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Archery in Schools

August 17, 2019

[Narrator] This is Passport to Texas. Archery—the original
shooting sport—fell out of favor as a component of physical education in public schools some
years ago. But, now, thanks to the National Archery in Schools program, interest in the
sport is growing fast. The National Archery in Schools program certifies teachers as instructors.
Educators learn the program just as they will teach it to their students. [Burnie Kessner]
It’s an all day workshop to become a certified instructor. They learn with the same equipment,
the same method. [Narrator]
Burnie Kessner is archery coordinator for Texas Parks and Wildlife. [Burnie Kessner]
We use international-style archery. It’s bulls-eye target faces, Olympic size. We use
Olympic whistle commands, and they learn the same way worldwide. Kessner says while certified
instructors prepare students for tournaments, the successes a child experiences extend beyond
the bulls-eye. [Student coach]
Nice shot. [Burnie Kessner]
So, when a kid is shooting archery, and they’re on the shooting line—they’re all the same.
So, it doesn’t matter what kind of home they go home to after the tournament, when
they’re at the tournament, they’re the same as everyone else. So, that’s the self-esteem
building piece: it’s standardized. [Narrator]
You can learn more about bringing the Archery in Schools program to your district on the
Texas Parks and Wildlife Website. Our series receives support from the Wildlife and Sport
fish Restoration Program: working to increase fishing, hunting, shooting and boating opportunities
in Texas. For Texas Parks and Wildlife, I’m Cecilia Nasti.

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