Archery Target practice – with RedNinja
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Archery Target practice – with RedNinja

August 16, 2019

hey guys RedNinja here um… so today I
thought I’d might do a different video and it’ll be
downstairs my backyard and it can be summed up in one word huh archery hunting so what I’m going to do is I’m going to slip on my headband get a bow and arrow and let’s see what
the hell I can do Ok so I’ve got my bow and arrow my bow, right here and my arrow right here so unfortunately i couldn’t hunt anything for legal purposes so instead I’m just going to be
setting up a white box outside I’ve set a white box
randomly and out of three rounds I’ll be trying to find it and when I find it I will shoot at it well looks like we found a white box
let’s go and hunt it almost got it now let’s try going up further to the target yeah okay we’ll be shooting from this point since my last one was pretty terrible finally i hit it finally I hit the target but it didn’t go hard in if you have a look like take a look at the arrow as you can see in that this here’s the arrow and right in
here’s the mark only manage to pierce there like that so what I’m gonna do is I’m going to try and pull back farther
and hopefully it’ll probably impaled the box almost well that was a fail finally okay so after all few shots from my arrow these are the results I’m unfortunately none of them were impaled or even attempted to impale the box so well so that’s a bit unfortunate but in time i’ll get into practice yeah you sir hurtful you enjoyed my archery hunting deer mall what really
hunting but more but I keep speedier um sir technically old for so as you can see the heat getting top watched albeit and but next time the server room subscribe for it wanna see more of my I’m target
practice me she and her box for target practice and her click like for my archery skills to hit
here serious your family anyway and sir subscribe and I click like and to see you next time by home

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