Archery Parody Lars Anderson Spoof Fast Shooting (By Steve Spell II)
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Archery Parody Lars Anderson Spoof Fast Shooting (By Steve Spell II)

August 20, 2019

Centuries ago, master archers were able to
perform incredible feats of archery. After hearing of these tall tales and mythical feats
a man named Steve Spell decides to boldy go where every man has gone before him, to the
walmart! To purchase a bow and arrow. Steve Spell decided that it was time to start his
training. Deciding to build on his past failures and take from what he had already learned
He begins his training on skills and balance, after hours of self endured torture, Steve
Spell then moves on I DO ALL MY OWN STUNTS! to a light bow, very light purchased at Walmart, and he suddenly discovered
that his shooting skills are right on time. Now that’s a real shot clock right there!
He then advanced to smaller targets and suddenly he realized that not only was he fast, but
he was getting faster! He then traveled up the tickfaw river to test his skills and arrows
against other legendary warriors, including the likes of a beast named Adam Sibley from
One Man Army. The makings of a legend was in progress. A man becomes a legend with a
bow not really but watch the sequel to this video anyway and then tell your friends what
you’ve witnessed here today. Toy arrow man (arrows)

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