Archery Lessons at Phoenix Archery, Burnley, Lancashire, North West England
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Archery Lessons at Phoenix Archery, Burnley, Lancashire, North West England

August 14, 2019

Now then we’re in Phoenix’s 10-yard indoor range. This is where we do the beginner classes. Yeah, coming here, this is where we start doing the speed test of your bows. Basic, we start in here with the tuning and lessons. This is where we start in the lessons and then by lesson three, if there’s room, we gradually go into the big range, but this is the 10-yard range, where it all starts in your archery career, archery hobby. We start on recurve bows; we start on bows like this. Yeah, so we start you on a recurve bow, we’re learning how to strip it, build it, shoot it. If you want to shoot sights, we do that. If you want to… we can learn you anything you want to do in our lessons. If you want to learn how to build arrows, we can do arrow building. By lesson three, once you’re start getting used to recurve. If you want to try a compound, we also have beginner compounds left and right-handed for lessons. We also can do cross bows, flat bows, English long bows, traditional bows, one-piece Olympic style recurve, we can bring any bowing you want to try on lessons to find what you want to shoot and what style you want to shoot in archery. Also, one of the advantages of Phoenix outside of the lessons and just having a range, we also have a well stocked shop. It’s impossible to carry everything. We do lots of stuff at special order. There’s that many variations in bows and things like that and colours, so we… they’re like special order. But we do have a well stocked shop. And in 3D, after we can stock it. Get anyone you want, get any arrow you want. Victory, Easton’s, Carbon Express – any form of arrows, we can get anything you want. We are now in Phoenix’s 25-yard indoor range. As you can see, we have foam boses. You can choose between target faces and animal faces. We have a… you can shoot various rounds, you can take… you know we have up to 25-yards indoors. Safety net to capture arrows at the back. Every now and then we have a couple of 3d targets in if you want to shoot them. Plenty of windows, light – lighting is really good. The line is an awesome lineup. We also do stuff for charity, which we did a 24-hour shooting range. £5000 for the local hospice. This is, you can turn up and use the range whenever you like when we’re open. It cost 5 pound an hour. As long as you can prove you an NFA, archeryGB or an ether member, you can just turn up a fiver an hour and use the facilities. Yeah, we have hot brews, hot water. You can book a lesson through the website or you can ring us up, or actually go on our Facebook page and leave us a message and I’ll be in touch. and you can book lessons that way. We are located in Burnley, just off the m65, I think from Junction 9, just five minutes away.

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