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Archery in South Texas

August 10, 2019

(wind blowing) (music) – [Narrator] Yamaha presents The Whitetail Diaries, chronicling hunting
adventures of the most plentiful and intelligent
big game animal in North America. Join top white tail
hunters nationwide, embark on the amazing
adventure that is hunting the white tail deer. (rock music) Well over the years, the Whitetail Diaries Deer Camp has hosted many Cabela’s
representatives, from first timers
to seasoned hunters. But this year’s no different, we have Dan Gurr from
the archery division of Cabela’s here with us, as he goes after his
first Texas whitetail. – [Dan Voiceover] First time
ever doing a big game hunt out of the state that I live in. Yeah, coming out it was
about a few months ago, I got an invitation to come out and I probably haven’t
slept for about two months. (laughing) You know,
it was nerve wracking. Just coming in, thinking
about what you would see, what you might see,
what you might not see. And you know, just
going through it. All the different deer that
hopes and dreams come through. – [Narrator] As soon
as Dan arrived to camp, he immediately took
to the range to make sure his bow was
fine tuned for the hunt. – [Dan] We’re just out here testing out some of the new
equipment with Cabela’s. We came out with the new Cabela’s Insurgent Bow. It’s been a really smooth, really good shooting bow. Come’s with a new
O2 Octane camo. One thing that we look
for with our bows, really want to get
a bow for the masses that your average
guy can come in, pick up, and shoot comfortably. So we work with
the manufacturers and the bow companies out there. We’ll go through and we’ll
look at different risers and structure on it, cut outs, the weight on it,
along with the limbs. And we’ll kind of
mix and match it in to get a comfortable,
all-around bow that someone can shoot day in day out, be
confident with it, and be comfortable shooting. It’s a solo cam. Shoots about 320
feet per second. It’s got a six and three
quarter brace height, which makes it
pretty comfortable. And once you get that
six three quarter, seven inch brace height, you get a pretty
forgiving draw back. It’s got a good back wall, comfortably can hold it
back for quite a while. Just all around good bow. I mean, it’s a shooting bow, it’s a hunting bow. – You know, bow hunting, I
can look at a lot of hunts and remember so many details because it’s real up
close and personal. And I’ve shot a lot of
the Cabela’s bows now for many, many years that
they’ve been on the market. Then you look at the
different models, like the Regulators
and the Credence, and teaching people
about the Instigator, and now the Fortitudes
and the different models that are out there
and available today for hunters to go pick up. And there’s a likeminded passion behind all the
people at Cabela’s, when you sit around and talk
to that archery team, you know, they enjoy it, they’re
passionate about it, they like to go talk to all
the different manufacturers, and when they roll out
something with their name on it they’re pretty proud of it. – [Narrator] Dan started
off his morning hunt in a pair of tripods, where the deer have shown
up well in archery range. (music) – [Dan] So I’ve never
really been to Texas out in the country,
anywhere out here. And it was amazing. It was eye opening,
it’s something I’ve never seen before. It was absolutely amazing. I couldn’t ask
for anything more. – [Narrator] So after
a slow morning hunt, Dan refuels back at camp
with some smoked venison from our Bradley Smoker. Now we get asked a
wide range of questions about hunting products,
tactics, locations, and more, and one of the most
asked questions is how do you prepare venison, or any wild game
that you harvest? There isn’t any one
answer to that question, as we cook wild game
in so many ways. We do always say, however, that smoking wild game and fish is easily one of
the favorite ways to prepare our
harvest and catches. The simple, easy to
use Bradley Smoker makes it a breeze to
create anything from burgers, doves, fish,
and so much more, without the risk of
overcooking the game or cooking it too hot. With thousands of
various ways to prepare about any meal, and a wide
range of flavors to do so, the Bradley Smoker is something that is easy to use
both at the camp, or at home. If you’ve got any questions
you’d like to ask us, be sure to visit our website, Facebook page, Instagram,
or YouTube channels and drop us a note, and we’ll do our best to
either answer it on a show or reply directly back to you. Now that Dan is ready
for the evening hunt, Wade has a place in
mind that will put Dan’s archery
skills to the test. – Get ready for
the evening hunt, and we’re talking about going, we’re going out to
the Killing Tree. I’ve heard stories about
the Killing Tree and it sounds like a killer place. – [Narrator] Want to learn about the all new Cabela’s
Insurgent Bow? Head on over to
your local Cabela’s or go online to The Yamaha Whitetail
Diaries is brought to you by Yamaha ATV and Side-by-Sides. Real world tough. Bass Pro Shops and Cabelas, your adventure starts here. Garmin Xero. Leave the guess work
behind. – [Narrator] Welcome back to the Yamaha Whitetail Diaries,
with Wade Middleton. (music) We have Dan Gurr from Cabela’s, set up in the
ever-famous Killing Tree. – [Dan] You know,
you ask why is it called the Killing Tree? And so, well, you’ll just
see when we get there. When we get in there and no later than within
four minutes after we get set up in the stand there’s a doe coming in. I can’t see anything ’cause
the brush in the way, and I look at the pond and I see the
reflection of the deer. So right there, four minutes sitting
in the stand, and there’s deer there. (dramatic music) Before you know it, within 30 minutes I mean,
there’s deer everywhere. Absolutely everywhere. I mean, they’re coming
in from the right, they’re coming in from the left. It was amazing. I’ve never been in a spot and seen that many deer come in like that and just move around. You know, you look over and way back in, you see
about 200, 220 yards out you just see big buck. Big buck coming through. Working his way down and it was amazing seeing it. You see a bruiser
just slow walking, just taking his time, and you just see that
right coming through. It was cool. It was amazing. (dramatic music) Just a bruiser. I mean, you could tell. Just big body. But even see, we’re looking at everything
and there’s so much going on and all the sudden Jeff hollers over, “Look at the water hole.” And I couldn’t even, with the shadowing
and the tree branches the way that it is. There’s a deer on the
far side of that pond, and he’s in there drinking. I couldn’t see his antlers, I couldn’t see anything
with the shadowing, I just see the body. And it was big. It was big buck. (dramatic music) He was a monster. And come through, there
was a lot of other I mean there was good
shooters right in that pond, right there in
the watering hole. And we’re hoping he’s
gonna walk through and come right to where
you need him to go. And he works his way around and just out of sight. I mean, just in the
trees, just in the brush, he wouldn’t come quite
where we could get a shot or where we could see him. And then he’d seen a doe, and he seen something he liked out in the field. And man, he just boogied. He boogied across the field. (dramatic music) – [Narrator] Want to see more
Whitetail Diaries content? Subscribe to our YouTube channel to watch your favorite moments and behind the scenes
footage from the show. The Yamaha Whitetail Diaries is brought to you
by Thompson Center, America’s master gun maker. Quick Draw mineral blocks, a difference you can see. Smith and Wesson
Performance Center, performance when
it matters most. Ten Point Crossbows,
perfection lives here. Welcome back to the
Yamaha Whitetail Diaries, with Wade Middleton. Well, with a big buck
choosing a doe over Dan, Dan sets his sights
on the other shooters that are still hanging
around the Killing Tree. – [Dan] You know,
he’s bailing out so I instantly start look
and there’s two great bucks. There’s 11 point,
there’s a nine point, and they’re just hanging out right about 30
yards, just watering. And going in there. For me, I’m not
gonna wait and chance and see if the big one comes in and regret that
for years to come. I’m gonna go in and
those bucks were just, they were too good to pass up. And they kept stacking up. One time I came
to a partial draw and as soon as I did
they just stacked up. You’re not gonna take the shot. You’re not gonna take the
shot when there’s deer stacked within dear and
chance wound another deer. (laughing) – Oh my God. Oh, I gotta sit for a second. (breathing) That was insane. (sighing) Oh my God. That’s a good buck (laughing). There were so many good bucks. (laughing) I’m looking at
everyone just thinking, “Man, that’s a shooter. That’s a shooter,
that’s a shooter.” You know, I would take
about any one of them deer. And it’s just waiting for
the right deer, you know? It’s waiting for the
mature deer to come through that needs to be got. Man, just seeing him out there, that mass of times. It got my heart racing. It was amazing. As soon as he stepped
into that spot where I knew he was a good, just partial cording away and just standing there waiting for me. It was no doubt in my mind that I wanted to go
ahead and take him. That’s the biggest buck
I’ve shot in my life, I can, yeah. I’m not gonna pass that up in the near second (laughing). What I took out this time was the Cabela’s Insurgent. It’s a new bow we came out with we’ve had it for all of 2017. It’s the shooter’s bow. It’s comfortable, it’s gonna
do everything you need. This is not a bow you can
go anywhere else and get. I mean, there’s other bows
that may look similar, may perform similar. But this bow you can
only get at Cabelas. The broadhead that we use
is the Incision Malice. It’s a three blade front deploy. It’s a two inch cut diameter, it’s a great blade, we’re
really excited about this one. – [Narrator] With a solid
shot and his personal best, Dan heads back to camp to give the deer some time and regroup with Wade. – [Dan] We came back into camp, got Wade, got the video, got it up on the big screen and sure enough,
shot like perfect. I mean, it looked
absolutely great. As soon as we saw
it, we’re like, it probably is not going
more than 100 yards. I had some great food, good eats while
we’re watching that. And I was getting
pretty pumped up. I mean, you’re
eating great food, you’re watching
the perfect shot, and nothing could be better. I mean, it was
absolutely awesome. – [Narrator] When we return, Dan and the rest of
the group head out in search of Dan’s buck. Be sure to stay current on our
latest prizes and giveaways. Like us on Facebook
and follow along on all our entries into the
Yamaha Whitetail Diaries. The Yamaha Whitetail
Diaries is brought to you by Stealth Cam Digital
Scouting Cameras, proven. Sawyer Products, we
keep you outdoors. Engel Coolers, a
legend in reliability. – [Narrator] Welcome back to
the Yamaha Whitetail Diaries, with Wade Middleton. We’ve hosted Dan Gurr from
Cabela’s archery division here at camp. He put the new Cabela’s
Insurgent Bow to the test, and made a solid shot on
a great Texas whitetail. The Whitetail Diaries
crew is assembled and joins Dan in tracking,
and hopefully recovering, the biggest buck
Dan has ever shot. – Dan, you lead the way,
we’ll be right behind you. You getting to looking? And doing our thing. Right there. A bunch of, bleeding
all over right there. Oh, he’s bleeding a bunch. (dramatic music) – Here’s spots. – Oh yeah. (grunting) – Almost there. There’s the arrow. – [Wade] That’s what
you like to see. – [Dan] Yes it is. Awful lot of blood in there. – [Dan] A bunch
right there, here. A bunch here. – [Wade] It’s right there, it’s bleeding– – [Dan] Oh, there he is! (laughing) There he is! (laughing) Nice. He didn’t make it too far. (laughing) – [Wade] Congratulations! – [Dan] Oh, thank you. – [Wade] Well that’s
a perfect shot when you look and
play that one back. This looks awesome.
– [Dan] Oh jeez. (laughing) – [Wade] Wow. Great shot. (laughing) – [Dan] What a cool one. – [Wade] Does he
still got velvet? A little bit of dried velvet? – [Dan] Yeah, he does. – [Wade] Yeah he
does, doesn’t he. – Yep. – [Wade] He didn’t
go anywhere, buddy. – [Dan] No he didn’t. – You made a perfect shot, your reaction was priceless. That’s the reason
why we do this. That never gets old. – What a great deer. What a great deer. – [Wade] He still has a
lot of velvet up there, in the back. He just came out. (laughing) Congrats, sir! – Thank you! (music) – It was amazing. I mean, it was
absolutely amazing coming up and seeing that buck. Knowing that it didn’t suffer. It didn’t live long. It was a good shot, it
was a good placement. And going up and finding
that just right there, it was amazing. It was super cool. – Yeah, that’s the most exciting
part of what we do, to me, is you get to watch
somebody that comes in and takes this or
hunts some time, play for the first time, and you get to see
the excitement, and you see the emotion. You see the shakes, you
see the aftereffects, and then you get a track
and find their deer. I mean, to me that’s that’s just like all of
us who are successful on the hunt, I mean, that to me makes the whole day, the whole year, kick
off the right way. – [Dan] It’s absolutely amazing. I mean, it’s such
a neat experience to come out here, seeing
the amount of deer, the situation where it was, I’ve never experienced
that in my life. I mean, it was magical. Bow and arrow I’ve
been hooked on since I was 12 years old. And it’s just the
difference when you come in, and you know when you go out and you do muzzle
loader, you know, 90% of the time you’re
within 100 yards, right up you can get
out a couple 100 yards. But archery, you’re just
so close to the game. I mean, it’s up
close, it’s personal. Being that close, up and
personal with the animals is amazing. It’s a different feeling. – [Narrator] Hey,
congratulations Dan, on a successful
bow hunt and entry into the Yamaha
Whitetail Diaries.

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