Archery Mule Deer Hunt in Montana
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Archery Mule Deer Hunt in Montana

August 17, 2019

Well, we’ve been sitting in the truck its
been raining all afternoon finally starting to clear up and give us a
little bit of a break so we’re ripping into the mountains here going to go check out
a new area just for a last minute hunt see we put something together. On today’s
episode we’re going to head to the high country of Montana after trophy mule
deer with a bow and arrow we’re going to go with Jordan Bershears a little later
on in the fall after the bucks have stripped their velvet it’ll be a little
tougher hunting, but Jordan thinks he has a good spot in a tight canyon with some
aspen groves and brush where the bucks even after they shed their velvet might
offer him up a nice shot. Let’s head to the trailhead after trophy mule deer
bucks with a bow in hand. The rain finally quits just before dark and Jordan
has just enough time and the right wind to work the rim rocks looking for a
feeding or bedded buck. Jordan quickly landmarks his feeding
buck and slowly picks his way along the cliff hoping to pop out right directly
above the buck the old death from above technique. Yeah, that was an awesome buck. Oh my gosh.
Yeah, yeah we just we came up here to this upper spot here, oh thank you Lord.
Yes, yes oh my gosh dance off flash of light. This buck came out and it’s just a
smoker. Its been dead we’ve been getting rained out and we’ve been
wondering what the heck, what gives and you know what, that’s why we’re here.
Persistence pays off and the Lord just blessed us with an awesome buck.
That was perfect. Yes, look at that beautiful buck. September 18th, we’re up here in the
high country and chasing elk and mule deer we were blessed to take this guy this
evening been rained out the whole time and couldn’t be happier what a beautiful
beautiful deer and just awesome opportunity here in God’s Country and partake in this

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  1. I always wish the film makers would give some information about the unit hunted, the number of points needed to draw if it is limited entry and other similar units.

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