Archery Tips : Choosing Archery Arrows
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Archery Tips : Choosing Archery Arrows

August 13, 2019

Hi, my name’s Chance Platt from Humphries
Archery out here in American Fork, Utah. Today we’re talking about how to choose archery
arrows, and what you might want to have it…take…take into consideration when choosing arrows. There
are many, many different types of arrows. It’s really more specific to what you plan
on doing. You may use a different arrow for hunting, versus target shooting, versus whatever
you’re planning on doing. For instance, there’s a…one of these aluminum Genesis arrows,
made by GoldTip, that is real popular for our National Archery in the Schools program.
And we tend…we tend to use these a lot for the Archery in the Schools program because
you don’t have any worry about anyone breaking a carbon shaft, or anything of that nature
by dropping ’em on the ground, stepping on ’em, whatever. You know, hitting ’em against
something. Next…next on the list is, if you’re going to be doing hunting, you probably…you’re
going to want something a little bit different. You’ll probably end up going to…most of
the industry’s going to now is carbon arrows. They vary from size, strength, thickness.
For hunting, you’d typically use a smaller….a smaller diameter shaft, whether carbon, that
gives you a little more speed, and at the same time, less variance in your shot. And
those…and those vary in size and strengths, depending on the manufacturer and model. One
of the more latest things that they’ve come out with is…Carbon Express has…has a new
arrow out that’s actually Kevlar reinforced. So, as you can see, the art archery is evolving
from wood sticks, from….back in the old days, to aluminum arrows, to now they’re using
carbon, and now some more exotic materials. So, if you’re out shooting a professional
target competitions, you’ll probably use something with a little bit fatter shaft. If you look
at the difference on these two, for instance. The….a lot of ’em will go to a little bit
fatter shaft, because it gives you a little bit better advantage in….when you’re shooting
at a…rings on a target. When….if you’re outdoors shooting, hunting, obviously, you’re
probably going to want the more thin shaft, because wind will have less of a variance
on your shot. But, like I said, it’s all going to be specific to what you’re wanting to…what
objectives you’re wanting to accomplish.

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