Archery for Beginners : Archery as a Sport
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Archery for Beginners : Archery as a Sport

August 11, 2019

Hi, what is archery? Archery involves a bow
and an arrow. And when most people think of bow and arrow they think of the Native American
Indian. However, archery’s been around for hundreds of years before that. Man’s been
hunting with a bow and arrow since back in the primitive days. It could have started
in Hungary or Japan or Mongolia who knows. Either way it’s been around for years and
years and now it’s become a pretty popular sport and it’s gotten a lot more technical.
Let me introduce you to some the of the different archery disciplines and some of the equipment
involved. This is the compound bow; short aluminum riser, short thick stocky limbs,
very powerful. Wheels and three strings; very hard to pull at the beginning, but very easy
to hold when the string gets back in what they call the valley. That way you’ve got
plenty of time to aim. Real popular bow with the hunters. This is what you call the traditional
bow. Just a plain bow and a string. No stabilizers, sites or anything like that. It’s also a take
down-bow, because you can unscrew the limbs and take them apart. This is more of a beginner’s
type bow. This is what we teach the students on. Very easy to pull back, although you can
get them with real heavy limbs. Some people even hunt with them. This is your basic bow
right here. This is the child’s version of that bow. The same thing, short riser, limbs
that come apart and a string.

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  1. i hate when people under mind traditional archery and say it's easy and for beginners when it takes lots of skill and experience and they make the compound look so good and the pros shoot them but they don't know shit it's not really even archery some one new to the sport can be getting tight groups with in a week

  2. I shot one for the first time today and nearly maimed my left arm when I let the string go. I have a huge bruise on my forearm now! How do keep that from happening again?

  3. you have to wear a brace, also called an arm-guard. Proper shooting form and a good shooting stance is also important because even if you have an arm-guard on it may still hit your arm if you don't have proper form.

  4. well dude i just started..alsoand you can either tilt your bow, or you can kinda place your palm facing down more. but yeah…Doing so can kinda mess with your full draw potential so just get an arm guard…its always gonna hit your arm once in awhile.

  5. i dunno what draw weight your bow is, but if it's not that much, you could make an armguard from stuff lying around. prolly nobody would let you compete with it in a tourney but for practice it might be good.

  6. That is a big bullshit…Huns and skitas and avars tribals used archery(traditional bow and arrow) before every nation and tribals…You are a big mistaken…
    Huns ruled the Karpathians and all Europe..Other natoins were praying to God that Please lor save us from the HUNS arrows
    Hajra Magyarok!!!!

  7. no the first ever people to use the bow was african
    thats wat is says in the books but i dont believe that
    i dont believe the earth was 4.6 billion years old

  8. My friend..You can believe me, so so easily….We (HUN)came from a big and strong culture from a Tarim Valley(Now Kazakhistan) and we were using horses…We were great warrior and everyone mentioned chronicles about the Huns, just other names..Even the Chinese..That is one of the reason why the big wall was built because Huns were randomly attacked cities,villages..I didnt live that time, maybe african used something,but not archery.You cannot compare these two cultures.Believe me

  9. And another thing is..I dont see my second comments to you that is why I am rewriting it..D you know who Attila the HUn was?
    The first King..Do you know who was his grandfather?Nimrod the big Hunter..It is the same biblical Nimrod..God`s Hunter.And how is Nimrod to be presented? By bow and arrow…We HUns under Gods..Noone came firs, but you can think whatever you like..Another ting.D yo know wher was the first writing symbols found?where we from originally.We give the Earth so so much my friend

  10. ok the huns bows are very strong, its like equal to the korean horn bow
    but i never said that the african bow was the best
    in fact it sucks balls
    i just said that the first bow was made in africa and others adopted the bow and made it better

  11. i know the huns are great. but korean warriors are just as GREAT as them
    they made great bows too
    africans invented the bow
    but it sucked
    asians made it better
    then the europeans took the idea
    and they made it suck
    asian bow are the best
    but not yumi bows. yumi bows suck

  12. the only reason compounds bows are used by hunters is because once you get to your anchor point the cams in the wheels take all the weight so you dont feel any of it. this is good because in hunting sometimes you have to wait a couple minutes for a good shot and its more accurate to make sure you kill the animal not hurt it

  13. @WORLDARYANREVIVAL Get a bracer/armguard for your arm that holds the bow. You can get an effective, quality one for usually under $20 at most outdoor stores (Dicks's, Dunham's, archery stores, etc).

  14. @Chavezvids Lol. Once and a while I'll smack my inner elbow (it bends in a litte :S) even with the guard. It hurts like hell!

  15. @K1ller30 Stop locking your arm when you shoot–you should be relying more on the muscles than the stiff-arm for your shot anyway. Besides, the string hitting your elbow could be messing up your shots, so learn to rotate the elbow so that it's unlocked and out of the way!

  16. @K1ller30 you should try to rotate your arm from at shoulder a little so your elbow is out of the way. Also the grip on the bow itself goes a long way to determining wether the string hits your arm or clears it. Once you find your ideal grip and arm position, the only thing causing the string to hit your arm will be a poor release!

  17. Lol when people think of bow and arrow they should think of the English Longbow.. It has become more technical and therefore lame… people should just use a normal wooden bow, But most people want accuracy and always hit, so therefore they use toy bows like recurve and the most ridiculous one the compound indeed. People would have lots of more fun to see all the aspects of traditional shooting, with an actual bow πŸ˜›

  18. @MrStrangeHumor
    No because Longbows don't come with laser sight and instant hit XD With a longbow you actually need to train, instead of waiting for the hit marker to be steady with the target.. and well these days people just want to learn it fast and easy, so therefor toy bows like compound and recurev.
    Some others do enjoy the natural way ^^

  19. @QuestingCompetitior
    Lol as mentioned before these toy bows leave little left for imagination.
    Offcourse those blody compounds are heavy and maybe ur not
    shooting only crosses, but besides that it's a shame to use one.

  20. @QuestingCompetitior True, the recurve bows and the compound bows.. or as I prefer to say, the toy bows take all the natural elements which make the shot hard away and turn it into some mathematic balance game to make the aim so tight that shooting crosses is all that is left, I find that stupid. I am not saying that one bow is superior over the other, within the spectrum of real bows there is a lot of different choices.

  21. @QuestingCompetitior For instances horse bows, and than I do so thank god we have fiberglass, else it would take and cost too much to craft a good horsebow or natural compound bow. But no I did try Recurve, don't get me wrong its a nice way to start learning the basics, but the whole technique, its just not working when you shoot a bow of more than 50 pounds. drawing below the chin is that totally wrong and feels awkward on the body.

  22. @QuestingCompetitior Not even to mention the natural 'paradox' of an arrow which is totally disturbed by those pussy releases. Offcourse the modern bows are nice when it comes to the game of shooting 1 point in total more than the others. But I, for myself don't see any fun in that at all.

    When I look at other recurve and compound shooters, they just get pissed if the don't shoot a certain amount. offcourse this doesn't go for all!

  23. @QuestingCompetitior But for the most of em it does. I also blaim the society of today, its all about achievements achievements and who scores more, in my opinion thats the reason for something as horrible as the compound bow. Now take a compound crossbow, and than I would say yes you got a point there. But this is all my opinion, if one has fun with something that is OK πŸ™‚ i just don't see the fun in it.

  24. @QuestingCompetitior One final comment, I find it weird or.. also a little stupid that most American people call a fiberglass bow with clearly an arrow rest in it a Longbow πŸ˜› offcourse the bow is long, but the term longbow refers to the English longbow. Don't know what your opinion is about that.
    Btw ever tried shooting a warbow, or at 32 inch draw length? It rocks right?

  25. @QuestingCompetitior hmm true. wow 175 lb.. that is serious respect!!! *bows deeply* good job on that one, than you really know the right technique! No indeed but shooters who shoot recurve and compound, well like 98% rely on their scopes, I don't use scope, I now shoot a 65 LB Fairbow Longbow its really nice! Goodbye πŸ™‚

  26. @DanyFolkYou There are many types of strings, some bows need to use a particular material for the string such as: Dacron, Fastflght, Kevlar, Linen and even catgut. I don't know what bow your'e making, so I don't really know what string I should recommend. If I were you, I would buy a bowyer's manual or instructional guide. A bowyer is a person who makes bows (usually traditional longbows). You can get one in your local archery store or in the internet. Hope this helps

  27. Nice. I honestly think that the fancier the bow the faster it'll break and harder and more money to fix it, and lol to buy it as well. Good explanation though.

  28. recurve bows are the only ones allowed in the olympics. there are actually pretty strict limitations on the attachments you can use to make them better too

  29. I don't know why people are hating on the compound bow, they are really amazing. Personally i like shooting both, i have a cheap Indian spirit compound bow that has no sights, just the arrow rest and also a 55lbs draw re curve bow. Both are very fun to shoot even though i know hardly anything about archery.

  30. so, im new to archery, i havnt even got my first bow yet, what type of bow would be recamended for someone who doesnt plan to hunt with it, just learn the basics, but be able to use it still years later as an experianced archer

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