got into using spin wings. my bow is now tuned for the shaft and grouping have improved greatly. however, better grouping means that I'm hitting and slapping my arrows a lot. I'm getting tired of having to fletch the wings each time I hit my arrow on the block.

    I'm going to look into these next after I blow through my current spinnies.

  5. I have used Kurlys (they discontinued my color – darn), but they to not have the slight extension which makes putting the end tape a lot easier. (Metallic Kurlys are more durable plastic, while the neons are coated paper, which creases easily.) I'm using Elis now, and they're more durable and have the extension, as XS do, but Spinnies don't. Elis are harder to apply because they are so curly – I used to apply Kurlys using the Beiter wing holder, but it won't work with Elis. I use a couple of tips I've seen elsewhere: after applying the vane, I roll a pencil along the length of the base of the vane to make sure it contacts the double-stick tape along the whole length of the vane. To avoid having arrows stick to each other in the quiver, I trim off ends of the double stick beyond vane contact, and also sprinkle baby powder or something similar on the arrows.

  6. I'm putting XSwings on my arrows tonight. I plan to fletch 2 of them and then bare shaft tune until I'm well tuned. Thanks for your tutorial on how to put them on!

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