archery learning in a simple word episode3
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archery learning in a simple word episode3

August 17, 2019

in the name of god,i’m Arezoo Heydari who play archery for 10 years which 5 years of 10 years was in national team and get many medals in national competition in this while learnt many hints from my korean coaches it motivate me to teach this points to archer who wants to be more professinal in last videos,i said about drawing & loading position but now want to show them clearly on my self and my archer in this video ,i use from my
student like Amin Alikhani nezhad (Bronze medal of world Paraarcher
,participant in Paraolympic 2012) in drawing part , i said many tips about drawing like simple & unique drawing by control this tips we can do better performance in stressful situation and also we should know about correct and good form of our muscle in drawing position so by filling gap of our scapuala muscle and also check and fit our power points we make good line that show a true drawing in addition,notice that good set up can make a good drawing because it persuaded from set up at all, we want to show all of this tips in our shooting and effect of this in our group of arrow but remember in archery we need more train to find this points and be pataint the drawing must be smooth ,simple and fluide ,by this type drawing we ensure our performance in all of shooting periode keep in mind all the key components of the set up position and ensure these points are being maintained here we show the straight line which maked correctly in this part now show the movement of shoulder that causes a good drawing back muscles can help archer to complete all of things that i said by the movement of right shoulder and scapula ,close the right scapula to left one so our shoulder rotation was compelete and filled the gap correctly in this part of video we see that all of tips was done and we can say the correct drawing can improve the other part of position like loading ,transfer,holding,… go to see the result of correct doing reviewed the hints of loading like the sence of an archer on his muscle that cannot rotate much further and ready 90 percent to shoot the other thing that is most important ,don’t have any visible movement because this movement is for the transfer and expansion part for more safe feeling in loading position we use our right thumb to press tightly into the sterenomastoid muscles of the neck and it’s occupy at the anchor position the other thing is that the archer has continued to internalize his rotation, turning more and more inwards on himself winding his intensity and his body ever tighter now we see the group of arrow by doing correctly the key elements and it’s the most important for an archer here show the key components of loading position there is zero change in the posture ,head position ,shoulder alighnment and shoulder elevative there must be minimal movement between loading and anchor to ensure the highest levels of control and most important thing is to realize the act of loading is not pinching,squeezing or contracting of muscles of the back see you in later video

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