Archery for Beginners : Demonstration of Archery Techniques
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Archery for Beginners : Demonstration of Archery Techniques

August 14, 2019

Teresa is going to demonstrate a shot for
you. She’s loading the arrow onto the arrow rest and against the cushion plunger. See
the arrow move? That tunes it as it comes out of the bow. She puts the arrow behind
the clicker so that when the tip of the arrow reaches the back of the clicker, that’s when
she knows to let go. She’s sliding the knock between the brass knocking point and the tie-on
point below. That way the arrow does not slide up and down the string. Turn around.

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  1. Our friend really needs to start videoing indoors out of the wind with a better microphone and better lighting.

  2. she should probably learn to use a traditional
    bow before any kind of compound bow.that is pretty much how i learned.

  3. "gay bow"…. yeah…. Compound bows are cheating and take far less skill than recurve. Recurve takes strength AND endurance, not just strength. Holding back 48 pounds and aiming to within 1/60th of a degree 12 times in a row is NOT easy by any means. "gay bow"…

  4. I totally agree with you, '' a tournament winning archer'' says the discription… well if you can win a tournament with her stance, i'd be amazed

  5. lol. thought the same.

    first thing to do with this bow is to remove all that useless crap attached to it.
    just focus on the target and shoot. takes a lot of time to gain skill but it's more fun in the end.

  6. Aside from all the critics… That bow is really awesome looking.

    I prefer compounds. But that's because my friends and I shoot all day on our time off and it's more of a relaxing thing than a work out.

  7. In response to chooechooe

    Well that's the most extreme exaggeration I've heard in weeks. I shouldn't have to point out the physical differences between the two.

    Now a crossbow… that's more like a gun.

  8. he was saying that he dislikes compounds because they can shoot with a release and are much more technologically advanced than recurves or longbows. But most people seem to forget that a lot of compound archers train to hunt. when you hunt, you need to be as accurate as possible, otherwise you just cripple the animals. That's why they can use mechanisms to release and stuff like that. Besides, a gun doesn't shoot a projectile with your muscle strength, a bow however does.

  9. Wooow, so many people argueing… i wanna recurve pretty bad but i think im gonna b given a compound, but whatever… i just want a bow

  10. The side and front bits are all stabilisers and the bow equivalent of recoil compensation. Rather than your arm and bow wobbling when you shoot, they do, making your shots more accurate, and more reliant on your skill, rather than on the bow, ironically enough. They also help with balance. The little clicking thing lets you know you've got the same pull that you did previously, so your shots are consistently powerful.

  11. Yeah, it's pretty crazy. But when you consider that professional archers can use those bows to hit something about 5 cm across, from 90 meters away, in a crosswind, really shows their potential.

    Olympic archery is recurve only, IIRC. So a fair few of the snazzier toys aren;t avaliable.

  12. Maybe he should teach her correct form.

    See the way she leans back into the draw. This doesn't increase draw length and just puts you off balance…

  13. it is a weight which stabilizes the bow and also absorbs the vibrations of the bow which gives a cleaner shot.

  14. there to much crap on that bow
    i like my English Longbow
    the video didn't help me at all something about brass nocking point, beginners usually have much simpler bows anyways

  15. Same problem as me, her hip is way, way, way to out. She needs to strengthen up her core abdominal as well as her gleets (the muscles which control rotation). I have the same problem, too fat in the stomach and not enough muscle to support your body nice and straight.

  16. This beats all the "hunting" videos showing animals being killed with arrows (and bullets) while half-wits laugh and cheer each other on about the (typically unnecessary) death they just caused in the name of "sport."

  17. @sandcrab132 im sure bows dont have sexuality lol
    but the real name for a bow shown in the video is a fake bow, or cheat bow
    it doesnt take much to pull back something that is connected to something to make it loose

  18. @PS2gamereviewswithID, I never mentioned deer (which tend to be eaten, not just shot as trophies), but your claim that "God" put animals here for people to use shows your ignorance of natural processes. Once you decide that everything is owed to you by supernatural decree, you can make excuses for anything.

    Also, deer are overcrowded because overpopulated humans have wiped out most of their natural animal predators. The idea that animals "need" to be shot by people lacks context.

  19. guys i really want to start but i was stricken between my first bow being a banshee compound or a geologic normal bow

  20. Holy shit. I've been wanting to get into archery, but is everyone such a fucking baby? Why anyone give a flying shit what bow someone else wants to use.

  21. yes a compound may be easier but you only shoot against a compound so the rest of the competition has the same equipment and that makes it so much more precise. most compound comps come down to 1 or 2 points where as recurve it is usually about 10-30 all forms of archery have their challenges that means that all forms of archery are as hard as another there is no easy bow. it may be easier to shoot perfect scores but everyone is hitting perfect scores so that makes it harder to win

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