Archery for Beginners : Safety Tips for Beginning Archery Students
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Archery for Beginners : Safety Tips for Beginning Archery Students

August 15, 2019

Now we’re going to talk a little bit about
safety. Archery is actually a very safe sport although, you know, you have a potentially
deadly weapon in your hand, as long as you follow the rules it’s a very safe sport. Rule
number one is you never take an arrow out of the quiver until you’re at the shooting
line, and you’ve got the coach’s permission, which is a whistle, to do so. And you never
run with the arrows in your quiver. To go to the line we give you one whistle. Now that
she’s at the shooting line we give her two whistles, she knows she’s allowed to load
an arrow. Now we give her three. Now she knows she’s allowed to shoot. Now you get six arrows,
four minutes to shoot them. At the end of that four minutes, another whistle will blow,
all arrows back in the quiver, everybody puts their bow down and you walk down to the target
to score. Follow me to the target. Once you’re at the target it’s time to pull your arrows.
In a tournament, you’d have the, two archers scoring arrows, one archer calling the points.
When they’re all down with that then they start pulling. One archer at a time pulls
his arrows with the others staying out of the way. This is an arrow-puller, to protect
your fingers. Some of these arrows go in real tough, they’re really hard to get out. If
they’re chipped up at all you don’t want carbon fiber running through your hands, so you use
an arrow-puller. Put it all the way against the target down the shaft as far as you can,
put your hand around it, pull it straight out to the side of your body. Never stand
behind it and pull. One of these things hits you in the face it’s sharper than this end.
Once the archer has pulled all of his arrows and loaded them in his quiver, he steps away;
the next archer can come in and pull his, that way nobody’s standing behind, getting
an arrow in the face.

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  1. that bow ther was a recurve bow and they have been used for hundreds of years. the bows with "pullies"=cams are called compound bows and are mainly used for hunting because it's alot more compact and alot more accurate : P

  2. yeah true, ther still are a few ppl who use traditional bows including myself. I find them much more enjoyable, and getting a bullseye shot with no sights or rests always makes me smile

  3. wow you are crap and so is that girl. that end (looked like 18 ) was shit just goes to show if you wach Tony Swift vid you will end up as bad as him also wtf the nock is shaper than the ss point

    every thing you say in rong you say that spin wing are not good (but yet you shoot them)


  4. Thanks for the safety tip. I forgot about the back of the arrow being dangerous, too, when pulling them out of the target. Thanks!

  5. @nomad1545 Because the full force of the string has nothing to push against (the arrow), it reverberates through the limbs of the bow, and can cause damage. Look up "why not to dry fire a bow".

  6. To clarify, those whistle commands are not standard. Two whistles means step on to the line (once on the line you are allowed to load your bow). One whistle means that the archers may start shooting. Any number of whistles while shooting means stop and unload the bows. Three whistled means go and retrieve your arrows. I have no idea where his whistle commands came from… I shoot professionally and the whistle commands are the same at all of the competitions that I have been in.

  7. "that way no one gets an arrow in their face"

    ..For a second, we thought you were going to say knee D=

  8. Classy Casey, wood critic here. Sorry, but that high-priced bow the woman was shooting couldn't hit a bull-eye. This was a lame video.

  9. You need to take an archery safety class!
    1 whistle-means shoot.
    2 whistle blast- get bow and come to line.
    3 whistle blast- go get arrows.

    Try to Google- USA Archery (Olympic archery)or NASP (National archery in the schools program).

    It is all about teaching kids, and or adults the proper way, and safest!

    Aim high and shoot straight!

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