Archery Tips : How to Determine Your Dominant Eye for Archery
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Archery Tips : How to Determine Your Dominant Eye for Archery

August 11, 2019

Archery takes a lot of hand eye coordination.
Hi, I’m Joe and I’m going to teach you how to find your dominant eye when shooting archery.
The first thing you want to do is take your hand and you want to place it like this with
a small hole in the center of your hand and your palms opened up. You’re going to take
that dot leaving both eyes open and move it to a target or an object that’s about 15 yards
away with both eyes open and move it until you can see that object. At that point you
want to bend your elbows and move that back to your eye viewing that object the entire
time. Once you’ve done that and you’ve seen the target the entire time, you’ve established
your dominant eye. Don’t only do it one time but try it multiple times in different locations.
You may that that your eye varies from place to place. If that’s the case, you’re going
to choose whatever hand you write with. If you have established a truly dominant eye,
you’ll try to shoot archery in that way. I hope this has been helpful and if you have
any other questions, go to your local pro shop and they can assist you.

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  1. I always begin speaking – preferably a full sentence or two – before introducing myself by saying my name. No, I don't.

  2. So in other words you're saying just skip this video and go to our local pro shop and ask them to help?
    Geeeez Thanks!

  3. I'm left handed but my right eye is dominant. It doesn't feel all that natural when I shoot right handed. Should I just get a left handed bow and close my dominant right eye when shooting? Or should I get a right handed bow and learn to overcome the awkwardness of shooting right handed? Can a left handed compound bow be set up so the sight is over my right eye? Any help would be much appreciated.

  4. hey brother, I have the same issue, Just get used to shooting right handed, it's not that hard. I find it actually easier than a left hand setup.

  5. Listen up, I am a bronze medal archer so i am pretty sure I know how this works:  first, put your hands out in front of you, DO NOT form a hole with your hands (huge mistake).  Now, have your friend shoot a hole through your hands (just ignore the blood); now sit down and keep your hands elevated and observe the hole.  is it dead center?  if yes, we've established that your buddy is a pretty damn good archer so just ask him to help you figure out how to shoot a bow.

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