Archery for Beginners : Protective Gear for Archers
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Archery for Beginners : Protective Gear for Archers

August 11, 2019

Hi, this is my lovely assistant Teresa. She’s
going to do a little shooting for us today, and show you some form on her. This is a chest
protector. This you want to wear when you’re shooting because as that spring comes by it
will catch your shirt, or it will hit your chest. It hurts; believe me, so we put on
the chest protector. This is an arm guard, same principle. When the string comes by,
it runs right along your arm, if you don’t wear this you get a big black and blue welt
right there, about forty-five pounds of pressure there. This is a finger sling. She wears this
to connect that hand to the bow because when you let go of the arrow, the bow jumps out
of your hand, you don’t want it hitting the ground, you want it staying connected to your
hand. This is a finger tab. This is to protect her fingers from the string. Usually two pieces
of leather with a kind of rubber buffer in between. When you’re shooting two or three
hundred arrows a day your fingers would literally get cut off if you weren’t using one of these.

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  1. First time i've shoot a bow i've done it with no glove for 4 hours. My middle finger was starting to look like ET finger.

  2. how the fuck do you put a finger tab on!!!!!!!!! no-where i look shows an easy tutorial on how to do it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I'm a beginning archer, so excuse this comment if it's ignorant, but would a finger/thumb sling only be necessary if the bow handle is too big for the archer's hand or if the archer is firing a bow with too much weight to it? Meaning, so long as the bow is the proper size, a finger sling isn't needed.

  4. @droidwarf Same here, I've never used tabs, gloves or mechanical release aids (or whatever you call those thingamajigs). After lots of practice without protection, the skin in my middle finger got way thicker. TADAA!!! free finger tabs. lol

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