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Archery Popshots | Far Cry 4

August 15, 2019

What do the Pacific Islands, a Himalayan kingdom,
and a post-apocalyptic 80’s parody have in common? Amongst all the high-power weaponry and explosions,
they all include one throwback: the bow. While this video focuses on Far Cry 4, the
bow functions identically in Far Cry 3. Blood Dragon gets a mention, but it’s a
reskinned Far Cry 3. Far Cry 4 offers the most variety in bow-type
weapons, with three different choices. The bow is actually the first weapon you use
past the prologue. Ajay receives a wooden traditional hunter
bow. A simple wooden design, not unlike traditional
bows made in various regions around the world. The hunter bow deviates from traditional design
by including a crude sight, featuring two pins. In the game, the top pin often falls too short,
and in most combat distances the player will likely aim between the pins or use the lower
pin for mid-range. The player can soon purchase the recurve bow,
the same modern design found in Far Cry 3. By default, it starts with the same two-pin
stock sight. The player can then purchase a reflex sight,
providing a very useful illuminated dot, making it far easier to aim. The recurve bow also has a marksman sight,
an interesting modern inclusion. The sight provides a cosmetic electronic interface
with distances marked, making it far easier to acquire long range targets. Actually hitting them can still be challenging,
mostly because it is difficult to gauge distance in the game. While both the bows have different stats,
they function the same. Both are practically one-hit kill weapons against regular soldiers. Soldiers with body armour take two hits, or
one headshot. The heavy armoured soldiers are practically
invulnerable. In addition to the regular broadhead arrow,
both bows can use flaming arrows, which can be very useful for trapping enemies or burning
a heavy trooper with a single arrow. The player can also make use of explosive
arrows, allowing you to replicate the Rambo shot against helicopters. Since the recurve bow outperforms the hunting
bow in every way, it normally occupies a spot in the player’s inventory for the first
third of the game. This is because the bow offers the clean kill
ability when hunting animals, giving the player a karma bonus and extra skins per harvest,
great for speeding up upgrades. Additionally, the player is unable to purchase
suppressor upgrades until much later in the game, which makes the bow the only silent
option. Along with being a one-hit kill weapon against
most enemies, it has a useful purpose in taking out outlying sentries before moving in for
the kill. Once you start getting suppressors, first
for your pistols, then for your submachine guns and sniper rifles There’s really no reason to bring a bow. Suppressors are perfectly silent, even if
you’re using a .50 calibre sniper rifle. Later in the game you gain access to the Autocross,
a semi-automatic magazine-fed pistol crossbow. It’s advantages are…well, all of the above. Despite its size, it still has one-hit kill
capability, can equip an accurate sight, and its rate of fire even allows it to take down
heavy troopers. It’s a fun pocket-sized weapon, but by this
point you would have unlocked better firearms. While it’s useful to have it as a sidearm
in case you still need to hunt, I personally prefer using the sidearm slot for an explosive
option, such as the M79 grenade launcher. For the most part, your enemies will rely
on modern weaponry. The exception are stalkers, who are stealthy opponents that disappear
off your radar and are armed with recurve bows. The bow is also used by the legendary warrior
Kalinag in the Shangri-La missions. It’s capable of some really farfetched abilities,
but it’s a mythical battle, so we’ll let that one go. So with all that said about the gameplay,
what are some of the real world curiosities and anomalies? The choice of having sight pins on the traditional
hunter bow is quite different to how it might have been used if Kyrat was a real place. Most traditional and primitive bows would
not have had sights, and traditional archery would have been shot instinctively. Of course, in a game where every weapon uses
sights, it makes it possible for the player to aim. It’s anachronistic, but makes sense
for gameplay. The reflex sight on the recurve bow is highly
functional in-game, as is the marksman sight. In real life, these would likely be low-tech
accessories, such as the typical hunting sights that use illuminated fibres. Again, it makes it easier for gameplay’s
sake. The marksman sight is interesting for a different
reason. It appears to be holographic. Yet the player holds the bow in a canted position
with the sight markings perfectly straight. In real life, an archer using a sight would
most likely hold the bow vertically and keep the pins straight. Angling the bow will in turn affect the trajectory
of the shot, making the pins out of line. The design of the bow itself is not based
on a real bow. Some of the apparent features on the riser indicate that the sight is an
integrated system, while modern bows in real life use a standard bushing that most sights
screw into. I suppose you could say that if bows were
turned into hypothetical military-grade weapons, this would be it. The autocross is a purely fictional weapon.
There is no magazine-fed semi-automatic crossbow. It’s a cool idea, so let’s leave it at
that. Perhaps the most misleading aspect of the
game’s depiction of bows is that the bows are perfect. The arrows always fly straight, and you only
have to adjust for distance. In real life, there is a lot of fluctuation
on the horizontal level, mostly due to the user’s technique. Whether you’re playing as Jason Brody in
Far Cry 3, or Ajay Ghale in Far Cry 4, you immediately fall into the trope of the perfect
protagonist, a master of all weapons. At least Rex Power Colt can get away with
being a cyborg. But that’s the nature of the game, and as
the player, you’re thrown into the action. You get a weapon that is intuitive to use,
rewards skilful planning and shot placement, and is a challenge to use, even alongside
better firearms. The bows in Far Cry are appealing to many
players, a low-tech yet effective weapon in a modern arsenal. Perhaps the inclusion of the bow in a modern
game is what makes it so intriguing. Overall, Far Cry 4 is an excellent game with
lots of action. The bow works fluidly in stealth missions and outpost raids, though more or
less falls out of favour when things really get heated up. The bows look nice, not over-the-top, and
feel good. The subtleties of gauging distance and using the sight does make it feel like
you’re the one making the shot. You’re rewarded for your hits, and punished
for your misses. It reinforces how, even in modern times, you
can appreciate a weapon with its origins in the Stone Age. Until next time, shoot straight, and aim for
your best.

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  1. I loved using the bow in both FC3 & 4. When I cleared a camp, I went out of my way to go around and get my arrows back. I got satisfaction knowing I didn't waste an ammo. lol

  2. Happy new year from Siberia, NUSensei!
    In real life, flaming arrowrs is ridicules choise. And suppressors not quiet, but give some accuracy and some penetration.

  3. No such thing as a fully automatic clipfed crossbow? Meet Jörg Sprave. He's just a guy in his shed with a few tools and access to a hardware store. Imagine what he could do with the backing of whatever fictional military designed the thing in the game.

  4. It was a good game really. But as you said, when you get strong snipers with supressors bows being just fun/challange weapons to use.

  5. From all the games I've played, the bow in the last of us feels comfy to control. But my all time fav bow is coming from tomb raider 2013 (ps4), especially that explosive bow, too op.

  6. NUSensei I actually believe the recurve bow is modeled after the bear magnesium riser, look them up, they look very similar

  7. Wouldn't it be cool to try out different types of bows (and arrows) in some kind of Archery Simulator? Not only that but from different countries too?

    Someone should really look into this. I was also thinking it should have an arcade mode for beginners so its easy for them to learn, then you can start playing with the big guns later on.

    Oh and it would allow you to shoot a Longbow … OK I'm getting ahead of myself.

  8. 6:38 well…Ajay used to be (or still is…) a soldier. so makes sense that he know how to use weapons. the only one that doesn't make any sense is Jason

  9. Actually there is semi auto crossbows out there, i even owned one for 2 years.

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