Archery Tag in Ireland!
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Archery Tag in Ireland!

August 10, 2019

Hi, this is John with Archery Tag and
we’re here in Dublin, Ireland with my friend Alex Stanley from Outdoor
Discovery. Alex: Yep.
John: And where we at?
Alex: Luttrellstown Castle in County Dublin. It’s a beautiful day and there’s
no rain. Alex: No rain. Tiny bit o’ sun coming out.
John: Absolutely. And we got uh… We got a good crowd out here. What event are we at here, Alex? This is just a family fun day to raise
money for the local parish. Wonderful, wonderful. And they estimate about 5,000 people out here today?
Alex: Yeah, theoretically…
John: Maybe not quite that many…
Alex: Not quite that many; I’d say there’s around three thousand or so. Okay. Well, we’ve had fun; we’ve had a a good
crowd of people playing Archery Tag. They’re pretty excited to see it in Ireland now.
Alex has been a great host and uh… my family, we’ve been staying at his
house and we thank you for the accommodations. We actually flew the bunkers over. They
got lost in transit and we actually flew in
yesterday and uh… we got our bunkers here today.
It was a little bit stressful and tense this morning but we got them here and… Alex: John was a little stressed, now. I was okay. I knew it was gonna work out.
John: No, I never get stressed at all. Hahaha! I get stressed when my bow breaks… but luckily I checked, I did not
check my bow, my signature bow that I always shoot apples with. So that flew with me. John: I always keep it with me. So we’re gonna shoot some apples off some heads today.
Alex: That’s actually a really good idea to do next! Alex: Apples off heads of some of these guys!
John: Yes. I like the idea, absolutely! Okay! Ohhhhh! Yeah! I clipped ya that time! Ohhhh! Yeah!

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  1. This does look pretty cool. I have been shooting since I was 10 and I gotta say, this is much better than what the SCA does….lol

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