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Archery Giveaway | Your Struggle, Your Success, Your Story

August 18, 2019

Hey guys, this is NUSensei. Today, I’m very pleased to announce the next
giveaway competition, sponsored by Astra Archery. The theme for this competition is: Archery:
Your Struggle, Your Success, Your Story. In my relatively short time as an archer,
I’ve been exposed to so many people and as a prolific YouTube archer, I’ve been
connected to so many other diverse experiences from around the world. It’s been very inspirational and motivating
to see people contacting me about their archery concerns and what they’ve overcome and it really encouraged me to seek out what
other people have experienced. We all have good and bad moments in archery. It could be your first competition, and that
thrill and fulfillment that comes out of beating your personal best. Or it could be that one time where everything
fell apart and you felt shattered and angry with yourself and you nearly walked out on
archery. While many times we have to put on a brave
face and focus on the next shot, we still carry these things with us. This is our personal experience. This is our
archery journey. When you ask other people if they have similar
experiences, you will be surprised at how many people will put their hands up and say,
“Yeah, me too!”. That is the goal of this competition. This competition is an opportunity for you
to share your story, to share your struggles and your successes. And to make that connection with other archers
worldwide. To enter this competition, what you have to
do is to send me your archery story. This is a reflection of your personal experience
of your archery journey. This focuses especially on the struggles that
you had and how you overcame them. This can be sent as a text file, a Word document
or an email. Additionally, if you would like to send supplementary
material, such as photos or produced as a video, I will also accept these submissions. What I’m looking for are your stories that
have impact and inspiration. Not just for me, but for hundreds, if not
thousands of people worldwide. People who might be beginning their first
steps in archery, or perhaps are already well on the way but can’t see the light at the
end of the tunnel. Your stories will bring hope. I really want to emphasise that you are not
alone in your journey. You might think that you have the worst form
ever or you’re the worst archer ever and you’re the only one having these problems,
but believe me, you are not. Everyone goes through slumps, everyone has
peaks of success, and understanding this and sharing this is what makes people feel better
about doing archery. Archery is so individualistic and introspective
that sometimes, we do lose sight of the big picture. The main criteria for this competition is
motivation, inspiration and a positive message. This time, there are three prizes. Two runners-up will be given Astra Shot Trainers
and the overall winner will be given a complete Astra Archery training kit. Submissions and enquiries can be sent to my
official archery email. That’s [email protected] The deadline for submissions will be the 31st
of May. Winners will be announced in mid-June. Winning entries as well as selected short-listed
submissions will be featured on this channel. It is my hope that by sharing your archery
struggles and successes that we all have a big appreciation of the journey we all go
through, and that you value your archery experience. Furthermore, I hope that by sharing this,
we inspire archers in generations to come. I wish to thank Astra Archery for sponsoring
this competition. I personally looking forward to hearing about
your archery experiences and journeys. This is NUSensei, and I’ll see you next time.

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  1. … Umm I was an orphan growing up in literal hell… we had poison for all 3 meals a day, except for X-mas. On X-mas we got double poison. Then we the poor children of literal hell found archery. And by 'found archery' I mean the evil masters of literal hell shot us with a lot of arrows. That was the most fun game we ever played, apart from human-sacrafice-roulette.

    Also it was my birthday.

    See how much I struggled? Did I win?

  2. I'm kinda in the middle of my 'story'. Not much but general experiences to share, but hey, I'm improving for myself, so that's really nice. Overall archery just means a lot of fun for me. Beating struggles, getting succes, then falling back just to get better after. That's why I'm not quitting archery for the rest of my life most likely ^^ not really interested in the competition though. Do like what you're doing NU! Sharing experience make the community closer and more lively, you've become a kind of guide for me whenever it's not going too well when facing challenges 😉

  3. My struggle:
    Im buying my first intermediate bow setup, up until now Ive been using club equipment as ive been swapping out limb weights and gaining experience.
    The struggle.. Trying to get the parts and riser I ordered and paid for out of the online/real shop I ordered from.

    With no online stock level its a guess if they have it in store, if they have to order it from their supplier, if that supplier has to the order it from whatever exotic part of the planet it comes from.
    I have already had to substitute parts because they are unavailable, yet the store still openly allows people to buy them to this day. Theres just no way of knowing when my stuff will arrive.

    Choose your shops carefully people and dont believe the online reviews.

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