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Archery | Legend Archery – Atom Roller Recurve Case Review

August 12, 2019

Legend Archery has been around for quite a
while. They have a good reputation for manufacturing
high quality accessories, especially for bow cases and backpacks. Many people will recognise their style of
design. In the upper end of their inventory are roller
cases. They’ve had the compound Everest 44 for
quite a while and more recently they have produced the recurve-orientated Atom roller case. Despite the name, the Atom roller case is
somewhat bigger than an actual atom. If you’ve seen the Everest 44, then the
Atom will look very similar. Externally, they have the same design. The main difference is internal. The Everest 44 has attachment points for the
compound bow while the Atom has sleeves and compartments for recurve equipment. I’ve had the chance to play around with
the Atom for a few months. What impressed me the most on first impressions
is the amount of thought put into the design. Even at first sight, you can see there’s
a lot happening with this case. There is a lot of functionality and versatility,
and they really thought about the way people use cases and carry them. Let’s go through some of these things in
detail. Firstly, the externals. You can see that the case has a nice black
colour with gray accents. The branding is bold and prominent. There’s the Legend logo and Atom name on
the very top pocket. The Legend logo in the middle pocket as well as the logo again on the bottom pocket. You will also find the logo again on the side
and at the rear. The three front pouches are quite spacious
and versatile. The top one has a simple horizontal zip. The middle one has both a horizontal zip and
a top pocket. There are two compartments in the middle pocket. The bottom pocket also has an over-the-top
zip. I personally quite like these external compartments. Most bow cases only have compartments on the
inside. If you want to store quick access things like
tools, scorecards or notebooks Then you can have them on the outside pockets Which means you don’t have to open the entire
case to retrieve a notepad. All the zippers on the case have this design. It’s not only stylistic, it’s durable. Many cases have the basic zip which you see
everywhere and those zips can snap. This one is quite thick. It’s designed to be handled roughly. It is a shape you can use easily. I do not think that this will break anytime
soon. The front also has a window for identification. It comes with a standard name plate, but it’s
the same size as a standard ID card So you can use that instead. The material is a soft canvas. This is not a hard case. This sort of design is more similar to the
standard airline luggage, so it’s meant to be soft and slightly squishy, not hard and protective. Though, I do imagine that many people would
be comfortable using this for travelling. On a sidenote, I believe that the Everest
cover which is sold separately does fit the Atom because it is the same external
design. If you want extra protection or waterproofing,
then that is an option. I mentioned earlier that the designers really
thought about how different people use cases differently. If we take a look at all the different feet
and pads for putting the case down, you’ll see what I mean. There are six of these feet on the side. You can see they are made from a rubbery plastic
and they’re quite jagged, giving you a good grip on concrete and rough ground. There are six of these. Two here, two in the middle and two on the
bottom. If you were to lay the case down sideways,
it’s simple. Lay it down. It’s quite sturdy and stable. It takes quite a bit of effort to move. Good
stuff there. The back of the case also has two parallel
plastic ridges, allowing you to rest the case on its back, like that. The bottom front of the case has this plastic
foot which the bow case rests on when standing upright. You can see these scuff marks from being placed
on concrete. That’s standard for any bow case, and this
is as bad as it gets. These are the wheels. They’re standard plastic, again rough up
as usual. I’ve pulled it across concrete and soil
and dirt. This is again no worse than any other luggage
wheel set. One thing I like about the Atom case is the
number of different ways you can carry it comfortably. For those who want to stand upright and roll
it you have the canvas grip here. The handle is well attached to the case. It
won’t come off anytime soon. While it doesn’t have the extendable carrying
handle, the fact that the case is a little taller than the average bow case means that you should
be able to comfortably hold it and roll it. This is a well-balanced and fairly light case. It’s not a pain to drag around. It is actually really comfortable rolling
this. Sometimes you don’t want to roll the case. You might just want to pick it up and take
it from one spot to another. You have these side carrying straps. This is something you often see with the backpack
style of case, but it’s nice to see this on a roller case. As you can see, it’s quite easy to carry. It’s not heavy. This is a fully loaded case. My entire archery kit, arrows, quiver, bow,
is inside here and it’s easy to carry. It is a little bottom-heavy, I’ve noticed but this isn’t a pain. It’s not something you’ll be carrying
very frequently, so there’s nothing with carrying it like this. If you need to lift the case, you can easily
use the side carrying strap along with the top handle. It’s very comfortable. In addition, if you want to carry it the other
way, the bottom foot also acts as a handle. So you can carry it both ways. The front of the case also has two carrying
straps. These are perfect placed so that you can lift
it and place it onto a bench or place it into your car. The Atom case also comes with a shoulder strap,
which you attach here. Now you can carry your roller case over your
shoulder. Admittedly, this isn’t the most comfortable
way to carry a roller case. But it actually works fine. If you had to do so for whatever reason, then
this is perfectly viable. Best of all, I like how the Atom case gives
all these options. Alright, enough about the outside. Let’s check out the interior space. You unzip the case and you get this. This is a spacious case. On the lid side, you have two mesh compartments,
so you can store plenty of things inside these pockets here and here. I’ve got my binoculars here. Very convenient space. Again, well thought-out. You have a standard arrow tube, and it’s
secured by Velcro straps. Very good Velcro straps. There we go, one and two. So you can take it out if you want to. This is the arrow tube. Unscrew it, and you’ve got your arrows inside. It’s fully extendable, so if you have long
arrows, you can pull it out more, as with most arrow tubes. You can hold it in place like that. Again,
nice design. A lot of people who don’t like the foam
arrow holders want to use a tube instead. So if you like this sort of thing, then this
is absolutely perfect. To put it back in, slide it in there under
the Velcro and strap it back in. I said before that there are many ways to
use this space. I personally like storing the stabiliser on
the outside because it doesn’t fit inside the tube itself. I’ve put it inside the Velcro strap, like
that, and it holds it in place. You hold the lid in place with these extra
straps. It’s a very secure bag. The main interior space isn’t very wide. It’s long, so it’s a narrow case, not
a wide case. Nonetheless, there’s plenty of space inside. We open the flap, and it’s held in place
like that, so it just flops over, giving me access to the main space. As with many bow cases designed for recurves it comes with its own sleeve for your limbs
and riser. It also has these buckles. This is quite interesting, because people
will use the case differently. I’ll show you what I mean. If I was going to be travelling, then I’d
probably want to secure things a bit more carefully but most of my usage is standard everyday
usage, so I want my stuff to be easily accessible. This is what I do. My limbs go in the sleeve. That’s pretty
standard. I also place my bow stand in the same place,
because I normally grab this first. So that goes in here. I’ll zip it up. Most people would put their riser in here
as well. My problem is that my riser has the plunger
and the front stabiliser already attached and I don’t want to remove it every single
time. What I normally do is place it on the outside,
and I use the buckle and tighten it to hold it in place. That’s actually quite clever and looks nice
when you’re done with it. This is surprisingly good at being a riser
holder. This might seem abnormal and it might freak
you out, but again, that’s good. If we tighten enough, it’s not going to
move, but again, I’m not travelling overseas with this. I’m just carrying this to my car, to my
club and back. If I wanted to be more careful, I’ll place
it inside the sleeve, but this is my quick access version. At the same time, I’ll place my other rods
inside, in the other sleeve pocket. Sliding it in there, that’ll be fine. Again, practicality is the go-to word here. You don’t have to be neat. It has to be
accessible. So those are my stabiliser rods inside the
other pocket, in the sleeve. There, that’s nice and ready. My bow stringer I’ll place somewhere, doesn’t
matter where it goes. Chest guard slides in here. That will hold
it in place. Got a stretching band, doesn’t matter where
it goes. I’ll just slide it in here. All these things are things I normally take
out in order. If I put the bow together, I’ll grab these. If I’m taking my stretching band, I’ll
grab that, and I’ve got my bow stringer. All that is ready. Sight case, we’ll place there. And the quiver, with the arrows already removed,
will slide there, and there we go. Plenty of space for a full kit. Close the flap, perfectly flat. Arrows in
the tube. Close the lid, and we zip it up. If you want to leave the strap up, then you
slip the strap through the opening of the zip. Most people will probably remove it, so you
can just leave it off, but if you want to leave it there, it stays in. And done. So that’s the Atom bow case. I’m really impressed by this case. It is a good design. There are lots of features
and functions which give you the flexibility to pack things the way you want and carry
it the way you want. I didn’t have to struggle to figure out
the best way to fit things in. Plenty of space. With other bow cases, I’ve had to leave
things out or really squash it in. But in this case Quite literally this case I’ve been able to fit all my shooting gear
in without worrying about running out of space. And you can still see that I had plenty of
things that I didn’t use So if I wanted to carry more things, I easily
could. Fully loaded, the case is so easy to use. You can roll it, you can carry it. I think this is one of the most versatile
cases I’ve ever seen, and that’s saying a lot. I do think that the Atom is really worth the
price. It is a highly functional case which suits
nearly every archer. I think this is going to be my actual case
from now on. If you’ve been looking at a case like this
to put all your archery gear in I highly recommend this. Anyway, I hope this was helpful. Thank you
for watching. This is NUSensei And I’ll you next time.

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  1. Hello, NUSensei!
    Thanks for the review, quite meticulous (in a good way) and informative one.
    Even though it is meant to be "recurve" case, but how do you think: is the size big enough to have a compound bow placed inside? Thanks in advance.

  2. With all these cases getting reviews next how about a backpack next? I don't really like holding my bag, actually, I don't like holding things while I commute, so I've always used backpacks. Are there any backpacks that come with a sternum strap and maybe lumbar support?

  3. I Dont even know how i got too your Channel.

    I'm not even an Archer.
    I've never shot a Bow once.

    But i enjoy your Videos 😁

  4. Offtopic question, could you share the model of microphone used on your videos?

    I've noticed the sound quality is excellent and very clear, which makes it perfect for this sort of review/instructional video.

    Thank you in advance!

  5. I used to write for Legend Archery and I was sponsored by them. Great products with some fantastic designs. Their gear reflects the archer's character.

  6. Since you have done archery with, mostly, the same gear for many years, can you do a video that shows how much wear occurs after years of casually doing archery? Do you arrow shafts have a flat spot where the shaft touches the plunger?

  7. I've noticed with your videos on cases that you seem to prefer sleeves for your riser & limbs over foam inserts with spaces cut out for them. i can see with your riser that you would probably need to modify the riser space to accomodate the plunger and stabiliser, is this why you prefer the "open" style of case rather than the foam inserts, or is there another reason?

  8. Good review.

    I've been using a Legend Everest 40 for about 6 months now to carry my recurve set-up around. It's a shame that they don't ship the Atom with the same velcro bits, 6 velcro pads, 2 corner pockets and 2 cam protectors (which I don't use) that come with the Everest compound versions.

    From the link below you can see how I pack my bow. The supplied 6 velcro pads are used to hold down the riser, limbs and side rod tubes. I then bought some other velcro to hold other items down.


  9. I fell in love with this case after seeing this review. Unfortunately I have since found out that it is not, nor planned to be, available in North America.

  10. Love the review! In fact, I went ahead and purchased both the "Atom Roller Recurve Case" AND the "Airline Cover for Everest 44 Trolley Case". The good news is that I absolutely love the Atom Case. Thank you for the excellent review! The bad news, however, is that Airline Cover is way too long (in fact, 8'' too long) for the Atom. Which is unfortunate, because this Thursday (1/25/18) when my wife I fly from JFK to Manila, Philippines, we won't have a water-resistant cover to protect our Atom from the rain.

  11. Trying to put to much into a archery backpack ended up causing some damage,so after seeing your review on the Legend atom I contacted
    C B archery based in Sherwood Forest here in the UK.Placed on order,after a few days arrived at C B to collect,they said that as soon as they come into stock they are are gone.Back home put every thing in that I need plus scope and tripod,fold cover over only to find top section of case with the two zip up compartments completely empty,worst problems to have.Thanks NUSensei,C B archery,Legend.

  12. This is a very good review. Thanks for posting. This particular case maybe over kill for my newbie needs, but I will check the brand to see what else they offer for recurve cases.

  13. Hi would you prefer the Atom or your Win & Win hard case for air travel? Also have you heard how Atom is compared to Proline or Easton 3615 recurve cases? I dont have much choises for a case as my stabilizer is 33" in length.

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