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Archery Tips : Archery Shooting

August 13, 2019

Hi my name is Chance Platt from Humphries
Archery here in American Fork, Utah. Today we are talking about how to shoot archery.
There’s a lot of aspects to archery, from competition to hunting to what have you just
in general ethics, rules. One never shoot when something, someone else is down range.
Two always be sure of your target if you don’t feel one hundred percent confident that you
can’t make the shot that you are shooting that especially applies to hunting, then pass
on the shot, don’t take it. Three practice makes perfect. The more practice that you
do it ahead of time, the more effective you are going to be when you are out there either
in a competition or the field. Now we’ll cover how to actually shoot an arrow. You are obviously
taking her out of your quiver whatever you are holding it in. You want to have a quiver,
cause quiver is a safety, some sort of a safety mechanism that way you are not just stuffing
them in your back pocket and you poke yourself with the point or something. This is no fun
getting hurt. Take your arrow and you notch it on your string, set it on your rest. Typically
you are not going to want to notch an arrow until you are sure that where ever you are
going to be shooting is safe. There is no one down there, no one has walked down range
to retrieve arrows or anything while you’ve been prepping for your shot. Then you’ll hook
your release your string, you want to draw on a fluid motion. So if you find that you
are having to really jerk on the bow to draw it then your bow is probably a little bit
too heavy for you and you should probably go to your local bow shop and they can adjust
that for you and get you into a better, something that is better suited for your current strength.
So then you draw, and aim, and take your time, relax, make sure you are where you want to
be. And then shoot. And optimally you won’t be sure when you, you won’t be able to identify
the point in time when you hit the trigger or when you’ve let go with your fingers. Cause
it should be smooth and so natural that it just goes off and it feels like it didn’t
happen. And there you go. That’s basically how to shoot archery.

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  1. I'm sorry, but everything this guy is showing and saying is quite… wrong. Im not really sure why he is making a video on how to shoot. If you want to learn to shoot, go to a range and ask someone who knows what theyre doing to teach you. It is foolish and dangerous to watch some video on Youtube to learn how to shoot.

  2. Looks to me like your draw weight is way too high. Your fighting with it way too much. As you draw your twisting and rotating your arm, which will result in your rotator cuff getting screwed up. I currently draw 54 pounds in a smooth fluid motion, not twisting or rotating my arm, just keeping it level the whole way. I know I can pull more, but if im shooting at paper….why?


  4. hes sponsored…. i shoot just as good as him and it looked like he was struggling to pull his bow back and i wouldnt pay for this video it better be free. he told me everything my dad told me when i was a kid….. it goes to show its who you know in life that gets you places

  5. twisting and rotating while drawing you also run the risk of derailing your string. which almost always will damage your bow and upset you very much.

  6. This starts out good, but then you see the guy shoot and other than shooting while someone is down range, he does everything he told us not to do.
    Draw length probably 2" long, draw weight too high, overall not good form at all. Beginners watching this video, look elsewhere! A lot of great advice on Youtube, this is not.

  7. Expertvillage can do better. All i see i the draw lenght about 2" too long which causes the shooter to lean back. That causes him to be unstable and pin flys all over the target. Also Vegas 10's aren't as hard to hit after few months. .. I'd suggest other videos if you are a beginner.

  8. Bought for my 11-year-old son. he loves it.>>>     Ready to shoot right out of the package, but we reduced the draw by backing off on the limb bolts 1 turn, equal to a reduction of about 1.5 lbs draw weight (instructions provided in owner's manual). Made a big difference. Nice package with bow, quiver, 5 aluminum arrows, and arm guard. Allen wrench for adjusting draw also included in package. Highly recommend this kit for young shooters.

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