Archery | Putting On and Removing Arrow Points
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Archery | Putting On and Removing Arrow Points

August 13, 2019

A few people have asked me how to put arrows together. I’ve got a bunch of arrows I need to finish off, so I thought this would be an opportunity to show part of the process. To attach the point onto the shaft, you will need a pair of pliers, and a block of hot melt. In this case, I used Bohning Cool Flex hot melt, which has a lower melting point, and is easier to work with. Of course, you’ll require your shafts and your points. Lastly, you need a source of heat – a blow torch is commonly used, as are alcohol burners, and I’ve seen some people use a heat gun. I don’t have any of these, so I’m using a candle. No, seriously – putting an arrow together is that easy. First, you apply heat to the point, then melt the glue. Depending on your type of glue, this may take a few seconds, or a bit longer. Smear the melting glue over the insert, and get a nice layer. With the point still warm, insert the point into the shaft – if the glue is still soft, it should slide in without too much resistance. Twist the shaft as you enter the point o get more coverage. You can then pull off the excess glue, and you’re done. This is a very quick process, and you get a set of arrows done in a matter of minutes. You can even do this in the field, for immediate repairs. I’ve rarely lost inserts or points, and the times I have, it’s mostly because I hadn’t used enough glue, or I’d gotten it stuck in wood. Removing the point is just as easy – just heat the point for a few seconds, depending on which glue has been used, then use pliers to pull it out. Putting your own arrows together is not as intimidating as it may seem, and this is probably the easiest part of the process. I hope this was helpful, and thanks for watching.

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  1. thanks man, are you going to do a full series of DYI arrow making, do you find it alot cheaper/better quality than buying bulk cheap arrows from china? any particular brands you suggest? 
    -Also I recently got a 70lb recurve, and it keeps destroying my arrows, can u suggest some more durable arrows?

  2. I wish it worked that easy for me. Recently I tried to remove an insert from an aluminium arrow. (Screw-in point.) It doesn't seem like hot-melt was used. Any tips on removing glued-in inserts? Acetone maybe?

  3. Hi, I've watched and enjoied your videos, others just make me laugh. I've been in archery since 2005 and been learning how to do my own stuff. I would recomend that you leave the point to cool down before removing the excess glue, this way the glue is removed cleanly instead of spreading ot around the shaft. Also for the guy of the glued inserts it is better to screw in the point and hear the point and thus the insert, NEVER apply direct fire to a carbon shaft, it will distroy it. A good way to notice the correct amount of heat for removing the point is to pinch the arrow as near to the point's shank and feel the heat building up, it is when you start noticing the heat that the point can be removed without overheating, and dammaging the shaft, especially with carbon arrows. Greetings from mexico.

  4. Easy peasy indeed. Using same glue and procedure.
    One word of caution however, if it's a carbon only shaft (I use the Easton Carbon One) it's important not to get the shaft heated. The resin in the pure carbon shafts is likely to suffer and as such also the entire shaft itself. Just heat the point enough for the glue to stay fluid, so you don't have to heat during insertion and immediately upon insertion, stick the point/shaft end into a cold glass of water and let it cool off for a some seconds. This will also make it easier to remove the excess glue, as José points out. It slides off over the tip almost like small rubber bands.
    Thanks for the tip and always enlightening videos 🙂

    EDIT: Didn't unfold José's comment and read to the end, which I should have done, as he gives the exact same warning. Sorry for the redundancy 🙂
    Still enjoy your videos though 😉

  5. @Dunnybuoy I'd apply the heat directly onto to glue, then smear it onto the shaft and put the point before the glue cools.

  6. Removing a point with a candle can damage the carbon. I prefer to boil water and put the arrow in it. It can take more than using a candle but it is better.
    Sorry for my English but I'm Italian.

  7. Hi In some of your videos you say you go with Abby archery I go throw Abby archery I find them great do you ?

  8. What about other heat-reversible glues, like Bohning Insert Iron? I've read of people using cheaper stuff like Gorilla Glue or even regular hot glue to success.

  9. I see you use the blue glue stick…is it any better than the gold glue stick by the same manufacturer?
    Also what is the name of the tips used in your video…l'm only aware of the tips that use inserts.
    As always another very informative video thanks for posting.

  10. Hey nu sensei
    Last week ı was in the archery training and there was a fast wind and of course ı missed a shot than ı realize the arrow that ı missed the tip of the arrow is about an cm out t try to put it inside by heating it but ı failed what is your suggestions

  11. Ugh I wish I saw this video before I put my arrows together. I've seen quite a few other videos that talk about using epoxy or goat tough, and it was a pretty stressful process because I was told if you screw up the glue job you can get the inserts stuck in there incorrectly.

    I had no idea about using glue melt to apply and even remove the inserts if I need to. Seems like a better way.

  12. The project like this step by step is described on the Stodoys website and many more plans you can find on that website.

  13. For taking out the points I find it simpler to place the arrows in a mug and pour in boiling water. Give it a few seconds and the point should slide out using a pillars as demoed in the video.

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