Archery range told to shut down
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Archery range told to shut down

August 17, 2019

new at 4:30 a popular archery range in Orange County has been told to shut down after a complaint accusing the owner of illegally operating a business in a residential neighborhood as new six escuela part explains more than a thousand people are rallying to save it again both hands in front nicely throwback very nice one and two and you shot another thing keep going for the past week Central Florida archery has been closed unable to operate as a business all we’ve ever tried to do here is do the right thing oh we go tried to do with speech archery throw the bow owner Hendrick gals says an anonymous complaint pointed out to Orange County code enforcement that the land here just off Apopka Vineland Road wasn’t properly zoned for an archery range I just want to make it right if that’s the case and I made a mistake then I apologize and I want to make it right but you cannot have a person destroy the opportunity of thought seems to be over 5,000 people the complaint also accuses gals of owning Mexican fighting chickens the chickens living in a little Taj Mahal there is no fighting anybody that fights chicken system most immoral human being that lives now archers and their families are rallying to keep this place open they have more than a thousand signatures on a petition so far it’s heartbreaking to think of this place closing down this range has brought Rhonda Olsen and her three children closer together since it opened a few years ago there is not another range anywhere near our home we would have to drive about 40 to 45 minutes he never goes outside of the red Rob McHale up hopes to see his son play in the 2024 Olympics thanks to GAO’s guidance the team currently practices on the 70 meter range hopefully we can save this range Hendrick gal is a wonderful person cow’s plans to speak with the proper county and zoning officials tomorrow to begin the process of seeking a special exception for his business in Orange County clay Lepard news 6

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