Archery Tips : How to Shoot an Arrow
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Archery Tips : How to Shoot an Arrow

August 19, 2019

Hi I am Chance Platt from Humphries Archery.
Today we are here talking about how to shoot an arrow. Typically what you will do is, you
have the quiver that you will hold your arrows in. So you will pull your arrow out of your
quiver, attach the knock, which is that little flange point, on your string. Set the arrow
down on the rest. Attach your release to your string if you are using a release, if not
you will just use your fingers. You want to draw your bow in a smooth cycle. And then
find an anchor point that you can repeatedly rest in the same spot every time. Get your
sight on target where you are going to shoot. And then slowly release. That is how you shoot
an arrow.

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  1. I have a longbow. I don't have the modern archery equipment like the thingy that protects your arm when you fire so that you don't get "whipped by the bowstring upon release." How do I fire old school style without getting "whipped?"

  2. i think you guys should look at other compound videos before making comments like that. seriously. i've been shooting for 3 years. he knows what he's doing.

  3. modern archery is cheap; the bows can be made ungodly powerful with little effort, you don't have the knowledge that making the bow yourself gives, and YOU HAVE CROSSHAIRS FOR GOD'S SAKE!! what kind of skill do you need to shoot with a sight!!??! btw expertvillage iv got nothing against u i just happened 2 fly off the handle while watching ur vid… so no intended offense 2 u personally

  4. ever tried it out, shooting with sights? It's more difficult than you might think, and besides, if you don't like modern archery, try traditional, but don't go around posting this type of comments on vids with modern archery. They are best considered as two entirely different sports.
    On a side note, i don't like compound bows because of their release aids, but they are needed when hunting to prevent the animal from dying a slow and painful death (by missing the killzone)
    No offense intended

  5. I think people who use compound bows with sights are cheating, If he can shoot a traditional bow and hit the center of the target like this video i would be impressed.

  6. @TeamInferno81 i use a compound because i have a bad back.if it wasnt for the 80 percent let off i could not bow hunt anymore.if you think thats cheating your full of shit

  7. @TeamInferno81 it's not cheating, its all different categories, people with compound bows ( like this one) dont shoot in competitions against barebows, that would be plain stupid, i myself shoot recurve, because it is the most challenging( not hitting the target, but having the best technique)

  8. @Aldhelm10 So what if hes using a crosshair, are you saying ppl who use gun to hit a target are wrong? the point of a cross hair is to help hit ur target with little down time, even more so if the target is moving

  9. man! the dude even has a leveler on the bow. Thats crazy. When did we become so lazy we can't shoot using skill but but we have to use little gadgets that we attach to weapons? although this doesn't apply to scopes used for long range shooting, mainly for guns.

  10. @TeamInferno81 Its modern day archery. It makes a clean kill with an accurate shot and gives you a more of a distance shot and more cleaner shot at a distance as well. so if you think that cheating. well your missing out on the new technology man.

  11. he fails he put the middle flight towards the bow im not an expert and even i know that will tear the flights off of ur arrow…

  12. How do you shoot a makeshift bow? Cuz I made one for a book report and I can't nock the arrow right cuz it keeps falling out. And can u guess what I made the bow out of?

  13. lol. there are three different types of bows; longbow (normal bow), recurve bow and a compound bow (what he's using). compound bow is used for hunting mostly and target practice because of its high fps and stuff. XD

  14. yes, yes it is.
    it's a compound bow, they are mostly used for hunting, but they are still used a lot for competitive FITA.
    and how can the ARROW be a ''fake arrow'' it has vanes, a point and a shaft.
    it's not a TRADITIONAL/INSTINCTIVE bow though, but that doesn't make it less real.
    this is not to offend anyone, a damned longbow were featured in the hunger games and suddenly every video is flooded with people who knows everything and claims compounds to be ''fake bows'' it annoys me, a lot!

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