Archery practice – The point on distance
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Archery practice – The point on distance

August 12, 2019

Hi! When we are talking about hunting with traditional gear there is one thing I think many archers dont do and thats to practice on their point on distance I´m doing it often my self shooting at my point on, because for me it´s the most stressing moment because the tip of my arrow is in the middle of my sight picture and on the target so If I´m practicing on the point on distance I´m just getting stronger at all the other distances and with this exact setup right here the point on distance is 32 metres and thats what I´m gonna show you I think those where good shots Lets go take a look It was at 32 metres and thats my point on distance with this setup I´m gonna use this setup, for the buck season but of course you can say 32 metres is way to long to hunt and it sure is for hunting roebuck but if you can hit the target at 32 metres you can also hit at 15 metres anyway thats how I´m thinking It´s looking pretty good I dont think I can wish for better shot´s than this He he I was now shooting from another angle And, he he he! It was not getting worse, because of that 🙂 pretty good shooting, i think and what I´m doing is I´m forcing my self to put the tip of my arrow on the target and just work the shot through it´s sequence and dont be stressing because the tip is on the target this is 32 metres and thats an important tool, cause when I have 32 metres here and I know the tip will hit where I point it I have the advantage of knowing that at about half the way, about 16 – 17 metres the arch of the arrow is at its highest so thats where the largest gap is And thats good to know for examble when we are shooting 3D instead of just pulling back and release It is now possible to make some decisions before we are running the shot sequence if we know how far the target is away and you know certainly where the point on is like 32 metres or if it´s 30 or 35 meters That was my tip of this day and thanks for watching I´ll see you

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  1. Unfortunately my point on is to far to be practical for hunting. I use a split finger grip, I also shoot a very high poundage and a 26" arrow. So my point on is slightly over 50 yards. I could use a longer arrow but, with the Texas brush….
    I try and keep everything as compact as possible. I do enjoy shooting at 50 yards. It really upsets my compound shooting friends to out shoot them at that distance 😂

  2. Hey Peter i was wondering why you dont talk in English i can understood if you dont want to, but maybe it would bring more people to the channel and that can really show what tradicional archery is all about, because you are a great teacher! Love your videos!

  3. Btw i am making a longbow out of ash Wood ive got the bark off and It seasoned 4 about 10 months one more month and ill start shaping It. It has some knots….The stave was a sapling i dident split It so i think It will be anough to season 1 year

  4. I didnt understand a word except "point on" but love watching that arrow fly. Good job!

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