Archery Scoring System Presentation 2011
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Archery Scoring System Presentation 2011

August 13, 2019

I would like to show you the prototype of the archery target and scoring system. This system is unique worldwide. Has two parts: 1:visualization part,displays the results,one pc and the software 2:the target itself These 2 parts communicate with radio signals. The most important thing is that there are no built-in censors in the target, it works with optical method, nothing touches the arrows. I start the visualization part. We already placed a FITA 40cm target face. We made the settings for the target face in advance. Programs asks: Is it centralized? Yes it is, we made that in advance. Next: the machine checks if target is empty.Result:empty. I make the settings for 6 arrows and my name for participant. The immediate sound after the shooting is the noise of the arrow in the target. After 1 second the result score becomes visible on the screen. I will shoot the 3rd arrow now. Two more. The last shot appeared on the screen. We go there with the camera. This machine has +/- 1 mm punctuality.The final version will have 0,1 mm punctuality. You can check on the screen if the results match. As I was the only participant it’s my turn again. After the shooting round the machine asks for pulling, as it has happened already checks if the target is empty and the new round can be started. It can save and store datas: results,names,times,distances,shots’ picture. Interesting statistics can be done. Thank you for your attantion. In the second part I show you the software.

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