Archery | Easton QH100 Hip Quiver Review
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Archery | Easton QH100 Hip Quiver Review

August 12, 2019

It’s hard to do archery without coming across
Easton, and for those looking for a quality quiver, Easton has lots. Ranging from basic arrow sleeves and tubes
to high-end luxury quiver designs, there’s something for everyone in the Easton inventory. Today we’ll be taking a look at something
in the high-middle end of the price spectrum: the QH100 Hip Quiver – slightly more expensive
than the budget sleeved arrow tubes, but with some of the features of the $100+ elite quivers. As I only have one Easton quiver, it’s hard
to compare exactly what’s different between all of the different versions, but hopefully
you can see where the price is justified. The one I have is the silver version, though
the QH100 comes in a variety of colours, including camouflage. It’s important to note that the QH100 does
not come with a belt. You can buy a variety of Easton belts, or
use your own. In this case, I’ve salvaged the belt from
a previous Hoyt quiver, which works fine. Speaking of the Hoyt quiver, this was the
second quiver I owned. The reason I replaced the quiver is quite
obvious: the material was easily damaged and ripped up, and this is just from regular usage. I mention this because durability is going
to be a factor in deciding which quiver is right for you – and the Easton quivers are
tough. They are also quite big. Carrying space is not a problem with this
quiver. Even the hip pouch is very spacious. One thing I find really attractive about the
pouch design is that it is closed by a magnet. This is surprisingly functional and convenient. Most quivers use zippers for this pocket,
so having a magnetic flap makes it easier to open and close in the field. Things just slide in and it closes by itself. There’s also a hook next to it. You could use it to hang a release aid or
finger tab, which looks nice. However, I found that the hook is a little
shallow, making it easy to knock things off. I prefer keeping my finger tab in the pouch,
or you can buy a separate drop-in pouch for your release aid. The hook seems more useful for hanging the
quiver itself. As with many quivers, there’s a slot for
your bow square to slide in. There are a couple of heavy-duty rings that
you can hang accessories from, and even space for pens. The positioning on the inside makes it a little
awkward, however. On the body of the quiver, there are two compartments. The outside one is small and slim, making
it suited for notepads and other small objects. My favourite part is the larger compartment. This is huge, and is broken up into several
different sections with elastic bands to hold items in place. It’s perfectly feasible to carry a lot of
spare parts and tools and arrange them in an orderly and accessible manner, and you
still have lots of space to throw in other items. The arrows are placed not in separate tubes,
but inside built-in slots separated by a plastic divider. The arrows slide in nicely and with a satisfying
thunk. One thing I want to note is that the Easton
quiver hangs quite low. Other quivers are often at hip-level, while
the Easton quiver, with its large pouches and design, tends to lay against your thigh. You’ll get used to this quickly, but you
might find that you’ll bump the quiver as you walk unless you reposition it while walking. I don’t really have anything negative to
say about the Easton QH100 Quiver. It’s all-around a good quiver. This is the quintessential quiver. When it comes to mid-range, mid-price quivers,
this is exactly the sort of the thing you’re spending your money on. A lot of brands will have their own variations
of this style. We have the arrow tube, the large compartment
inside, but the Easton ones have been made for a long time, and these are very, very
well made. This thing is definitely durable. I’ve been using this for probably three
years, and there is not a single sign of damage. No scratches, no tears, no rips. Just holding this as it is, it looks like
it’s brand new, and it feels like it’s brand new. That’s saying a lot for the quality of manufacturing. Lots of fun using this. Very practical design. I’m the sort of person who likes carrying
everything with me. All my spare parts and my tools. Anything I need on the day I want to have
in here. I carry everything. Pliers, lighters, hot-melt glue, spare points,
spare nocks, hex wrench sets, multiple ones, screw drivers, and there’s still space to
spare plus other parts I haven’t used. And of course, the magnetic hip pouch. This thing is underrated. Look at this. That’s easy to use. It won’t come up unless you pull it up,
but it’s not so strong where you have to fight it. It’s much more simple to use compared to
a zipper. I like zippers; I don’t mind zippers. But this thing is definitely well thought-out
and well put together. Yes, this may cost a bit more than what you
might be budgeting for a quiver. You might be only spending $40 or $50. For that price, you can get a pretty moderate
hip quiver. It might be a single canvas tube where you
can put arrows in and you might have a pouch if you’re lucky. But for an extra $30 or so, you get the whole
package here. Apart from the belt, which is sold separately
or you can use your own belt, what you get is this. This is well worth it. A lot of people will go cheap on quivers because,
well, it’s just a quiver, right? But when you get this, you get a suite. You get carrying space. You get pouches. You get convenience and functionality. In my opinion, it’s well worth the price. While you can get quivers like this, and they
have very similar functions, Easton is definitely, undeniably a quality brand. If there is one down-side, and I have to nitpick,
it would be the colour options. You do get a decent range of colours. You can see people with pink and green and
purple, and a lot of unusual colours that you won’t offer find in quiver selections. But if you’re the sort of person who treats
aesthetics very seriously, and you want to colour-coordinate your gear, you might find
that the quiver doesn’t really provide much options. It’s mostly black and grey. The only colour changes are the accents, so
I chose the silver one. You can see this silver part here, and this
silver stripe here, are the only things that really change colours. If you want an all-red quiver or an all-blue
quiver or an all-green quiver, then this one won’t provide that option. You get a really secondary colour, but it’s
going to be mostly black and grey. If you don’t mind and you don’t care,
then it’s still a very good deal. But if you are colour-conscious, then do bear
in mind that it’s only this part that this different. Overall, I do highly recommend the Easton
QH100 Quiver. There are many quivers like this, and Easton
has several different variants at different price ranges and with different features. For me, the QH100 is the one I bought, and
I have no reason to dislike it. It’s well worth the money. If you want to be a slightly serious archer,
or at least look like a slightly serious archer, then you need to have one of these by your
side or something similar to it. If you just want to increase your budget by
just a bit to get something a bit more deluxe without getting to the $100+ price range of
quivers, then this is the standard you’re aiming for. Anyway, this is NUSensei. Hope you found this helpful. Thanks for watching, and I’ll see you next

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  1. I have the predecessor to this. it's basically the same with some small differences. it's been through a lot and its still perfect! I also went and got the belt that goes with it and the quick release hook and T bar is so handy for taking off the whole quiver for any reason. well worth the money

  2. I'm coveting just that quiver, or the 125€ carbon black one. The white one is also beautiful, but the white color could look bad fairly soon.

  3. Hi NuSensei, do you store this quiver in a backpack or bow case? One thing I do like and dislike at the same time is the size, it is big and roomy to carry a lot of stuff but I do have to struggle to put that in a backpack. Most backpacks don't fit it in easily

  4. A Brillient Quiver very spacious and well layed out, even the hook im a compound archer and i use the hook to hang my bow stand on easy for on and off and doesn't drop off

  5. The hook is for shop display. The bowsquare goes in the little slot on the inside of the arrow tube section. You can see it at 2:50.

  6. How do you feel about the weight of the quiver when on the belt? Does it build a lot of weight when you'r carrying a lot of materials on the pouch?

  7. Wow! I gotta go out and get a dozen of these! Your expression of complete enthusiastic endorsement from around :50 to around 2:00 looks like you can hardly contain yourself. OK, that was pretty sarcastic but the point is that, in contrast to the barrage of infomercial and shopping channel hawkers spewing effusive and obsequious admiration of products of questionable value while keeping plastic smiles of adoration and fondling the product as if it were a holy relic, YOU are just standing there with and expressionless face, showing the product to the camera, holding it up to the camera, concentrating on what you are saying, probably to make sure you remember all the features. This video will probably kill your chances of ever becoming a game show host, but it lends veracity to your presentation that you are not a paid shill, but just someone with experience in the field showing off something you like. (Your aren't being paid are you? No free products, order discounts, etc? If you are receiving compensation, you really should make a disclaimer to that effect.) ANYWAY, I just wanted to make a short comment about your flat expression (which has now turned into a long statement) and to say that I have really enjoyed dozens of your videos regardless of their production polish. Making videos is a huge time suck and I know trying to get everything perfect is a black hole effort. Thanks for everything you've done and please keep it up!

  8. I notice that you wear your quiver so that the fletchings of your arrows are in front of you, but I have seen some other archers with their quivers angled the other way. Do you know anything about this?

  9. Easton have changed models. In the hip quivers. I bought two deluxe hip quivers, though note with the Easton belt, they have changed the name, and size of the belt, but left it pretty much the same as the old belt. I managed to pick up two of the older belts, which were larger in size, whereas the new deluxe belt (same belt) is smaller, and more expensive. Stock of these is running out, and larger people may not be pleased with the newer sized belt. I think the only thing the new deluxe quivers need is the three speader bars in the quiver opening should be taken out, and slide PVC tube over them, then reinstall. If you had a camo hip quiver for hunting small game (you wouldn't be using a hip quiver for large game I would think), then perhaps fur needs to be placed around the top rim of the quiver to silence the arrows. These are good, because like you say David, they can hold your essential kit, tools and spare parts, and not leave them laying around unattended, or back at the car where they are useless. You could even put condoms in there if you like to wrap your meat.

  10. The handicapI see is that arrows hang facing forward. 95 % of field archers use quivers with arrows facing backwards in competition.

  11. Because of this video, I bought a QH100, and I'm absolutely LOVING it!
    It replaced my Avalon Tec One. Actually quite surprised me how much of a 'feelable' difference there is, the Easton is pure class.
    Functionally superior too. My fave is the magnetic tab pocket, so easy to use.
    As no archery company seems to make a belt anywhere near big enough for my mighty lion girth, I bought a pair of black 'combat' belts from fleabay for £8. Clipped together at close to minimum size, it's PERFECT for me.
    Thanks again for all the great vidz you put out NS. If you're ever in the UK, good food & a clean bed are waiting for you.

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