Archery Tips & Techniques : How to Improve Your Accuracy with Bow & Arrow
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Archery Tips & Techniques : How to Improve Your Accuracy with Bow & Arrow

August 11, 2019

Hello, I’m Leroy Sisco, and on behalf of Expert
Village, I’d like to give you a few tips and techniques on archery. There are two things
that are very important in archery to make you consistently accurate and one is, when
you pull the bow back, you make sure you have a very solid rest every time. Some people
prefer to pull it back, have a good rest with your hand, and then put your nose against
the string, and that’s a personal choice what you like. If you were accurate without that,
then I would do that. My reason for not putting my nose on the string, when I hunt in a lot
of bad weather I have a lot of extra clothing on here and here, and I just don’t want anything
to interfere with me being accurate, so I don’t do that. But fortunately I can shoot
fairly well without my nose being on the string. Another thing, there’s two things that are
important. One is, as I said, is the anchor point. Number two is your forward hand. This
hand has to be very soft on this handle, and I always think of the handle having stickers
on it, because if you don’t and you grip the bow real tight you torque the bow, and therefore
your arrow is not consistent. But whenever you do it the same every time, and all that
touches on my bow is right here in the “Y” between my thumb and first finger, and I just
touch them. That is all that touches the bow, my palm doesn’t touch the bow, nothing but
that part of my hand and so I don’t torque it at all. And as a result, you become more
consistent, you’re extremely accurate whenever you shoot that way. Another nice thing about
it, if you do a re-curve or stick bow, you come out and shoot those you have to shoot
them alike, it’s like throwing a baseball. You’ve got to throw a lot. With this bow,
if you anchor the same and everything, you can pick this bow up three months later, and
you’re going to be deadly accurate with it. So, that’s what I like about it. I get to
shoot it in my backyard, and I can do a lot of shooting like that. But there are times
that I get busy and I don’t get to shoot for three or four weeks, but I can come back and
in ten minutes be back on, be accurate, and feel very comfortable with it.

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  1. It's not just bows though. It seems like everybody gets their milk from the store. What happened to the traditional skills of raising cattle? Or eggs? Why doesn't anybody raise their own chickens?

    It's called progress, my friend.

  2. hey there youtubers. i would really like to get into archery;i am most interested in getting a recurve bow. what would be a good draw weight for a first bow. id like it to be relitively strong, but not so much so that i am shaking like a chiwawa just trying to draw it back.

  3. @jayman448
    there is no weight i can recommend considering i do not know how strong you really are. the only way i gees you would find out is that you go to your nearest archery shop or bass pro shop and ask for someone to help you find the bow that is just right for you.

  4. @teatshanglow426 na dude i hold the bow in my left hand and im a righty. wat ev u use to hold the strng is wat hand u are. ur a righty

  5. @club46 I agree, he needs to go try some out. But its not about strength so much cause its not muscles people normally train. I can lift very heavy in the gym, but a 70 draw my first time killed me at 13 arrows

  6. This guy makes it look like Compound archery is easy, but it's definitly not!!
    I'm a Pro and yes: compound bows are more accurate, but it doesn't mean you can just pick a compound up and shoot a dead centre 10 with it without any practice. That's appearently what some people seem to think.

  7. @sephiroth87932
    When you use a trigger release it is really easy to yank on the trigger when you should give it an even pressure. This prevents you from flinching and pulling the bow to the side.

  8. I've used a compound before and I do suck with it. But with a recurve, I'm a tad better. These videos actually helped me a bit.

  9. @Eldinarcus every bow is a real bow, even a homemade one is a real one, you seem to think that a real bow is a Recurve bow. Yes it is a more TRADITIONAL bow but not the only real bow. the only reason you think a compound bow is easy, is because the weights and gears on it, its just as hard to learn how to use that as it is a recurve bow.

  10. @freakBucketz Yeah, train this week everytime on the 70m so u get a little used to shooting it. When you are in the match next week: DONT THINK. Just put your mind to a stop about what you should to to hit the gold. Becuz archery should be somthing you do automaticily, like tieing your shoelaces. Will this be helpful?

  11. i shoot a good old REAL bow… my good old long bow, and my hoyt helix recurve bow.. long bow much better ^^

  12. @remcoIJ 50 yards first time and i did a 6 shot grouping near or exactly dead center on the target. It's not as easy as a lot of people think but it is definitely easy. I prefer Recurves, I don't hunt but if I were to hunt large game (deer, elk, bear, etc.) I'd use a compound. Small game I'm going to stick with my recurve.

  13. one thing that i see in the comments.. it is obvious that archery started with a longbow, one piece of wood carved into shape, with traditional bowstring, usually was rawhide or intestines from the game animal.. however with the evolution of everything you have your longbow your recurve and your compound, to argue that true archery is only with one style is a very simple minded view to have. if the world looked at it that way we would still be living in caves and riding horses

  14. now to add my two cents, i never used a kisser button before, since i had it put on my new bow i just purchased it made my groups go from good to great to help me with being consistent EVERY SHOT, regaurldess if your a long boy recurve or compound guy archery is a great enjoyable discipline to do both for recreation/competition and hunting

  15. but its always great to see 10 different comments below which all make you laugh – oh wait – im doing the argument thing now

  16. Happy shut up. I agree the hunger games is awesome. However true archers before the hunger games (Before the hunger games got people to love bow and arrows) I am a true kid archer :). Its just that I got pissed when people kept asking me to give them my bow and arrows after the hunger games was released. Before it was just like, nobody will like bows and arrows except me at my school. but then the hunger games came and then WTF man. WTF.

  17. You are just being lame. Aren't you happy that more people want's to learn about your hobby? Isn't that a great way to spread it? I just contacted my local archery club again, and I loved The Hunger Games. The movie had nothing to do with my interest, it was just a reminder for me to take the thread back up again. I have tried out this sport before, and I want to start again. More people liking the sport is not a bad thing.

  18. Im not being mean, i know more people loving archery is a good thing. But seriously. I mean, like, i love archery, but the thing i dont like, is that people are just basing all their interests on archery with The Hunger Games. I mean, my whole school didnt notice archery and then when The Hunger Games came out, my whoel school started asking me to borrow my bow and arrows, it was bothersome.

  19. i dont get it. Are you mad people are interested in it now? Every idea that you ever had was initiated with by something you saw or heard. So you weren't born an archer. If people gain interest in it after a movie then cool. If any actually stick around to learn and practice after the hype dies down then awesome. You sound like your mad that archery is no longer an exclusive sport just for you and your special friends.

  20. I really dont like that people started liking archery with Hunger Games. That main girl wasn't even holding the bow and arrow right.

  21. Ever since i was five years old, i went to this summer camp that had archery lessons. On my third shot i got an x right in the middle. Ever since then, i have been doing archery. I am 15 now. I am not doing this for the Hunger Games. I do this because i love it.

  22. I started archery today it was great not for the hunger games of course but because I have always been interested

  23. Lol Hawkeye from the Avengers got me interested in archery. Can't wait to watch the archery events during this year's Olympics.

  24. I am same as u just a lad I started when school did a 4 week Archery course at 7 and I'm now 14 but my names Kieran Archer so I decided I'm better.

  25. You should not use the bows with several strings and scopes . The traditional way to do it is with a bow like mine that I made I carved wood , put a grip around it , and then carved arrows from sticks using feathers at the end and a sharp rock at the top dont use that its like cheating. feathers

  26. That is actually a different type of bow entirely. They both have a single string, but one of them goes around two pulleys that are anchored away from the center, so once you get over a stress point, the required pressure to hold the strong out greatly reduces. It helps people with their aim by giving them more time to hold the shot. These are called compound bows.

  27. I know right ! , don't worry about what people even think . People think I started archery because of the movie Brave.

  28. Haha I just came back to archery after 8 years, after playing Skyrim. Im already back at 30 meters and more precise than ever. I couldnt belive it. Im so glad I played skyrim XD

  29. @youngbloodarcher Actually it's 40lbs for deer and 50lbs for elk and finally a few comments about hunting!!!! I've seen thee out of hundreds of comments on this page!!! Keep hunting my friends it's good for your health!!!:)

  30. DUDE! the bow is duing almost all the work for you! you have SO much extra aiming devises on the bow that you DO you shoot more accurate. for all i know you could be a crappy archer without that bow, i will belive you if you shoot accurate without atleast 3 aiming devises. like that dude hwo hit a dragonfly with an old fashion bow! i like your tips, im gonna try them and im shure their good, but try to shoot without the aiming devises! than il belive that your a badass archer!

  31. I purchased these for a company event in which me and another employee provided archery set for the kids to try. The targets that I purchased worked great and was delivered very quickly.
    here is the link to it in case anyone is interested: amzn.to1e9shLz

  32. This is the worst release tip ever. He did not explain that you have to release the arrow before you move your hand back. Most beginners who try this will shoot themselves in the hand.

  33. Bought for my 11-year-old son. he loves it.>>>     Ready to shoot right out of the package, but we reduced the draw by backing off on the limb bolts 1 turn, equal to a reduction of about 1.5 lbs draw weight (instructions provided in owner's manual). Made a big difference. Nice package with bow, quiver, 5 aluminum arrows, and arm guard. Allen wrench for adjusting draw also included in package. Highly recommend this kit for young shooters.

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