Archery is a Sport for all Abilities
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Archery is a Sport for all Abilities

August 17, 2019

This is Passport to Texas. Participation in archery helps kids develop
various skills. [Burnie Kessner]
Because you learn decision-making, and judging distances, and focusing—and that sort of
thing. So, there’s a lot of life skills. [Narrator]
Burnie Kessner is the archery coordinator for Texas Parks and Wildlife. The National Archery in Schools Program introduces
students to the sport. What makes this sport and program special
is that anyone of any ability can be successful. [Burnie Kessner]
Physical limitations are addressed by adaptive devices on the bow and arrow. We do archery at Special Olympics—that audience
can do it. And, at the School for the Deaf and the School
for the Blind [and Visually Impaired] in Austin, they do archery. So, all kinds of challenges can be overcome
and still participate in archery. [Narrator]
In fact, Kessner says visually impaired students have successfully competed in state and national
school tournaments with everyone else. [Burnie Kessner ]
They can’t see the bow and arrow they’re holding. They can’t see the target. They just need someone else to assist them
and be their eyes and give them verbal cues and they can shoot just like everybody else. [Narrator]
Interested in bringing the Archery in Schools Program to your district? Log onto the Texas Parks and Wildlife website
and find out how. The Wildlife Restoration Program support our
series. For Texas Parks and Wildlife, I’m Cecilia

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