Archery Tips & Techniques : How to Choose the Best Archery Equipment
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Archery Tips & Techniques : How to Choose the Best Archery Equipment

August 12, 2019

Hello, I’m Leroy Sisco, and on behalf of Expert
Village, I’d like to give you a few tips and techniques on archery. Over here is the broadheads,
and I showed you the SlickTrick broadheads, but there are all types of different broadheads
that you’re able to use. At Muskeet Archery here, these are a bunch of braodheads that
they provide. They have the Razorcaps, they have the, again, here are the Slick Tricks,
here’s the Muzzy. Michelle and them have great broadheads. So it’s just a personal preference,
whatever you feel the most comfortable with, that’s what you need to get. There’s two types
of broadheads, we have expandable broadheads which are like these here, and on impact they
open up and they cut a bigger whole. Then you have the fixed broadhead which is like
the Slick Trick and the Muzzy’s and the Razorcaps, all of these are fixed broadheads. So any
of this is a great product to have. This is the little stabilizer I was showing you that
was on my bow. I love these little stabilizers, its compact. It’s really not even needed on
my bow, I guess it’s more of a habit than anything, but I like having it on there. Then
the next thing that you make sure you get a very good high quality rest and you’ll be
very pleased that you did that. Spend the money to get a good rest, don’t put a cheap
rest on there, and, again, it improves your accuracy. A lot of things like this, you’ll
find out when you go into stores, so enjoy that. And first of all, archerers are gadget
people, and we love to go in to see all the new stuff out, so go into every pro shop you
can and just see all the new stuff that’s out there. But anyway, good luck and God bless,
and enjoy a lifetime of Archery.

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  1. This guy should take up selling vacuum cleaners. He certainly doesn't know s**t from clay when comes to talking about archery/bowhunting gear

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