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Archery Popshots | Far Cry 5

August 15, 2019

For Far Cry fans who have been dying to pick
up a bow again, there’s Hope. A far cry from the Himalayan mountains and
the Pacific Islands, this backwater county in Montana is home to a religious cult hell-bent
on the salvation of humanity from the pending Collapse. It is also home to numerous militia
and preppers, with guns galore. I’m sure I’m not the only one eager to see whether
the bow was going to be back in the game – and lo behold, I saw three. From the outset of the game, the player has
immediate access to everything he or she needs to clear out the Peggies – a pistol, an
assault rifle and a bow. To the credit of the developers, it’s more than possible
to complete the entire game with your starting gear. Unlike in previous Far Cry instalments, the
starting bow is a compound bow. Its function is exactly the same as the recurve bow, which
is now the final unlockable bow. This is a reversal of what most video games portray
– normally the compound bow is depicted as the more powerful upgrade. Far Cry veterans
will be familiar with the two-pin sight, with the centre gap being on-point for most close-range
encounters. With the compound bow in the inventory, the
player can immediately take out enemy outposts with absolute stealth, and with perfect stealth
completion rewarding the player with extra cash, this bank-rolls the player’s growing
arsenal of weapons. Immediately, the player can purchase attachments for all weapons,
including the familiar Red Dot and Marksman Sights from previous games. The Red Dot sight replaces the pins with a
single illuminated dot inside a ring, making for easy pinpoint shooting at close to mid-range.
The Marksman Sight has markings to assist with the arrow drop at long distance. However,
there are very few instances where this would even be needed, as it is very easy to be a
silent infiltrator and knock off enemies up close. After helping the Resistance, the next bow
item is unlocked, and it is a new addition to the Far Cry list: the slingshot. By default,
it flicks rocks, which do no damage and is merely an extension of the distracting rock
throw already available to the player. However, the slingshot can be loaded with every type
of arrow, with some unique advantages. With no sights, the slingshot is aimed with a dot
reticle on the HUD, and it is amazingly accurate. With a faster rate of fire, and retaining
the one-hit kill against most enemies, the slingshot is likely the go-to choice for many
players wanting that arrow-slinging satisfaction. And in honesty, it out-performs most of the
guns. Rapid one-hit silent kills could not be a better option in most scenarios. The iconic Recurve bow is back as the final
upgrade. Stat-wise, it has the power and accuracy of the compound bow with the reload speed
of the slingshot, plus the option to put on sights. This makes it, in theory, the best
archery weapon in the game, and it does perform its role. For some reason, I still have a
fondness for the slingshot as the assault weapon, probably because of its instinctive
reticle. Still, the recurve bow had a permanent spot in my inventory for the rest of the game. As with previous games, the player can choose
between regular, fire and explosive arrows. Fire arrows are highly situational, while
explosive arrows don’t do as much damage as an actual explosive weapon, though it can
still bring down a helicopter with a single hit. It’s no surprise that bows are more popular
in Hope County as a hunting tool and a weapon. New to Far Cry 5, the player has access to
specialists as guns for hire, each with unique weapons and abilities. One of them, Jess Black,
is a master huntress. Upon freeing her from the Lumber Mill and completing her story mission,
she joins you. As a hunter, she brings the bonuses of being difficult to spot by enemies
and does not scare away animals. This makes her one of the best utilities as an ally,
giving you the ability to hunt animals much more easily and selling the skins for good
cash – and again, the bow gives you additional skins on killing an animal, and is required
for several missions to get undamaged skins. Jess’s detection bonus also reduces the
likelihood of her ruining your stealth approach and getting killed. Being armed with a compound bow and a silenced
sidearm, Jess is the perfect ally for silent kills and outpost mastery. Apart from the
silence bonus, the fact that the bow is a one-hit kill against most enemies means that
she WILL kill what she hits instantly, and she is a very good shot at long distance,
more so than other specialists with guns. It’s actually amazing to see Jess do the
work, and she occasionally pulls out a fire arrow to add to the chaos. That said, it’s
always quicker to do it yourself. As much as I love using the bows in Far Cry
5, does it really make sense to use them in lieu of better firearms? In Far Cry 4, the
bow maintained its usefulness until silenced sniper rifles were available later in the
game. In Far Cry 5, silencers can be bought for every weapon, so the bow’s stealth function
is immediately redundant. Why use it when you can blitz through enemies in deadly silence
with a suppressed submachine gun or rifle? With the gunplay being so smooth, taking down
an outpost with a rifle is quicker and more efficient. Though players will always see the bow as
a challenging alternative, it does have notable advantages in combat over firearms. The fact
that bows always kill regular enemies in a single hit makes it a more forgiving weapon
to use. In contrast, only the .50cal sniper rifles can accomplish one-hit kills, so if
you need a lethal weapon for mid-range combat, a single arrow can do more than double-tapping
a rifle or pistol. Even so, headshotting with firearms is not difficult. Uniquely, the bow’s ammunition choices free
up slots for other weapons. Normally, I’d carry an automatic weapon, a sniper rifle
and an explosive weapon to deal with all possible threats. The bow can replace the flamethrower,
rocket launcher or grenade launcher, as well as being a silent weapon with a sight, allowing
you to function just as effectively if you haven’t unlocked all the weapon slots or
want to carry your favourite guns. Much like the game’s plot, the effectiveness
of bow weapons made me question why I played the game. Sure, I looked forward to getting
good headshots and double-taps with the rifles and doing chain takedowns, but I kept on wanting
to go back to using the bow. It never left my inventory, ever. Maybe it’s Jacob’s
classical conditioning, or the Bliss making me want to stay with my bow. The best thing about this dilemma is that
the game doesn’t punish you for wanting to use the bow. It is good enough to clear
the entire game if you wanted to use it as such. For archers, Far Cry 5 stands above
its predecessor in that it never really becomes obsolete, and it is still the better choice
in many circumstances. Above all, it’s satisfying. The sound of
the bow being shot, the arrow’s arc through the air, the thunk of the arrow hitting. Perhaps
the game really is conditioning you to become a master archer. The simple sound and visual
effects make you want to do it over and over again. Normally I would add more critique to the
way archery is depicted in the game, but I don’t really have anything to say other
than how fun the game was. Far Cry 5 is a game that is superbly developed, and the design
elements all fit in. The bows never feel out of place. Their look and feel are based on
real bow designs that could and would be used in a survival scenario. The way they’re
used in Hope County makes sense. It gets the adrenaline going as you turn Peggies into
pincushions. The bows in Far Cry 5 are more memorable than iconic weapons in other gaming
franchises, because you always get to use them. It stays in your memory, and like a
certain song from the Platters, you can never quite get it out of your head. I hope you enjoyed this spotlight. This is
NUSensei. As usual, shoot straight, and always aim for your best.

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  1. you should do a popshots of farcry primal, even though it is a couple of years old, it got the more intresting developement of archery, becourse you make your own bows and arrows

  2. "With absolute stealth" – while holding a neon green and yellow riser. One question, if Jess(?) is right handed and her back quiver projects over her left shoulder, how does she get her arrows out?
    I think that I'd prefer the slingshot too, if only to pretend I was Joerg Sprave for the entire game.

  3. Nice review! I’m currently playing this too at the moment and it made me think about buying a cheap multi pin sight for one of my old recurve set ups just to see if it would actually be of use.

  4. So glad you did this video, even as a recurve archer I LOVE using the bows, even the dark side (compound), good game and SUPER satisfying to get a kill with the bow

  5. I love to use the bow with marksman sight as most outposts have some high structure or terrain near by letting you pic off guys from 120 meters with them never finding you.

  6. Hi there Nu Sensei. I have whatched alot of your videos and really like the reviews you do. Can u please do a review on the PSE Stalker?? Please

  7. This franchise was one of the things that sparked my interest in archery. After learning more about different bows I was a little unhappy that the recurve and compound are essentially the same bow in this game. I feel like there should be some functional difference. In any case the far cry franchise has always been high on my list of favorites!

  8. Really enjoyed watching this. Also I like how they did the arrow trajectories for this game.

    Bit nicer than in Far Cry 3 and Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon, where the arrow speed was fairly good and realistic if you think of it being that the arrows that Jason and Rex Power Colt get are on the heavy side. But imo farther out the arrow drop felt a little too quick for the projectile speed.

    And it is more realistic than in Far Cry 4, where even at about 100 meters with the default sight you didn't have to aim that much higher. Both with the more primative styled Hunter Bow and the modern high end Recurve Bow

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