Archery Tips & Techniques : How to Shoot a Bow & Arrow
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Archery Tips & Techniques : How to Shoot a Bow & Arrow

August 19, 2019

Hello, I’m Leroy Sisco, and on behalf of Expert
Village, I’d like to give you a few tips and techniques on archery. Archery is every single
thing that you enjoy about hunting; the only difference is that you don’t have to clean
as much game, so it’s a wonderful sport. You can shoot it at your house, you can get friends
involved with it, and it’s just something that I try to pass onto everybody, it’s a
lot of fun. But let me show you how the bow shoots. You want to make sure, like I said,
you have a good quality bow, and then you want to make sure you have good quality arrows
because the consistency in the arrows make the difference in how well the bow performs.
Because if you get an arrow that’s heavier than that last arrow that you shot and everything,
well then you’re not going to get the same pattern. But with this bow, you simply put
your arrow on, it has the fall away rest, you pull the bow back, that rest comes up,
you line up, you look through your peep sight. If you used to remember shooting the old 22’s
you used to shoot when we were kids, well this is the same concept. Line up the peep
sight, line it on and pull the trigger. It’s just like shooting anything else as far as
a rifle or anything else, you line up your peep sight, here’s the front of the barrel
of your rifle or your bow, and now you put that on the target, you set them at different
distances, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 yards.

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  1. can someone help me out with something? the bow im trying to get is a right hand only bow, but what im confused about is i dont know if it means a right hand shooter or a right hander handle. cus i grip the bow on my left hand and shoot with my right.

  2. i really dont like the peep sites or the trigger release i like the feel of a three-fingered older compund bow. Those are to much like guns.

  3. i need some help, i grip my bow with my right hand and hold the arrow with my left, although im right handed, im like this on the slingshot and its reverse, so wat type do i need???

  4. this guy is an idiot he is giving tips but he is shooting a fucking compound with a sight compunds take no skill at all a real archer can hit a dot from 20 meters aways with basicly one peice of wood and an arrow thats real archery this is just boring and takes no skill at all

  5. Shooting a compound is a lot easier. I have shot both. But shooting a compound still takes skill. Anyone can pick up a bow and shoot it. They will probably do better with the compound, but no matter which bow you use there is skill involved.

  6. No bare bow compounds with no scopes or sights are good it just helps people that need a higher poundage bow but can't pull back a longbow but when it has sights like this it just takes away all the skill all you have to do is pull back look through the site and fire where as longbows you gotta draw back keep your shoulders in the right place ajust for gravity and wind then you have to release it so you don't snatch the string and compounders use those auto releasers

  7. Okay, buy have you ever shot a compound with sights? Yes, it is easier, but it is in no way, shape, or form easy. There are sights that you use, so what? You can say "with sights its easy, all you have to do is line them up and shoot". Its not that easy. You need to practice just as much as if you were shooting a recurve or longbow. I though with sights it would be a piece of cake, but it is not at all. You can't make these statements unless you have ever shot a compound with sights its hard too

  8. Also, with compounds you also have to adjust for distance, wind speed, angle and everything. its not simply aim and shoot. the sights help, but you can't shoot 100 yards like you would 20 yards.

  9. Yeah but the sites have sets on them so you just ajust the sights put the dot on the target and fire and you will hit it 100% there is no instinctive jugdment *All my comments are not related to the people that use bare bow compounds *nosights*

  10. I agree. I personally like using a sight because it gives me more confidence while shooting at deer. The skill involved is different, but still a player.

  11. Yes if you go hunting by all means use asmuch sights and equipment you can have so you hit the target in hunting

    I was talking about idiots that use compounds with sights to do target shooting in comps

    The thing with hunting is i want people to kill the dear quickly so by all means you use sights its just the idiots that use these for target shooting.

  12. just save up and get the PSE Stinger, very nice shooting bow almost no shock, it will be worth it trust me

  13. i started on a 70 dollar recurve but now that im older i hunt with my compund. i havelots of respect for the people that hunt with longbows and just shootthem.

  14. I am talking about the people that use aids to shoot, Sights, auto releases, balancers, lazer sights, magnifacations sights, stuff like that if you use a compound bare bow with no aids then I did not mean you. I mean if you hunting with it by all means use these aids becouse I'd rather you get a kill shot then put the animal in pain but if your gonna target shoot with it…Whats the use? its like a video game if you use cheats there is no challenge and it becomes boring.

  15. longbows with last forever if taken care of properly also if you are using a flemish twist string that can last for longer then 30 years.

  16. for a begginer the best bow is a modern recurve you can buy 1 for 100$ 2 150$ australian I know that at my local hunting store you can buy a set for $400 which is Bow, strings, arrows, targets. get a recurve from your hunting/archery store there fairly inexpensive and reliable. get a cheap compound and it can be dangerous becouse of all the moving parts atleast thats what I have been told.

  17. you would want a left hands bow if you shoot with you left hand on the bow and right on the string otherwise you will send your arrow ofcourse greatly

  18. That's always been my thought, too. I think it takes SOME skill to hunt with these fancy bows but in my opinion, those who learn how to track, stalk, and crawl up to the animal until they're 40 ft away….now that is hunting. It gives the animal a chance, it REQUIRES you to learn from your mistakes and hones your skills, and it causes you to truly be self reliant on something that once was a necessity. Traditional bows all the way!

  19. i have a recurve and i tried compounds but that takes away the fun in archery they made archery to machine made but the old natives made bows that take skill

  20. @mohmog33 @jroetman1323 @curtiskid101 all 3 of you below this rock on!
    all my neighbors asked me why the hell i would get a recurve and i basically told em what u said lol
    it isn't even that hard to hit the vitals 30 yards and in if you actually practice!!! 🙂

  21. I touch my nose to the string, more consistent. Or could use a kisser button. Didn't see that great of advice here.

  22. @kailei155afoxie But traditional bows are weak and wimpy… Until you shoot a compound bow you can't say anything, they are absolutely incredible and blow away every recurve on the market.

  23. @dilkashh Still, the fact remains that compound bows are inherently more powerful than stick bows, so yes, compared to compounds, they are weak. If you took a 70# compound and 70# stick bow, the compound would go faster every time. I actually think they look like shit, but that's just me. By the way, this argument is pointless, so lets stop here.

  24. So much guys bitching on compound … Well, the old school bow is forgotten ?
    Go into the wood, take a shity piece of wood and a liana and do as your ancestor did.
    Everybody's using new technologies now a days, so it's pretty hypocritical to spit on it.
    The idea is to have fun, so if some guys have fun with this kind of bow, let them do what they want.

  25. hi im looking to bye a bow im right handed with a pencle and for sports for byeing a bow shoulid i bye a righthanded bow and what handed are u Archery Tips & Techniques : How to Shoot a Bow & Arrow

  26. did you know that this is not real bow shooting???

    you got every spesial items you can get on it
    do as i do, buy a wood bow and wood arrows and dont get any helping items on it

  27. ya kow what? i think people shouldnt put down the kinda bow people like, i shoot a compound bow and its awesome, why wouldnt you wanna shoot something that is goin to hit the kill zone every time. if you like recurve bows thats grate, but dont be mad that the compound guys are droppin more deer than you.

  28. @MrTommelton : The problem is that compound bows aren't traditional bows, they're high tech and way too easy to "master". What's the point of getting every hit every time if it was just as easy as making mac and cheese? Getting something with a traditional bow and arrows is far more rewarding and a true test of skill with a weapon.

  29. @Halofreakanoid well im glad you feel that way, and im not saying that shooting a recurve or long bow is not awesome, cuz it is. listen, some people like ford, some people like chevy, some people like bud light, some like bush, and some people like compound, and some like long bows. it may take a little more skill to shoot a recurve, but it takes more skill to keep a chevy running. i like stuff i can count on, thats why i drive ford, and thats why i shoot compound. you cant argue opinion.

  30. @MrTommelton fords suck, chevy all day as for the bows I own recurves, compounds, crossbows and longbows and appreciate all of them only 3 ford vehicles I would ever own have fun stuck on the side of the road while i drive by in my chevy OH a little bit of bad news for you 85% of the ford drivers that I have seen (which is hundreds and hundreds) with older cars have CHEVY 350 motors in them because ford motors suck

  31. @TheOnlyAttrition learn to deal with it the way I look at it is he is still shooting a bow I own 2 compounds 2 crossbows 2 recurves and 9 longbows ''I don't really care what are shooting as long as you are shooting the bow and arrow-quote from howard hill'', thats the way I feel about it too

  32. @jroetman1323 I frigging agree with the top two comments…

    Those kind of bows take the fun out of archery. I mean, this guy even uses an equipment to make the pulling of the string much easier -_- wth why da hell would you need to do that!! lol = these bows look cool and all but theyre no fun.

  33. Ah get a real mongol compound bow and screw these high tech shit…
    I got my self a Hungarian variant of a mongol bow since it was in use here in Croatia…

  34. @MrRutNStrut In hunting you have to became a hunter, that means get close enough to make a good clean shot, not sit all day in you fat bum waiting for something to appear, and I can make a shot at 50 yards with my bow, it is call skill and you gain it with practice, I don't let high tech take that away

  35. I beg to differ with the comments about what's real, and what's not, obviously, most of these comments are from people who neither shoot, or hunt, they are just trying to downplay something someone else is doing to make themselves feel better. I hunt, I not only shoot long bow, recurve, and compound, I am a bowyer and fletcher. When I'm in the field putting food on the table, a compound is my choice, I can harvest deer with either. But compound just makes more sense.

  36. And for those making snide comments that are wondering what a bowyer/fletcher is (I know most of you don't shoot, just kids running your mouth), I can take a piece of wood, and some straight wood for arrows, fairly primitive tools, and make my own bows and arrows, even hand forging broadheads with 16p nails, not buy them, MAKE them. So with that said, I think I know what's up when it comes to real archery. You have your right to an opinion, and I have a right to tell you how stupid it is.

  37. @DJMight bow
    1    [bou] Show IPA
    verb (used without object)
    to bend the knee or body or incline the head, as in reverence, submission, salutation, recognition, or acknowledgment.
    to yield; submit: to bow to the inevitable.
    to bend or curve downward; stoop: the pines bowed low.
    verb (used with object)
    to bend or incline (the knee, body, or head) in worship, submission, respect, civility, agreement, etc.: He bowed his head to the crowd.

    It mentions nothing about hair bows.

  38. I know your question is 4 months old so maybe you've already been told, but oh well. Basically it's just instinctive. As a kid I use to do archery a bit and I only ever used Recurves and Longbows. Basically just like the tip of the arrow with wherever you wanna hit (starting out some what close if you're new). After awhile it will become second nature and you'll hit your target every time. Never seen one of those string holding things though. I was always taught to use the Mediterranean draw…

  39. Been shooting archery since just before Hunger Games or The Avengers hit. And I gotta say I love the attention it brought to the sport. Sometimes a bit of media is all something needs to take off.

  40. Katniss Everdeen from the Hunger Games, Hawkeye from the Avengers and Legolas from LOTR brought me here.

  41. do you need the loop on the string to use the release trigger on the bow I didn't see one on this one and mine doesn't have it either.

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