Archery target for cheap!
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Archery target for cheap!

August 12, 2019

hi guys. I also made a archery target
pretty much for free what i did was i got a small pallet and drilled holes into it drilled 4 holes and put rods into it and stuffed it with card board and sit mats. then i got 2 pieces of wood to go across and tighten up the nuts to squeeze it together. this way when the arrows go in they are squuezed by the card board. squashed and you can pull them out. i am going to aim for the little bit of cotton ball. see how I get on so this one shot from 15 feet away just
to show how the deep it goes in at forty pounds I use my compound bow to shoot
this one is no damage to this is much easier than just trade on

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  1. My first concern was the metal bolts.. Happen to strike one and you sacrifice an arrow.

    Otherwise a good idea. I'm gonna work on something myself… Wondering how to work around the metal bolt issue.

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