Archery Trick Shots, Tic-Tac-Toe (game) with a Recurve Bow! #tradlife
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Archery Trick Shots, Tic-Tac-Toe (game) with a Recurve Bow! #tradlife

August 11, 2019

Steven : Are you ready for some real Tic Tac
Toe? Joe: Hey, Joe McClaine here from,
and the challenge has been laid down. My son, Steven, who barely ever shoots his
bow thinks he can come out here and lay down the gauntlet like he’s going to challenge
me to a game of Tic Tac Toe with Recurves. I’m shooting a 55-pound Red Stag. He’s shooting a 55-pound Samick Sage. We’re shooting from about 11 yards. Trust me, I know how this is going to end. Let’s see if he knows how it’s going to end. Comment below with who you think is going
to win. Is it going to be the 19-year-old who never
ever shoots or the old man who shoot often? Give this video a thumbs up, and share it
with your friends. All right. This is how it’s going to work. We’ve got our Tic Tac Toe grid. We’ve got to call our shot before flinging
the arrow. If we miss, that grid is fair game for the
next guy. I’m X’s. Steven : I’m O’s. Joe: Let’s do this. Steven : I guess I’m going for the bottom
left hand corner. I win. Joe: Best 2 out of 3. Okay. Here’s the deal. I’ve got 1 game, he’s got 1 game. The next winner takes all. Vote for me. Steven : No, vote for me. Comment below. Joe: You know who’s going to win this. Don’t you? All right. You go first Steven : All right. Center. Joe: He’s already started off wrong. Let’s pray I make this. We’re going to go for the center. Who has the center wins the game. Yes! Steven : Bottom center. Joe: See, I’ve gotten into his head. I’ve shaken him up. Now he’s totally off. He’s running, he’s hot, his thirsty. Bottom center. Yes! 1 more arrow. Steven : Top center. Go look. Judges are going to have to call on that one. That’s pretty close. Speaker 3: I think it’s on the line. Joe: It’s a miss. Yes. Have I invited you to subscribe to the channel
or check out last week’s video or give it a thumbs up or to share it? Okay, good. Top center box. Top center box. Yes. Praise God and amen. Thank you for watching. I’m praying for you that you shoot straight,
and I hope that you pray for me that I shoot straight. Until the next video, may God richly bless
you. Yeah! Winner, winner, chicken dinner. 19-year old loser. 42-year-old winner. Yes. Have I shown you that group? Have you seen that awesome sauce? It only took me 22 minutes to get to that
level. Every other shot was just like … Thanks
for watching. Keep shooting.

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  1. That dancing though.

    Is it bad that my brother and I could probably do that at 20-30 yards. And my brother would have a compound advantage?

    I'd probably loose a lot just because of slim misses, shoot one square off.

    We used to shoot a lot but compound you don't have to. Last year my brother wacked a doe and hadn't shot an arrow in over a year. Told me while taking photos and gutting that he may consider trad. But he's backed out on me buying him a Bear, Black Widow, or Wing. Chances are I'll probably have to make a self bow or press one out and make it. Honestly selfbows never really got under my skin, the solid osage Grumley Deerslayers do, but they seem pretty complicated to bend. Have always liked the idea of collecting Kodiaks for the reason or reproducing them, and that is my ultimate goal. Hunt with 30s to 60s style equipment. The Grumley Deerslayer with scabbard bow quiver, cedars, and 2 blade zwickys being the ultimate.

    At least I finally have the Fred Bear takedown recreation assembled. I'll have to get sone photos up on that when I'm around.

    Season starts in 10 days. College exams and some other things are going to be holding me up but late Oct into Nov are looking good (right when it matters too!).

  2. Great video. You can gradually see the improvement in the quality of your videos. Keep going, brother. God bless you, and may you shoot straight.

  3. "Old age and treachery will win out over youth and inexperience". I recall shooting games with my son when he was still actively shooting, good memories. Your videos and shooting are getting better, and the consolation is that maybe he has been watching your videos to make it a challenge for you.

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