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Archery | Mandarin Duck Dragonborn Quiver & Ranger Accessories

August 10, 2019

Hello people, this is NUSensei. Today, I will be going through several archery accessories available on the Mandarin Duck Outfitters website. These items were sent to me courtesy of Mandarin Duck. The item that I want to spotlight in this video video is the Dragonborn quiver. Do I really need to explain why? It’s impossible to look at this quiver and not think of the
fantasy designs we see in gaming presented as a simple yet elegant and
functional quiver. The Dragonborn quiver comes in two colors: green and black.
While the green one has a striking resemblance to the elvish quivers used
in the fantasy genre, the black version has a unique look, especially considering
that similar quivers tend to be made from a natural brown leather. The main
distinction is the shape of the quiver’s opening which is curved for an
asymmetric leaf flair. The body of the quiver is smooth leather. The light
colored decorative stitching really stands out and it’s a hallmark of the
other Quivers available from Mandarin Duck. It’s quality hand-stitching, and really adds to the contrast on the quiver. The actual stitching used to hold the leather together is also well done. Overall, the quiver is simplistic but fancy. The quiver contains several brass attachment points for the belt and straps, again suiting the overall design. All in all, the quiver is a nice design to hold. It feels like it’s a reliable, quality accessory. Of course, it works as intended. The quiver securely holds arrows. They slide in nicely and the narrow shape actually
helps reduce noise made by shuffling arrows. Again you can see the leaf shaped
design makes the quiver look like something you will pick up from a fallen
foe. One interesting design feature of the Dragonborn is that it can be used
as both a hip quiver and a back quiver. It comes with this belt loop, although no
belt is included. The belt loop contains a metallic flower motif that is used in
all Mandarin Duck products. The belt loop is easily attached to the quiver using
these brass clips. As I said earlier you have to use your own belt. It’s worth
noting that some archers will use the belt they are currently wearing, However
this means that you cannot remove the quiver without removing your belt. It
makes more sense to use a separate one for the quiver. Yes, it’s an Assassin’s
Creed belt. Why not? While I’m personally not fond of having
a hip quiver dangling from the belt, the long shape actually makes it tip to a
rather steady horizontal level so it doesn’t feel like it’s knocking against
your leg. In fact walking around with it is not as clumsy as it might seem. In
this configuration the arrows are within comfortable reach just below the hip,
making loading arrows quick and natural Another option is to turn the quiver so
that it is behind your lower back. Again, the balance of the quiver makes it more
horizontal so it doesn’t feel like it’s going to tip over. Finally, the Dragonborn comes with a very
attractive three-point sling. Again, it features the metallic flower symbol in the
center. Each strap is adjustable and clips on to the mounting points on the
quiver for a quick and easy setup In fact, let’s add in some extra thematic
clothing to add to the epic look. I really do think that the back quiver
with a three-point sling is what it’s meant to be used as in my opinion. The
hip quiver option does look okay. Actually, its more stable than I thought it
would be but I think this option is by far the most attractive and really the
appealing thing with the Dragonborn quiver. In terms of its functionality and
practicality, as long as you correctly adjust the sling and the length of the
strap you should find it to be a good position around your shoulder so you
can easily grab your arrows. You can pull them out, nock, or replace the arrows
rather instinctively. If you don’t wear it correctly it will kind of slide off and you’re like “Ugh! Where’s my quiver?” That sort of thing. But these slings are
quite easily adjustable so you should be able to find a good fit for you. There are a couple of design elements which I think might cause some
frustration. If you’re a purely instinctive style archer where you love
to pull, nock, shoot in one motion. While the lip of the quiver is a nice elegant
leafy appearance, this can interfere if the quiver is angled in the wrong
direction. So for example, here I might be reaching for an arrow and I might touch the lip of the quiver instead so instead of pulling an arrow out, I’m like trying to grab the top of the arrow from here whereas if this was a perfectly flat shape or
round shape you wouldn’t have have this top lip so you can scoop up an arrow from the bottom and pull it out there. Because of
this I tend to scoop here, tap the nock of the arrow, then flick it upwards and
grab it like this. That’s a very common method for back quivers, something you can definitely use here. If I’m shooting instinctively and I’m
trying to just reach behind I might grab, tap, pull and then nock the arrow and
then shoot. Tap, pull, nock the arrow, shoot and so on. I kind of do it this way and again this is what a lot of back quiver shooters have to do if you don’t quite have to you reach to grab the arrow from lower down. The other way
to work around this is to reach a bit further round, follow the back of
the lip and grab the arrow lower down and pull it out in one shot like that so you don’t
have to flick it up to it. You can reach around much lower and pull around
like this and again this is normal back quiver usage. If you feel that you can’t just reach and grab the arrows and again I am a short person so I do use shorter
arrows. I don’t have the convenience of sticking it out and grabbing from here.
It doesn’t affect the shooting in any way. It does take some time for me
to get used to it but it’s fully functional regardless of what method you use
and I think that the design of the quiver does make it really easy to use.
Whoops, that’s my fault there. It’s really easy to use, just chuck it in and again, I find
that particular lip there with the leaf shape scoops the arrows in quite
nicely through the back. Overall I am very impressed with the Dragonborn
quiver It is a little costly but it’s the same
cost as a high quality quiver, and I do think this is a high quality quiver.
It has a nice look, it has a nice finish and it feels nice when you use it as well,
whether as a hip quiver or as a back quiver. I think all the options that this gives
you make this more versatile as a purchase and I think that if you are
looking at this quiver and you go wow that looks quite nice then yeah I think
it’s worth it. Now before you grab one you might want to take a look at some of
the other products on offer. Mandarin Duck was also kind enough to send me
several additional items – these ones from their Ranger line of accessories. The
first one is the Ranger quiver, a minimalistic field style hip quiver. The
Ranger quiver contains the same metallic flower motif
and leather stitching. Aside from that, the only other feature is a pouch. Again, a belt is not included so you have
to use your own. While it doesn’t look like much, the Ranger quiver is more
than enough for its intended role. For those who are unfamiliar with field
quivers, the arrows are actually angled towards the back, opposite to a normal
hip quiver. This prevents the arrows from being caught on other objects and gives
you more range of motion with your arm. The quiver’s narrow shape keeps the
arrows pinned tightly together. Next is the Ranger arm guard. Similar
style to the other Ranger products with the four prominent metallic flowers.
The leather bracer is comfortable to use and fits nicely though it can be hard to get
a nice wrap. I find it works best when you wear it on top of an outer layer of
clothing. I have noticed that the string can scrape across the metal decorations
if you have poor alignment and the bracer has a tendency to slip without an
easier way to adjust the band. Otherwise it’s easy to put on and a good addition
to your kit. Finally, we have the Ranger shooting glove. This one is in the style
of the open web design with only the fingertips having coverage and nothing
else. I personally did not like the style glove preferring more closed designs. For
what it’s worth, the Ranger glove does what it’s meant to do, with the finger tips
well covered. The wrist strap is a letdown. This really needs to be a Velcro strap.
It’s awkward to fumble around with the small buckle, especially with your
opposite hand. The glove works though I’m obviously struggling to get the right
feel. I did find that the strap has no restraint so it tends to pop up in your
face at undesirable moments. It’s an OK design but not what I personally prefer. Overall, the accessories available from
Mandarin Duck are excellent. The materials are very good, the quality and
finish is excellent, and they all look and feel really nice. Of course I really
enjoyed using Dragonborn quiver. That was the spotlight for me, the luxury item. I
like back quivers because they’re kind of novel and they’re kind of cool to carry around, and
the fancy look of the Dragonborn does suit the whole notion of some
fantasy warrior or archer just pulling arrows back and letting loose. That does
look and feel awesome. But I was also surprised at the Ranger field quiver.
That was really – I’m still wearing it, actually – that was really good. It was really light,
you could stick arrows in and pull them out really easily. It
doesn’t look like much but that was the most surprising package. Again, the
quality and finish were excellent but all these designs are fully functional
and very practical and I think you will like these whether you’re a traditional
archer, a sport style archer or just a recreational archer. All these things
look nice, they feel good and they definitely have that value for
money. So if you’ve been looking around on eBay or you’re following Mandarin
Duck’s products and you’re wondering if they are good enough then
they get the thumbs-up from me. I do think that these products are very good
products. These are things that I would have bought myself and I do thank Mandarin Duck for providing these for review. I am confident that if you purchase these
items then you will get the same satisfaction I did and that’s saying a
lot. Again thank you Mandarin Duck. Hopefully this was helpful for you.
This is NUSensei. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you next time.

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  1. Hi, newbie here. The back quiver I felt you need to wear with one strap over shoulder and two over hip for more comfort.:}

  2. I have a samick sage in 35 pounds and I tried a slick stick and quick stick in 45 and 50. They both were alot smoother than the sage. Drawing them back for the first time makes the sage feel like a massive piece of shit

  3. Great review, but could you use a bit less "intrusive" music? Might just be me but i really prefer more quiet videos i can watch while doing other things in the foreground.

  4. Hi Nu, i really like your videos and i like to ask little question. Is it normal if i have blisters on fingers from string ? I use some hardened gloves but still my fingers hurts a little bit i think its normal? I apreciate your answer. Thanks and continue with your videos.

  5. This seems a little weird coming from you. I remember you saying in your videos that real archers would never use a back mounted quiver like the BS they show in the movies and TV. Have you changed your mind on this?

  6. I have a dragonborn quiver like this .. there is a magnet inside which also helps the arrows stay inside when worn on belt

  7. For whatever reason I havent been seeing your videos on recent but yeah all my equipment comes from Mandarin Duck. I hope that one day you can review their Traditional Mongolian Bow. Having some issues with the nobs that hold and tighten the string in place after shooting for about a week with one to two hours. They seem to have shaken and loosened the paint a bit and now they can twist. the limbs are fine but the nobs arent.

  8. Nice review! The quiver looks amazing. How does it hold up after some use? Is it resistant to some wear and tear?
    I am a bit concerned about the origin of the leather. China has a very bad reputation when it comes to animal cruelty at leather farms.

  9. Hi, I'm interested in closed gloves like what you're using in the beginning of the video? Could you recommend me some good brands or let me know what glove you're using? Thank you.

  10. Your wearing it wrong…the strap on your left shoulder should be under your arm and the strap that you have under your arm should go around your right side. The center piece that all straps start from will then be positioned dead center or your body and it will not ride up and try to choke you.

  11. Pulling the arrows look awkward, why not pull from the other side? I shoot left handed and find it easier pulling from the opposite side and from the top and not reaching.

  12. Damn you made me look it up. 🙁 £100 is too much for my first quiver. Ill stick to my Pringles tube weighed down with pebbles

  13. The hand quiver is better it’s way faster you can shoot 5 to 6 arrows per min but this quiver is good to have when hunting but only as a hip quiver

  14. if putting it on your back you could make a fitting to go across the lower back and you will find the arrows were more accessible

  15. The quiver you are wearing over shoulder ~ is it right or left ? For ordering purposes we need to know the answer to this question . Thank you 🙂

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