Archery practice – Bare shaft shooting Part 1 – Details in the discription!
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Archery practice – Bare shaft shooting Part 1 – Details in the discription!

August 16, 2019

In archery there is nothing like seeing the arrow flying perfectly straight all the way to the target Today we are gonna talk about bare shaft shooting and one of my subscribers was asking if i could talk about this in a video actually he was talking about fixed crawl but I´m not shooting fixed crawl at this moment so therefore I´ll talk about it in general and But there really isn´t any difference if its fixed crawl or tuning in general so lets go take a look at those two arrows I just shot and let´s see what we can read out of them The distance is about 15 meters what we can see here is that my arrows is tuned pretty well cause I´m using it for hunting as you can see, the bare shaft is grouping the same as the fletched arrow What this is about is: If the shaft was to weak Ohh its sticking! like that! If the shaft was to weak you´ll see this compared to the fletched If the shaft is to stiff you´ll see this okay? If the nocking point is to high you´ll see this okay? If the nocking point is to low you´ll see this okay? maybe I´m exaggerating but thats just to make it clear Its a good idea to shoot at about 15 meters because then it´s possible for the arrow to clear cause with the bare shaft without any feathers here If it´s not clearing and straightning just after the bow It will not straight´n up at all and it will hit the target bending when it is fixed crawl with a fixed crawl setup It´s all the same cause when you ar shooting fixed crawl, or you stringwalk then you´r crawling down the string forexamble here and what I said before is all the same no difference but maybe you need to raise you´r nocking point some more out of experience the nocking point is tending to be higher the longer you´r crawling down the string but it all come together when you´r shooting the bare shaft So if you´r nocking point needs to be raised then you´ll see this in the target, with a nock low indication and if the nocking point is becoming to high the indicating of high nock in the target will appear so it´s actually very simple If the chicken will be quiet this is actually important especially when you´r hunting and you have broadheads on you´r arrows because the broadhead will try to take charge of the arrow flight if the arrow isn´t flying straight so thats quite important take a look at this when I was explaining it before there are two options with the bare shaft If we have an arrow with feathers like this and a bare shaft wich is to weak it can look like this like I was saying before but actually it can also look like this okay? Still straight in the target But it´s still to weak It can also hit over here and still be straight in the target but it´s still to stiff And if it looks like this, the shaft is also to stiff So you have two indications for the same problem okay? and the reson why the shaft can look like this is because of the amount of front of center I have about 27% So no matter what a shaft like this will always be straight in the target because of the heavy FOC But the bare shaft will still hit to the right but be straight in the target And if it´s to stiff, it will go to the left, and and be straight in the target so there is two scenario´s for the same problem If you don´t have much FOC there is a good chance that a stiff shaft will indicate this and if it´s to weak and you dont have much FOC It will most likely indicate like this and thats som things we need to pay attention to If the nocking point is to high and you have an arrow like this with high FOC there is a good chance that it dont indicate like this It will most likely pass to low on the target Ant it´s the same if the nocking point is to low with high FOC there is a good chance that it dont idicate like this but flying over the target instead we need to pay attention to that and of course If you are a left hand shooter all that I´m saying is the opposite Another thing I have to say about this is: is that: bare shaft shooting Is not something you just do because It actually took me several years several years to be sure that I could read my bare shaft right because If you cant make a consistent release you see it on the bare shaft right away and I can give you an examble when I first started with traditional I was shooting bare shaft because I had seeing it on youtube and folks was talking about it the bow I was using was a 45 pounds Bodnik Kiowa and I was drawing 27 inches Back then I was shooting bare shaft with a spine 400 And I did not have the same amount of weight in the tip like I have today But I was still shooting spine 400 And back then I thought that the bare shaft was flying nice but today I´m I´m using spine 500 On a bow with higher draw weight than the bow back then and today I have a 100 grain insert and a 200 grain tip so I have 300 grain in the front and a spine 500 and a 49 pounds bow so If I was using a 400 now It would be to stiff and that tells me that my consistency have changed over the years, and I´m sure of one thing I´m better releasing the string today that I was back then Think about that and be carefull not to chase ghost´s if you´r new to traditional and you wanna shoot bare shaft Its actually better just to shoot and measuring the spine out of a spine chart spine, tip weight and so on And just shoot and practice alot until you´r good at it and when you´r good at it I´ll recomend the bare shaft Like I said before: I have alot of weight in the front I can only recommend that, cause I´ve said it before that FOC – Forward of center is a good idea because the arrow is flying this way and the more heavy it is the better it will guide the arrow that way and the quicker the arrow will clear after it clears the rest on the bow so It will help you with a high FOC No doubt about that but of course you cant just increase the weight, without thinking cause the shaft will get weaker and thats why we have the bare shaft to tell us that but I hope you can use this I´m choosing not to speak more about it now because with a little self study on forexamble youtube or on facebook in different groups you can find alot of pictures of both paper tests and bare shafts If you cant remember what I was saying in this video so thanks for watching and I´ll see you next time

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  1. great video, and I agree: one should not be afraid to start with a super high nockingpoint when tuning a fixed crawl. if you start too low you risk a false nock high reading when the arrow bumps off the shelf 👍

  2. Excellent! I actually prefer your Danish and reading English subtitles even if your English is better than most Americans I know. 🙂

  3. Thank you Peter,
    The importance of just shooting close enough tune arrows till your form is consistent, cannot be emphasized enough.
    My ignorance and impatience had me spending a ton of money chasing ghosts with me being the variable, lol

    Cheers, Thorsten

  4. Hi Peter, i love traditional bows but i dont feel confident enough to hunt with them, so i am just going to buy a compound bow, all tho i have shooted many recurves and have a good shoot. Great video!

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