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Archery Training | Shoot, Run, Shoot

August 20, 2019

What’s up everybody
today’s mission simple in theory hard in practice shoot 36 arrows run 10 miles
come back and shoot 36 more arrows I realize during the state tournament
and I had to shoot 72 arrows in the hot Sun I was not in good enough condition
so let’s see what happens okay that was 36 arrows from 20 yards
gonna go do my 10-mile run when I come back we shoot 36 more arrows from 30
yards 30 I hate this elf miles I Spit it Scott there’s no 10 miles not a huge fan of
running and one thing I do like about it is you see things you don’t see let me
drive around in the car and I got to hurry up and get my last arrows in
before the Sun Goes Down lose my light first group is from 20 yards this will
be from 30 you twelve arrows and the camera died

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