Archery Tips : How to Exercise for Archery
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Archery Tips : How to Exercise for Archery

August 18, 2019

Exercise is important for any physical sport
that you do. Hi, I’m Joe and I’m going to talk to you about exercises you may do to
be able to shoot archery better. The first thing that you would want to do is you would
want to take in this case a gallon container of liquid, this is a more of a basic thing
that you would have around your house and you would be on a chair and you would do basically
what is called a bent over row. You have to keep your back straight, your arms straight
and your knees straight and you would essentially lift up the jug the same way that you would
draw back a bow. You can increase the weight with dumbbells up to the same drawing weight
you may be drawing with your bow. This is a really good exercise on your back and your
shoulder muscles and it will give you the strength you need to be able to draw the bow
consistently and smoothly. The next exercise is holding the bow out. Typically you would
try to match the weight of the bow with a liquid, a gallon container works good about
half full. That’s going to be about the weight of most bows. And you would simply stand erect
just as you would shooting and hold that jug of liquid out. Hold it for about 8 to 10 seconds
and then set it down and then repeat that again. That would be how long you would need
to hold the shot for a well executed shot during that shot process. I hope this has
been helpful. If you have any other questions, visit your local pro shop and they can assist

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  1. why dont you just hold your bow out for 8-10 seconds, instead of faffing with trying to match the weight with water

  2. he's only giving you options you could choose to hold your bow out for 8-10 seconds or use half fuilled jug of water either way is good .

  3. because theres alway a chance of dry firing it in accident .. i do it while watching tv … and it works … my bow weights around 4.3 lbs so i use a 5 lbs wight .. just hold it for about a minute and repeat until i get bored of watching tv. … muscle memory kicks in when shooting my bow . but idk use wht works for you .

  4. thanks for the video i agree with omnl420 just a bit the rolling chair is not that smart but everything else is excellent once againthanks for the video man

  5. @graffitivideos95 i didn't mean draw the bow, it just confused me why you would search for a weight similar to your bow when the most convienient weight similar to your bow, IS your bow.
    But i understand PogoFogo's point about muslce developement, that makes sense. But then wouldn't you make the weight heavier than the bow weight?
    i dunno i just thought this technique was abit uneccessary

  6. im getting a bow for christmass and want to build myself up to handle a fifty ,fifty five pull with out a problem…and hold it….
    so thanks for the post

  7. I dont know how compound bow archery is like, but with traditional martial focused archery, you use more than your dominant arm. Drawing your bow, holding it for a few seconds, then slowly releasing it works best because you are actually using a bow. If you arent strong enough to do this with your bow, either get a lighter one or try what he is suggesting. Its not the best, but it will help. Keep in mind that your entire hand can lift more weight than a few fingers so make the adjustments.

  8. @LotusDragon09 By the way, when I say slowly releasing it, I dont mean to let go of the string. I also recommend doing this with an arrow, because I find that it just doesnt feel the same when I draw a bow without an arrow.

  9. 1st: That's the exact same exercise I had to do from my physical therapist when I had a minor shoulder injury. So I reckon it's doctor approved 🙂 tnx for sharing

  10. I'd focus more on resistance training for the abdominals(transverse for core stability), Deltoids, major back muscles(rhomboid, trapezius), and some pectorals.

  11. Go to a gym and use a stable bench, not a chair in wheels.
    Water is 1kg per litre, (i think about 8lbs per gallon) so you need a lot of water to get to 50lbs.

  12. @schwihi no disrespect or sore feelings alright just pointing out some flaws in your comment NOT PROVING ANYTHING AT ALL of why its not useful or why its a silly training exercise, and "take your bow and practice practice practice" is not any logical proof that these are pointless until then do some research please and dont make stupid comments i can still tell you things that make this useful but i will let you figure it out for yourself ok good luck and take care and be safe you need it

  13. ur face is getting red from just doing tht with 1 gallon of liquid, im only 15 years old and i do that with 80lb dumbells

  14. yeah but hes also not breathing properly during his repetitions thus starving his muscles of oxygen during the exercise… thats probably why hes turning red… talking during physical exertion….

  15. Actually this is pretty damn smart, I don't have any exercise equipment but I have a whole bunch of containers I could fill with sand, water etc. Thanks for saving me from buying dumbells when I'm strapped for cash!

  16. Your right. If I didn't have access to a gym, I could use sand, or ball bearings, or some heavier liquid. And you're right about the SI measurements. 1 gal = 8#

  17. ugh this is ridiculous, what about symmetry of exercises? what about control muscles? you'd probably better off just pulling back your bow instead of muckin about with improperly lifting a jug of water with zero technique

  18. because if need be, you don't want to have to drop your bow on the ground. Anyone know of any exercises to keep your arm from moving after a compound bow has hit full draw length (I have a general tremor, not severe but even the slightest movement or degree throws off your shot a lot when shooting a further distance)

  19. I have been going to the gym for the past couple years and I'm a complete noob (but passionate starter!) with archery but honestly, the form you're using in the exercises are terrible.

  20. he'll ya buddy simple and to the point.I like that.seen an old man with a hot chick talking slow and annoying glass to see you got the idea of what I'm looking for when I search archery exercises.thx a lot much help

  21. Thanks, I needed this as I have been shooting a bow for about 7 months now and I can notice a huge difference in the size of my right forearm compared to my left one….

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