Archery – ‘Fact File’ 2015 Scottish Disability Sport
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Archery – ‘Fact File’ 2015 Scottish Disability Sport

August 14, 2019

[Moira Taylor] Archery is a fantastic sport.
Anybody can do archery. It doesn’t matter how able or disabled you are. It’s a great
sport because it’s an individual sport, so it’s you against you all the time.
So when you shoot well, you get that fantastic sense of achievement that you have actually
performed well. Archery is a very inclusive sport. Anybody
can try it. We can teach people who have a whole range
of disabilities, from visual impairment, hearing impairment, cerebral palsy, MS, you name it,
we can do it. And especially people in wheelchairs.
And it means that anybody is shooting along with able bodied archers so they’re not kept
separate, they’re just included with everybody else. [Frank Maguire] My name’s Frank Maguire, I’m 57 years of age and I’m a Paralympic archer.
I look upon it – there’s no such word as can’t. Haven’t done yet, that’s the way I work.
And I feel that if you have that way of thinking then when you come across any sport, it doesn’t
have to be archery, it can be bowls, it can be darts, if you’ve got to do it from a chair
it’s no different than doing it standing up. The difference being obviously the height
ratio that you’re going to be working at. But when you work at it, and when you get your core principles
set up, that’s your balance point of view, then there’s nothing that you can’t achieve.
I use two systems, I use my chair, my wheelchair, and I also use a stool. The stool I use simply
because it’s a mental thing for me. I like to get out of the chair.
It means to me that I’m progressing, and I know that I’ll always be with the chair but
it gives me that lift that I know, if I move onto the stool then I’ve moved somewhere else.
And it’s just playing with your mind, getting your mind fixed into a set frame that there’s
nothing that you can’t do. There’s no such thing as can’t.
[Moira] If you are sitting at home thinking about doing archery, do something about it.
Get in touch with either your local club, and if you don’t know where that is go onto
Scottish Archery’s website. Archery is a fantastic sport. It’s so inclusive, you meet some fantastic
people and it gets you off that sofa and gets you doing something.

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