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Archery Tips : Archery Strategies

August 20, 2019

Hi, my name’s Chance Platt from Humphries
Archery here in American Fork, Utah. Today we’re talking about archery strategies, techniques.
We’ll go over just a few of the techniques for improving your shot, making yourself a
better shot when shooting. Number one thing is…I believe…is probably the way that
you’re holding your bow. You want to make sure that you have a loose, but comfortable
grip on your bow. Number two is probably going to be in your stance. So, I’ll typically will
have my feet about shoulder width apart. Just so you’re comfortable. And then, when you
draw your bow, you want to make sure that you can draw it smoothly. There’s no jerk….jerkiness
to it. And you want to make sure you have a good….good anchor point. I’ll rest…I’ll
rest my knuckles at my jaw every time. My nose on the string. And that way I can look
down through my peep sight, and my sight. And get the same site on the target every

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  1. He is doing a fine job instructing. Common anchor points for people tend to be where his was or back past the ear. Whatever you are comfortable with.

  2. For all the retards that say he is an idiot, why?

    I have been shooting archery tournaments for well over 8 years. He did fine, it is all about personal prefrence.

  3. I've been thinking of taking up this sport for quite some time but it's just too complicated and expensive. I mean, look at all the stuff stuck on this guys bow!!! It's ridiculous.

  4. Do you even know what punching the trigger does? it barely mkes any difference in your shot at all. I shoot a 09 martin cheetah with all my hunting gear on it and i bet i will blow you lames away he has great form everyone shoots different.

  5. @Olympian2112 yes i can, i shoot recurve, and my stance and technique is WAAAAYYYYY betterthen this guy, he shouldnt be talking about archery at all.

  6. i dont shot archery at all but…is putting ur face near or on the string really a good idea…i mean if it snaps i wouldnt want my eyes anywhere near it

  7. well, you flinched, grabbed the bow when you released, and you my sir are a poser. my first interview was garbage, but this interview was a million times worse, he doesnt know how to shoot at all!

  8. you sir are the shitest archer i have ever seen your form is awful and you should not be teaching archery to someone, also you punch like mike tyson so please learn to shoot and then make a video 🙂

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