Archery In the upcoming Robin Hood Movie
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Archery In the upcoming Robin Hood Movie

August 12, 2019

The film we made is very specifically not historically accurate because the Robin Hood tale has been told over many centuries But despite the film not being historically accurate I wanted the archery to feel as authentic and as real and as visceral as possible So I came across this amazing amazing guy called Lars Andersson So I went to Denmark to meet with Lars and he took me to his shooting range He got me to walk 30 or 40 metres away from him and he started firing arrows at me at historically accurate speed Obviously, I jumped out a way to avoid the arrows by the way The arrows did have rubber caps on the end So he wasn’t trying to kill me But he did it very intentionally because he wanted to show me you can actually see the arrows in the air You could easily put a shield up Easily get out of the way in the old days specifically with a lot of the Arab archers They were very adept of speed archery and they would fire arrows incredibly fast So the idea being it might not get you with the first arrow But the second arrow or third arrow that were coming so fast after that they would get you with one of those And so I asked Lars Is it possible to teach an actor to shoot this fast and Lars was very confident. He said that we could But he also said that we needed to get some experts involved because he wanted to make sure That we were historically accurate as possible So we got in touch with historian and researcher an archery expert BD Dwyer from New Zealand And he helped enormously with building ideas for the film So he and Lars both read the script and together We work to really dig into history and start building up some interesting ideas for the stunts and moves in the film BD found this amazing picture from the Ottoman Empire and I think it was of a guy holding a plate Exactly in front of his head. So we built that exact move into the movie so he’d find this stuff in history But then Lars have to actually work out whether it’s possible to execute these tricks We had this other idea where Robin would be firing arrows directly at John and he with this star Would be knocking them out the way so Last test ability he found out that it was possible But – sometimes when you hit the arrows with the pole It would break the arrows and so we put that in the movie At the beginning the movie Robin is a traditional longbowman Archer and He’s depicted at being absolutely superb at it And we see him in the Crusades at the beginning the movie use in his longbow He got the help of the expert Nick Birmingham from Crecy to ashing core. We have numerous illuminated manuscripts showing archers drawing to their ear In this version of the Robin Hood movie. It’s very different from the other films You may have seen a lot of the battles in urban environments. It’s much more modern Guerrilla style warfare the size of the longbow makes it a very unwieldy weapon not best suited for those kind of environments Which is why John played by Jamie Foxx? Trains robbing to use the Saracen bone which is a much smaller much faster weapon Much better suited for the kind of urban warfare that’s shown in the movie we started out having long discussion about how should an English longbowmen adapt to Asian kind of archery and an English longbowman when using a bow he will draw with three fingers But in Asian in big part of Asian the Duchamp and he was chomping Roll, but we think that was too far for what an English longbowmen would do So instead we use the sand a dreary day the index finger over the arrows and this was used by the early Egyptian and their Shirin and proper the Persian and other places did was use to and This is closer to English archery because you use finger underneath to draw there and this is like that one small alteration we made was folding the little finger in because that prude be very hard to do and so a Practical choice with the time that we had and the amount of training that Tarin had to do was to go for this grip But not used a little finger we know the holder error in the drawer hand and Saracen ostrich said who they are together between the fingers and a similar book from the same time Arab archery says there’s some different variation of hold in the error in the draw hand and number two is Hold all between your finger in the nock, and it could be like that We were all very committed to the actors doing as much of the Archer as possible If a des meant an enormous amount of training for them because the film I didn’t the film has enormous scale and enormous Ambition, but we didn’t want it to feel like a special-effects film So this meant that the archery in the film had to be carried out by the actors themselves learning the actors archery was difficult and intentional learning chair on a tree because Teasing a beginner to do archery like a real story water and more like that Historical superhero Archer, it’s difficult and I have to build a church a dude kind of training system I make a lot of piss and it’s rile and when in the end it all depend on that Sarang will train really hard and will be really dedicated about it and He spent hours and hours and hours training Lars would give him homework Lars would send him home with a bow and arrow and specific exercises to complete We made this special rotating rig for him a target would go around and around so he’d take that home with him Fingers were bleeding Tarrant learned to shoot with both hands And he learned to shoot with any movement because we had some really complicated stunts in the movie whilst jumping forwards And whilst jumping backwards But most important of all was the speed I Can buy 2 hours a second We actually know how fast historical a show us because the sales and the one who fight the Crusaders have a test and a sixty bucks this times this you shoot one out and then they should shoot number two and three prefer the first one hit the target and We know its distance so she’d been calculated and we have made test at the middle of 60 post This tanks was placed a rope and you Have to shoot under the rope and to do that. You need to use a heavy bow So we know it’s about 1.5 second for the first hour Therese and since this tree ours is 1.75 second for each server the arrow and they actually said the test if he was not able to do that. You should practice more We tried to design a test so it was when she was actually possible for turn to be as fast as the real you store the reward and this is Simply test we know this tree ours and 1.5 second and this is the simplest test Truth this pronin app is very easy to hit number one But from you hit number one put in an error and hit number two before it reaches the ground We actually have less than a second. You actually only have this point 75 second per hour, that’s Actually described in Saracen a three so he actually able to hit number two just before it hits the ground Then you actually shoot Exactly as fast that’s historical us one shot It’s been an amazing journey an amazing three years Terran has loved it. I’ve loved it I’ve not an enormous amount and thanked the Lars and and also the help of MIDI Dwyer and Nick Birmingham and steve routes many other people who are involved in the whole process Of you know of the research and the training and the building of the arrows and the building of the bows it’s been a real real team effort to to create a kind of a style of archery that I Don’t think it’s ever been seen in a movie before I don’t even know and it’s really something spectacular And really exciting and thrilling and the action sequences in this movie are amazing truly amazing so very very much Hope you look you. Enjoy seeing the movie that comes out in November and Thank You Lois and thank you to everybody else

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  1. Took my time and read some comments of people who seem to be pros, as they have 0 subs. What Lars shows is historically correct, you might simply have to research better sources and not only copy paste some trolls opinion – ofc that is the easiest way. You can find a ton of information about all the shown shooting styles. And then you have the one telling you that all this needs to be performed with only warbows… well. Mostly that comes from people who draw a fifty pounder… Do you guys really think that bow and arrow, the major weapon for thousands of years in all cultures, is only the little you know? Why not simply sit back and enjoy some insane and good archery in the movie?

  2. When I watched that film first thing I noticed was how the hell can that guys run around with war bows (80+ pounds) like they are holding 5 pound bows and I was thinking like how the hell nobody realized this.
    Also, I love how at the beginning of the film Robin Is drawing the bow only with his hand a can hold it drawn with hand only …

  3. looking a the training montage, while the usual stand still shooting at a still target is still very fun ,it would be amazing to actually have that kinda training and even competitions to be more common in the world

  4. Horrible casting horrible writing and horrible directing. Shame Lars has to be associated with this garbage movie.

  5. but if you need to hit three arrows in 60bows distance and test it on a aim two meters away ๐Ÿ˜‰ … no no, actually amazing work! Of course not the five years of historical shooter but incredible work for an actor to commit and learn and perform this! (kinda envy you to train with lars…) now i am very much looking forward to the movie

  6. What were they thinking with this movie? A tragedy that has damaged the Robin Hood name for years to come

  7. Great that the archery was real and was trained so much. But all the rest of the film was real bullshit. Worst film I've seen in a long period

  8. Darn.๐Ÿ˜ค I had no idea Lars was involved and the actors were really shooting the bows.๐Ÿ˜ฑ So much stuff is fakey-fake CGI these days that to learn and see it was done practically, through training and acquired skill, has greatly heightened my interest in now seeing this film.๐Ÿ‘ I wish I had known this when it was in theaters.๐Ÿ˜• I would've definitely gone and seen it then.๐Ÿ˜‰ I only saw 1 trailer during previews and I thought ๐Ÿค” it was gonna be a CGI fest of unrealistic proportions(yeah, yeah, I know this is trick-shot archery and not practical archery).๐Ÿค— Man I feel dumb.๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿปโ€โ™‚๏ธ Now I gotta go watch this.๐Ÿคทโ€โ™‚๏ธ

  9. its sad that the movie wasn't that great. I am for sure tho impressed with that stunts, that deserves something.

  10. Don't be bothered by stupid comments. Really good call on the movie director to work with Lars for archery as he is the one you want if there is any archery involved. I'll definitely see the movie

  11. Oh wow, I had no idea Lars was involved with the movie. I didn't even watch it cuz I don't like hearing the same story or seeing dramatic changes and all that but, I do love Larson archery so I definitely gotta see it now

  12. How much draw weight is this? 10 lbs??? How much do these "arrows" weight? 100 grains??? How much penetration do you believe will you get on a human, let alone with thick leather or metal armor.??? Don't pretend the stuff you show here or in ANY of your videos have ANY weight in a real life situation or are historical correct. You sir, have made yourself a name on the internet with fake "archery" trick shots, which would be okay if you wouldn't try to make an adudience believe that this is how it happened 1000 years ago. Apparently you did convince some uneducated film maker to get you on board his next movie as an adviser and led him to believe that a longbow is somewhat like a ancient, close quarters assault weapon, which can be witnessed in the opening war scene. As a former paratrooper and compound and recurve Archer I can tell you, nothing is further from the truth. Thank God this rubbish got the reviews it deserves. I for one turned it off after about 30 minutes.

  13. If Lars had starred in the movie, they'd have had to slow the shooting scenes down in post production, just to make them believable.

  14. First I was like nah just another Hollywood disgrace of archery and show of extra effects and animation, but then… DAYUM Lars involved O.o gimme that movie, I want it, I need it, really looking forward <3

  15. arabs have never been good at anything – this is the historical fact. Now, the crusaders —- destroyed every single part of the arab and islamic dogs from start to finish. stop talking shit – learn from the best – the crusaders

  16. @Larsandersen23 How about you write an book on the matter? Surely you got to add something and conclude what you have learned from training.

  17. Holy cow! Not only are you an amazing archer but also an amazing and patient teacher. My hat off to you and your work. Godbless

  18. I appreeciate the accuracy in the movie, and not putring a lot of irrelevant or straight up false things in for action.

  19. First found about Lars about year back and think I subscribed from other account, time to subscribe from this one too ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. 459 dislikes? WTF is wrong with you disrespectful punk ass bit*hes? Lars is Awesome. Edit: more like a national treasure!

  21. Taron put his arrows in his right side of the bow (bow in left hand) is this because lars teach him dat way or he just yolo fire arrows dat way…

  22. 'You can easily get a shield up ' , yes with the low poundage bow with big rubber ends ๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜†

  23. Now that I see they've put that much dedication in the archery training for the movie I think I'm gonna watch it

  24. I've always really liked the composite bow used by the Mongols. As far as the different draw styles go, I only know how to use the Mediterranean draw. I haven't been able to do any archery in years due to back problems from an injury I sustained while practicing martial arts, but I'm hoping to get back into archery again now that the weather is nice. If I can't do it though, I've been considering learning knife throwing.

  25. You spend all that time and effort into the film to try to make it historically accurate and you throw all that away by putting a token Negro in it. How can we take that movie seriously? I'm not going to watch that silly film.

  26. The archery was ok. Could have been better replicated in my opinion.
    I'm glad the director at least admitted the movie was going to suck, so he didn't want it to suck as much.

  27. To all the haters and SKEPTICISM towards Lars. This is proof ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

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