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Archery Tag with Sports Commentary!

August 16, 2019

Hello folks, and welcome to a beautiful day at the ETAR in Couldersport, PA. I’m here with my colleague Tim for the first annual Archery Tag competition! Hey there Tim! Hey Paul! We’re seeing some great Archery Tag here today already! The Penn State Mennonites are battling it out with the West Virginia Coal Miners for the very first Golden Foam-Tipped Trophy! This has been a close game so far! And we just saw Mennonite Zachariah Taylor make a daring run from the safety zone to resupply his teammates with arrows! Very impressive! And it looks like Buck Savage is making a daring move himself! He’s trying to get the other team to shoot at
him so that he can get some arrows! And it looks like they have obliged and… Ohhh! What a catch! It’s a very risky move, Paul, but as Buck just showed us it can really pay off! Notice how he bends his knees to quickly get
to where the arrow’s going to be and cups his hands in front of him. An arrow’s not that wide, and Buck’s technique helped him secure the catch. A great play by Buck and there’s plenty of action to go around! Looks like Ben Button is making another grab for an arrow! The Mennonites have really been going for that target and it’s paying off! I see four targets on that ground. One more target and this game is in the bag! He’s running for it and… Oh! OHHH! Great technique! Just manages to avoid getting tagged! And see, that right there is what Archery Tag is all about. Great teamwork, great athleticism, this game has just been great to watch! And the game continues. We’re going to take a quick commercial break and we’ll be right back with Archery Tag at the ETAR in Pennsylvania!

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  1. That's clever. If it gets popular enough maybe it could become an Olympic sport?
    Imagine representing your country as a combat archer 🙂 I'd love to watch it on tv.

  2. Thanks! It WOULD be awesome to see it become an Olympic sport! Keep spreading the word and let's make it happen!

  3. Thanks a bunch! We're definitely still growing, and we may be closer to you than you think! Check out our list of locations on our newly-revamped site: archerytag . com/locations If we're not in your area yet, hopefully we will be soon!

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