Archery scene from the Disney•Pixar movie “Brave” staring Merida
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Archery scene from the Disney•Pixar movie “Brave” staring Merida

August 9, 2019

Queen Elinor: In accordance with our laws, only the first born may compete for the hand of the fair maiden. Queen Elinor: Archers! To you mark!
King Fergus: aye! Archers! t-t-to your marks! Queen Elinor: and may the lucky arrow find its target Crowd Cheering *Strum of a string* Dad: Get on with it! slow drum beat Merida: I bet he wishes he was tossing cabers (or long top bridges)??? NOOOOO! I got it! Good arm! and such lovely flowing locks Fergus! What?! Slow drum beating OH, wee lamb Oh COME ON!
SHOOT BOY! singing a jig* Feast yur eyes! *baby crying* King Fergus: Well that’s just grand now isnt’it? dog wimper I am Merida and i’ll be shootin’ for my own hand *Gasps!* from the crowd (softly) what are you doing Merida! Curs this Dress! *dress rips* Merida! Stop this! Dont you dare lose another arrow! Merida! I forbid it!

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  1. Hrmmm, I haven't seen it yet but this is truly disappointing. Did the Disney executives usurp the script from Pixar? I'm disappointed to see such an old worn-out scene like this. Bummer.

  2. 1:48
    When I saw this movie in theaters and it got to that point, I was like "Crap, she's not gonna end up shooting her own mom is she?!"

  3. They'd probably take turns shooting through each others arrows over and over again and then eventually give up and eat squirrels or something.

  4. All Pixar movies receive above a 90% on rotten tomatoes overall. The cars films and brave are the only movies that have received below 90%. And cars 2 is the only animated Disney movie that received below 3 stars.

  5. Have the people at Pixar been watching Avatar: The Last Airbender? They did pretty much the same thing but it was cooler without dramatic slow motion.

  6. The best part about this movie for me is that it gets the majority of archery techniques correct, up the how the arrow bends mid flight.

  7. splitting arrows is a wast. Is it more impressive to shoot your arrow into another arrowtip imbedded in the target?

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