Archery! How I Shoot my Long Bow
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Archery! How I Shoot my Long Bow

August 17, 2019

hey guys so today I am outside it is
really nice out here a little cold but still really nice and something you
probably don’t know about me is I like archery so right here I’ve got a longbow
so I am going to be shooting this for you guys today and I’ll show you a
couple different angles and for one of the clips I’m gonna slow it down really
slow so you can see what the arrow does when you shoot it but then I’ll give you
a couple different angles so I hope you like this video okay so like I showed
you a moment ago I’ve got a long boat here my dad made this for me
um he was originally making it for himself but then once you got all done
with it the draw weight was only about 15 pounds so because I helped him who’s
that I could have this one so and what I did was I’d um I sanded the whole thing
so it is very very smooth so I’m gonna start shooting for you guys and I’ve got
a target right there push my hair back out of the way now I’m gonna bring it over to the
target and I said five arrows and all five of them landed on the target and I
wasn’t really aiming for a specific spot so they’re all kind of just randomly on
the target but that’s still pretty good so I’ll show you some more angles all
right so I’ve got you guys at a different angle and you are gonna kind
of be under me and it is not really that bright
I just brightened it up student you can see the target and see where I hit the
target and again I wasn’t really aiming for a specific spot so they’re all
mostly to the one half of the target I’m mostly on the left side I got word in
the bull’s eye right there it’s pretty good so I will show you at least one
more angle alright guys I like to do this sometimes
for fun I’m just gonna take a far shot and I’m gonna take too far shot and I’ll
show you how far they go second

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