Archery | Project Python #1 – First Look
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Archery | Project Python #1 – First Look

August 14, 2019

Hi everyone, this is NUSensei, and welcome
to the first video of Project Python. The focus of this archery video series is
to set up a competitive target recurve bow from the very beginning and turn it into a
successful bow, with all the trials and errors along the way. The core of this series is the Chaser Python
25” ILF riser. This specific riser was sent as a sample and gift from Chaser Archery.
This situation is a bit unusual, as I am normally given beginner or intermediate equipment,
but the Python is designed to be a top-tier competitive bow. Instead of doing a single
review and leaving the riser to gather dust, I’ve decided to build a new competitive
bow around this platform. This video will take a look at the riser itself. According to Chaser Archery, the Python – previously
known as the Halberd 5 – was developed over 2 years in conjunction with the Chinese national
archery team. The Python saw a high point in the 2018 Shanghai World Cup stage, being
part of the Women’s Team Bronze and Individual Silver medal matches. The riser is 25” long, weighs just under
1300 grams or 2.86lbs. As of current, it only comes in right-handed models. The Python boasts a number of technological
advances, such as the use of 5-Axis CNC machining for high-quality manufacturing. In fact, the
first impressions I had in holding the Python really do show the fine detail you would expect
in a high-end riser. The surfaces are very smooth, both to the eye and to the hand. The
risers have an attractive matte finish, and even the grip is well-shaped and the wooden
material is warm to the touch. It’s a very comfortable riser to hold. The Python provides numerous options for the
archer with its bushings. It has the standard two holes for plungers, top, middle and bottom
stabiliser bushings in the front, a bushing under the grip and bushings on the reverse
side of the riser, mostly intended for string-stopper systems like the Stealth Shot. The riser comes
with a short clicker plate installed, with an extended one included in the kit. Horizontal limb adjustment is done by adding
washers to these screws on the side. Just to show off its manufacturing flair, the limb
bolts have a lotus flower etched into the steel. The Python is made from 7075-T651 aluminum,
which according to Chaser has nearly 2 times the yield strength compared to 6061-T6 aluminum,
more common in other aluminum risers. The benefits, again according to Chaser, include
high rigidity, high torsional stability, and super low vibration. I’m no engineer, but holding the Python
is very different from other aluminum risers. I’ve held my share of aluminum risers, but
nothing feels the same as the Python. The material and design feel extremely well balanced
and comfortable. I honestly could only think “Wow” when I first touched it. That concludes our first look at the Python.
In the next video, we’ll go on a shopping spree and set the bow up for its first shots. Thank you for following my archery journey.
This is NUSensei, and I’ll see you next time.

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  1. NU i must say the production quality here is fantastic, if this style continues id be very happy keep up the good work.

  2. Colour make's no difference to performance ! I like what I see and will be interested in seeing how it goes long term and set up to comp standards.
    Looks like China are getting serious, I think if they can get a non Chinese archer at world cup level using one of these then hoyt might have problem.

  3. 6061 alloy with T6 treatment has been the base line standard stuff for bike frame manufacture for years.
    7075 alloy with T6 treatment is the good stuff for better (costlier) bike frames that are based on Aluminium.
    In the world of archery accessories, Nock Pins are usually made from 6061, but toughest ones are made from 7075 !

  4. Need some advice please …

    Which are more durable or will last longer?
    Like not break easily…
    (amongst all – wood, fibreglass, Carbon)


  5. Hi NUSensei. Is it possible to buy this riser in europe? I am very interested in buying one for me. Is there a website or something? Thank You!

  6. Yup! As of October 2018, one can get the CHASER PYTHON in the UK now, tooooo.
    I found it listed under ILF Risers on alternativess

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